A Guide to Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg

Embrace the Great Outdoors: A Guide to Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg

If you’re yearning to break free from the hustle and bustle of city life, I’ve got the perfect antidote for you: Little Mountain Park, our hidden gem nestled right in the heart of this prairie city. 

It’s a sanctuary where the soothing whispers of wind through leaves replace the constant hum of traffic, and the vibrant hues of nature paint a canvas that no artist could replicate.

As someone who cherishes the moments of serenity amidst the chaos, I invite you to join me on a virtual journey through the wonders of Little Mountain Park. 

Let’s embark on an adventure that promises to reconnect you with the great outdoors right here in Winnipeg.

About Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg

About Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg

Website: https://legacy.winnipeg.ca/publicworks/parks/little-mountain.stm 

Address: 64093 Klimpke Rd, Winnipeg, MB R0H 1E0, Canada

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday: 7 am – 10 pm 

Nestled in the tranquil northwest corner of Winnipeg, Little Mountain Park spans 160 acres, inviting nature enthusiasts to immerse themselves in its captivating beauty. 

A limestone ridge serves as the foundation, offering panoramic views of the cityscape and setting the stage for an idyllic escape.

Throughout the changing seasons, the park transforms, becoming a haven for wildlife amid wildflowers in the summer and a winter wonderland with snow-covered branches. 

The park’s daily hours, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., ensure that visitors can bask in its allure at various times of the day.

Wandering through Little Mountain Park, visitors encounter a diverse tapestry of natural features, including the enchanting aspen forest, native prairie, and a limestone quarry pond. 

This rich biodiversity is complemented by a host of recreational facilities, such as meandering hiking trails and cross-country skiing routes that beckon adventure seekers.

Little Mountain Park seamlessly combines the serenity of nature with the vibrancy of recreational options, making it a favorite among nature lovers, photographers, and dog walkers alike. 

Best Time to Visit Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg

The best time to visit Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg is from late spring (May to June) to early fall (September to October) for pleasant weather. Summer offers lush greenery and ideal conditions for hiking and picnics. 

Avoid extreme winter temperatures for a more comfortable experience.

What to Do at Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg

Little Mountain Park boasts a diverse range of activities, making it a go-to destination for those seeking a refreshing blend of relaxation and recreation. 

From scenic trails and wildlife encounters to family-friendly picnics, Little Mountain Park promises an array of experiences to suit every preference.

1. Hiking and Biking 

Hiking and Biking

The park features over 5 kilometers of hiking trails, providing visitors with a chance to explore the natural beauty of the area. These trails meander through diverse landscapes, including aspen forests, meadows, and old quarry pits.

2. Picnicking 


Little Mountain Park likely has designated spots or areas where visitors can set up picnic blankets or tables to enjoy a meal. 

These areas are typically equipped with facilities such as benches, tables, or designated spots where you can comfortably sit and eat.

Some of the picnic areas may also be equipped with fire pits where visitors can enjoy a warm atmosphere. 

3. Dog Walking 

Dog Walking

The park likely has a specifically designated section where dogs are allowed to be off-leash. This area is enclosed or fenced to ensure the safety of the dogs and prevent them from wandering into other parts of the park.

4. Wildlife Viewing 

Wildlife Viewing

Little Mountain Park offers a serene setting for wildlife enthusiasts, providing a habitat for diverse fauna. As you explore the park, you’ll likely encounter a rich array of bird species, ranging from melodious songbirds to graceful waterfowl. 

Squirrels and rabbits, with their playful antics, add a touch of charm to the natural surroundings. 

Observing these small animals in their natural habitat can be a delightful and calming experience, making your visit to Little Mountain Park a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature.

5. Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing 

Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

During the winter months, Little Mountain Park offers cross-country skiing and snowshoeing activities. The park meticulously grooms its trails, creating smooth and well-maintained paths for individuals to traverse on skis or snowshoes. 

This allows visitors to indulge themselves in the serene winter landscape while enjoying the invigorating exercise these activities provide.

Sights to See at Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg

This expansive park not only boasts lush greenery and winding trails but also hides a treasure trove of unique sights waiting to be explored. 

From scenic viewpoints that offer breathtaking panoramas to serene lakes that reflect the tranquility of the surrounding landscape, Little Mountain Park is a haven for those seeking a peaceful escape within the city.

1. Scenic Pond 

Scenic Pond

Little Mountain Park offers a captivating experience with its scenic pond. Originally a quarry pit, this picturesque pond has undergone a transformation into a tranquil oasis, providing a serene setting for contemplation and relaxation. 

The surrounding area is adorned with picnic tables and fire pits, creating an ideal environment for a delightful family outing. 

You can take a leisurely stroll around the pond, soak in the peaceful atmosphere, and perhaps enjoy a picnic while appreciating the natural beauty that now graces this once-industrial site.

It’s a perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful escape in the heart of nature.

2. Aspen Forest 

Aspen Forest

You can go on a journey through the expansive aspen forest at Little Mountain Park, where the rustling leaves compose a tranquil melody, serenading you as you meander along the picturesque trails. 

The vast expanse of aspen trees provides a captivating backdrop, inviting you to immerse yourself in the natural symphony of the whispering leaves. 

This enchanting experience promises a soothing and harmonious soundtrack for your entire hike, making it a must-visit destination within the park.

3. Off-Leash Dog Park 

Off-Leash Dog Park

In this part of Little Mountain Park, you can witness the exuberant playfulness of dogs as they roam freely, reveling in the open space and engaging in social interactions. 

This designated area allows canine companions to run, play, and socialize without the constraint of leashes, creating a joyful atmosphere that captures the essence of the bond between dogs and their owners. 

It’s a delightful experience for both four-legged friends and their human counterparts, making the Off-Leash Dog Park a must-see highlight within the picturesque surroundings of Little Mountain Park.

4. Limestone Ridge 

Limestone Ridge

Little Mountain Park offers a fascinating exploration of its geological history, notably through the Limestone Ridge. This unique feature allows visitors to delve into the park’s origins as one of Winnipeg’s earliest limestone quarries. 

As you traverse the area, the exposed bedrock provides a visual narrative of the park’s formation, offering a glimpse into the intricate geological processes that shaped this picturesque landscape.

5. Open Space 

Open Space

You can explore the expansive 160 acres of Little Mountain Park, where an abundance of open space awaits your discovery. You can enjoy the freedom this vast area offers, providing opportunities for various activities. 

If you’re into sports, kite flying, or simply reveling in the great outdoors, the park’s open expanse invites you to indulge in leisure and recreation.

Where to Stay at Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg

As you plan your visit to this picturesque park, one crucial aspect to consider is finding the perfect accommodation that complements your exploration. 

If you prefer the convenience of a nearby hotel or the charm of a cozy bed and breakfast, discovering where to stay at Little Mountain Park will enhance your overall experience. 

1. Alt Hotel Winnipeg

Address  310 Donald St, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2H3, Canada
Contact number  431 800 4279 
Operating hours
  • Check-in time: 3 pm
  • Check-out time: 12 pm
  • Alt Hotel Winnipeg is a modern retreat in the vibrant heart of Winnipeg’s city center. This stylish hotel, with its sleek design and contemporary comforts, is located just a stone’s throw away from the bustling Canada Life Centre.

    At the Alt Hotel Winnipeg, you’re greeted by a warm, inviting atmosphere that blends urban sophistication with genuine hospitality. 

    Each guest room is a haven of relaxation, featuring flat-screen cable TVs, entertainment centers with multimedia adaptors, and cozy seating areas. The rooms boast high ceilings and large windows, offering captivating views of the city’s skyline.

    The hotel’s commitