13 Must-See Festivals in Winnipeg You Should Not Miss

13 Must-See Festivals in Winnipeg You Should Not Miss

As a true-blue local, I’m thrilled to guide you through Winnipeg’s dynamic festival scene, a blend of rich history, diverse cultures, and our unparalleled community spirit. 

Regardless of the season, there’s always a celebration. Our city’s festivals leave an unforgettable imprint, from winter’s frosty delights to summer’s radiant galas. 

Whether you’re a seasoned local or a first-time visitor, get ready to mark your calendars as we explore all the must-see festivals in Winnipeg.

Let’s dive in!

Festivals in Winnipeg During Summer

Winnipeg Folk Festival 

LocationsBirds Hill Provincial Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-231-0096

Email: [email protected]

Schedule (2023)July 6 to 9, 2023
Tickets4-Day Ticket:

Adult (18-64) - $278.00

Senior (65+) - $192.00

Youth (13-17) - $192.00

1-Day Ticket:

Adult (18-64) - $85.00 - $110.00

Senior (65+) - $68.00 - $88.00

Youth (13-17) - $68.00 - $88.00

The Winnipeg Folk Festival is an annual homage to folk music and arts, uniting renowned artists globally in a multi-day outdoor extravaganza. It brings together music enthusiasts, nature lovers, and families for a memorable experience.

Traditionally held over the second weekend in July, the festival spans four days, from Wednesday to Sunday. It attracts 80,000 attendees from all walks of life, audiences of all ages and backgrounds who appreciate the beauty of folk music. 

While the festival isn’t free, it’s definitely worth the price of admission. Tickets can be purchased in advance and vary depending on the desired level of access. 

Attendees can choose between single-day tickets or full festival passes for access to all performances and activities. Beyond the music, the festival grounds host food vendors, refreshing drinks, and a bustling marketplace with unique crafts and merchandise. 

The Winnipeg Folk Festival offers an immersive experience where visitors can enjoy exceptional music, embrace community spirit, and explore cultural offerings.

Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival 

Locations174 Market Ave, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, Manitoba
Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-943-7464

Email: [email protected]

Schedule (2023)July 19 to 30, 2023
Tickets8-Show Pass - $76.00

14-Show Pass - $130.00

Another standout event on Winnipeg’s vibrant festival scene is the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival. For those who don’t know, we Winnipegers harbor a deep-seated love for theater, and this festival is one of our favorites.

It is an annual extravaganza celebrating performing arts and independent productions in the city.

Taking place over approximately 12 days in July, this festival is a must-see event for all theater enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

And what sets the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival apart is its accessibility. While some shows are ticketed, many performances are completely free. 

This makes it an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in live theater, regardless of your budget.

With over 180 performances held across diverse venues, including theaters, outdoor spaces, and makeshift stages, the festival offers a huge range of theatrical experiences. 

From captivating plays and thought-provoking musicals to side-splitting comedy acts and groundbreaking experimental works, the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival showcases the creativity and talent of both local and international artists.

The festival is more than just a celebration of theater. It’s a celebration of community, creativity, and the unique cultural vibe of Winnipeg. 

So, mark your calendars, secure your tickets (or not!), and prepare to be wowed by the extraordinary talent on display. 


Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-982-6210

Email: [email protected]

Schedule (2023)August 6 to 19, 2023
TicketsSingle Pavilion Ticket - $7.50

VIP Tours - $41.95 - $76.95

Folklorama is the largest and longest-running multicultural festival in the world. Its main event is a spectacular showcase of diverse cultures, offering a captivating journey through music, dance, art, and cuisine from around the globe. 

With more than 40 pavilions, each showcasing a unique country or culture, Folklorama does not have a particular primary location. Instead, the festival has different venues across the city, embracing the diverse global spirit it represents.

It takes place annually in the month of August, spanning over two exciting weeks. The festival attracts a staggering number of attendees, with an average of 400,000 guests immersing themselves in the festivities. 

Additionally, it welcomes everyone to enjoy the celebration of diversity. Plus, the warm summer weather creates the perfect backdrop for this joyous celebration.

And let’s not forget, there’s food available in each pavilion that offers a taste of their culture’s unique cuisine. It’s like embarking on a worldwide culinary tour, all without leaving Winnipeg. 

So, beyond its incredible performances and amazing food, Folklorama is an opportunity to celebrate the multicultural fabric of Winnipeg and learn about the cultures that make our city great.

Red River Exhibition

Locations3977 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3K 2E8
Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-888-6990

Email: [email protected]

Schedule (2023)June 16 to 25, 2023
TicketsAdvance Tickets:

Ride All-Day Wristband - $47

Midway EXpress Access Pass - $20

Event Day Tickets:

Ride All-Day Wristband - $53

Midway EXpress Access Pass - $25

The Red River Exhibition, affectionately known as “The Ex,” is a celebration of community, agriculture, and all-around fun, boasting an attendance of around 200,000 each year.

The event embraces rural life, packed with thrilling attractions, spectacular performances, and countless activities for the whole family. From exhilarating rides to live music concerts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The festival’s main event is a grand agricultural fair that showcases the best of our region’s farming and livestock industries. 

It takes place annually during the summer for over ten days and gives you ample time to soak up the excitement. 

And even though it’s a ticketed event, you’ll gain access to many attractions, including agricultural displays, live entertainment, thrilling rides, and a wide array of mouthwatering food and beverage options.

As a local, I highly recommend attending the festival. It’s an opportunity to celebrate our city’s rich heritage, engage with the community, and create cherished memories with loved ones. 

Winnipeg International Jazz Festival

Locations007-100 Arthur St., Winnipeg, MB, Canada, Manitoba
Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-989-4656

Email: [email protected]

Schedule (2023)June 14 to 24, 2023
TicketsRanges from $6 - $30 per show

The Winnipeg International Jazz Festival is an annual celebration of jazz music that brings together talented artists from near and far, captivating audiences with soulful melodies and unforgettable performances.

It showcases renowned local, national, and international jazz musicians who come together to share their incredible talent through live performances, jam sessions, and enlightening workshops. 

The festival typically takes place in mid-June for over ten days of pure musical bliss.

And, of course, both free and ticketed performances are available, with a pricing structure designed to accommodate a range of budgets. 

This inclusive approach aims to encourage as many people as possible to join the celebration and share the enjoyment of jazz music. 

So, whether you’re a jazz enthusiast or seeking a remarkable cultural experience, the festival will leave you with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for the beauty of jazz music. 

Festivals in Winnipeg During Fall

Nuit Blanche Winnipeg

Locations007-100 Arthur St., Winnipeg, MB, Canada, Manitoba
Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-783-4844

Email: [email protected]

Schedule (2023)September 23, 2023

Nuit Blanche Winnipeg, which means “white night” in French, is a free, dusk-to-dawn celebration of contemporary art. The festival showcases a stunning array of interactive installations, light displays, performances, and exhibitions throughout the city. 

It’s a must-see event that celebrates the beauty of the night and transforms the city into a mesmerizing artistic wonderland. It invites people to venture out into the night.

It is also located in multiple venues across the city, primarily concentrated in three zones: the Exchange District, St. Boniface, and Downtown Winnipeg. 

The Exchange District, with its historic architecture, is transformed into an open-air museum with various art installations. 

St. Boniface, the French quarter of the city, offers a blend of francophone and English presentations. 

And Downtown Winnipeg sees its parks, alleys, and storefronts becoming the canvas for contemporary art presentations.

The best part? Nuit Blanche Winnipeg is a free event; you can experience the magic without breaking the bank.

So, it’s an evening to lose yourself in creativity and find new connections within the community. A place to be inspired, amazed, and challenged. 


Locations426 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0C9
Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-958-4649

Email: [email protected]

Schedule (2023)September 8 to 10, 2023

With its name derived from the many festivities it hosts, ManyFest is a celebration of art, music, food, and community. It is an annual street festival that showcases the spirit of our diverse community and the best of what Winnipeg has to offer.

Its main event, the Food Truck Wars, offers a battle of culinary titans, serving everything from savory gourmet burgers to sweet artisanal ice cream

Additionally, its ambiance is infectious. It attracts tens of thousands of people of all ages, locals, and tourists alike, turning downtown into a lively and bustling spectacle for its three-day run. 

And what’s even better is that entry to the festival is completely free. Though, there are some rides and activities that have their own ticket price. 

So, even if you’re a family looking for a fun day out, or a group of friends seeking a night filled with music and laughter, ManyFest is a must-attend event. It will leave you with unforgettable memories and a deeper appreciation for Winnipeg’s vibrant character.

Festivals in Winnipeg During Winter

Canad Inns Winter Wonderland

Locations3977 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3K 2E8
Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-888-6990, +1 204-989-3456
Schedule (2023)December 1, 2023 to January 6, 2024
TicketsAdvance Tickets: $15

Gate Tickets: TBA

Winter is a magical season in Winnipeg, and one festival that captures the spirit of the season is the Canad Inns Winter Wonderland.

The festival is a spectacular drive-through light display spanning over 2.5 kilometers in the scenic Red River Exhibition Park. It is a celebration of the holiday season, showcasing dazzling light installations, festive decorations, and animated displays. 

It also aims to spread holiday cheer and create unforgettable memories for visitors of all ages. The festival promises a magical experience that will warm your heart even on the coldest winter nights. 

Every winter, from early December to early January, the park transforms into a dazzling display of over one million lights in more than 26 different themes. 

Additionally, it operates every evening, providing an enchanting experience perfect for an after-dinner adventure or a weekend outing.

And to enhance your experience, admission to Canad Inns Winter Wonderland is ticketed. The ticket prices are reasonable, and the proceeds often support local charities, making your visit even more meaningful.

Moreover, snack vendors offer hot cocoa, delicious treats, and other warm beverages to keep you cozy as you explore the illuminated wonderland.

So, if you’re from Winnipeg and haven’t yet explored the Canad Inns Winter Wonderland, you’re missing out on a big chunk of winter joy. And if you’re a visitor, then mark your calendars for the winter wonderland adventure you won’t want to miss!

Festival du Voyageur

Locations233 Provencher Blvd., Winnipeg, MB, Canada R2H 0G4
Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-237-7692
Schedule (2023)February 17 to 26, 2023
TicketsDay Ticket:

Adult - $25

Teen (13-17) - $15

Senior (65+) - $15

Youth (6-12) - $5

Child (5 and under) - Free

Evening Ticket:

Adult - $30

Teen (13-17) - $20

Senior (65+) - $20

Youth (6-12) - $10

Child (5 and under) - Free

Day + Evening Ticket:

Adult - $35

Teen (13-17) - $25

Senior (65+) - $25

Youth (6-12) - $10

Child (5 and under) - Free

The Festival du Voyageur is an absolute must-visit as it magically transforms Winnipeg into a lively hub of enchanting Franco-Manitoban culture. 

The event is dedicated to commemorating the voyageurs, early fur traders who played a vital role in shaping the history of Canada. 

It serves as a tribute to their courageous spirit, blending historical significance with contemporary entertainment to create an unforgettable experience.

Typically, thousands of guests throng the festival, both locals and tourists alike. With activities suitable for all ages, it’s truly a family-friendly event.

One of the festival’s highlights is the internationally renowned snow sculpture competition. And let’s not forget about the iconic “voyageur” games that are always a crowd favorite.

Additionally, you may indulge in culinary delights such as poutine, tourtière, and maple syrup treats while sipping on specialty beverages like Caribou — a traditional concoction sure to warm your spirit. 

You can also check out the lively winter market at the festival. It’s full of local craft makers and sellers, where you can discover one-of-a-kind souvenirs to remember your visit.

Overall, the event is a Winnipeger’s favorite. So, join us as we celebrate our vibrant heritage and create cherished memories at the Festival du Voyageur. 

Festivals in Winnipeg During Spring

Winnipeg Comedy Festival

Locations445 River Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, Manitoba
Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-284-9477

Email: [email protected]

Schedule (2023)May 2 to 7, 2023
TicketsRanges from $15 - $45 per show

Laughter is the universal language that brings people together, and the Winnipeg Comedy Festival is a hilarious event that celebrates the art of comedy like no other. 

It is an annual celebration of comedy that showcases talented comedians from both home and abroad. From stand-up performances to improv shows, the festival offers diverse comedic acts designed to tickle everyone’s funny bone. 

The festival primarily focuses on stand-up comedy by providing a platform for an eclectic mix of comedians. 

It typically occurs during summer, spanning a week, with each performance carefully curated under a unique theme, promising an engaging and entertaining experience.

Overall, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival is more than just an opportunity to enjoy comedy. It is a chance to unite in laughter and appreciate the lighter side of life. 

Manito Ahbee Festival

Locations472 Madison Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, Manitoba
Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-956-1849

Email: [email protected]

Schedule (2023)May 18 to 22, 2023
TicketsPer person:

Single-day pass - $16.50

Three-day pass - $38.50

Family Packs (4 passes):

Single-day pass: $56

Three-day pass: $143

(5 and under are free)

The Manito Ahbee Festival celebrates the rich heritage and traditions of Indigenous peoples. It will leave you with a deeper appreciation for Indigenous culture and a sense of unity among diverse communities.

The main event of the Manito Ahbee Festival is the powwow, a dazzling display of dance, music, and regalia. So, be prepared to witness breathtaking performances as dancers showcase their skills and honor their ancestors.

It also offers enlightening workshops, art expositions, and a unique music competition, the Indigenous Music Awards. 

It’s a delightful opportunity to understand the rich tapestry of Indigenous heritage while taking in the vibrant atmosphere of Winnipeg.

It usually happens in May, lasting five days, making for a packed schedule that invites you to learn, connect, and celebrate. From thousands of locals to international visitors, this festival regularly attracts up to 50,000 guests!

So, don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the Manito Ahbee Festival. It’s an invitation to celebrate and embrace the cultural heritage that shapes the soul of Winnipeg. 

Pride Winnipeg Festival

Contact DetailsPhone: +1 866-611-5546

Email: [email protected]

Schedule (2023)May 26 to June 4, 2023

The Pride Winnipeg Festival showcases the spirit and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community. As an inclusive and accepting city, Winnipeg embraces this festival wholeheartedly, making it an essential part of our cultural fabric.

And at the festival’s heart is the iconic Pride Parade, a dazzling display of color, unity, and acceptance. The parade symbolizes our commitment to promoting LGBTQ+ rights, embracing diversity, and fostering a sense of community. 

Beyond that, the festival offers many events, including live performances, art exhibitions, workshops, and informative panels, all aimed at celebrating and advocating for the rights and well-being of the LGBTQ+ community.

It is a high-energy, heart-filled event that spreads love and embraces everyone just as they are. And above all that, everyone’s invited — young, old, and everyone in between. 

In past years, we’ve had over 30,000 people join us, proving that love really does win! So, you really cannot miss this festival as it promotes acceptance, educates, entertains, and creates unforgettable memories. 

Winnipeg International Children’s Festival

Locations25 Forks Market Rd, Winnipeg, MB R3C 4Y3, Canada
Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-958-4730

Email: [email protected]

Schedule (2023)June 8 to 11, 2023
TicketsRanges from $13 to $15

The Winnipeg International Children’s Festival, locally known as Kidsfest, is a vibrant festival dedicated to our little ones that promise delightful experiences for children and the young at heart.

This annual festival, which takes place for four days in early June, has been a cherished event in Winnipeg for more than 30 years. Its aim is to bring joy and enrichment to children and their families.

It boasts an incredible lineup of live performances featuring world-renowned artists in music, theater, dance, circus, puppetry, and storytelling. And, it will dazzle, inspire and transport your imagination into the extraordinary.

It is a ticketed event, but the memories and experiences you’ll take away are priceless. And don’t worry about packing snacks, the festival offers a variety of food and drink options that cater to all tastes and dietary requirements.

In between performances, you and your kids can explore interactive play zones, art and craft workshops, and other outdoor activities. You’ll find yourself immersed in a world where creativity and fun are the order of the day.

That said, the Winnipeg International Children’s Festival is a celebration that goes beyond mere entertainment. 

It’s an investment in our children’s growth and development, allowing them to explore their creativity, embrace diverse art forms, and make lifelong memories.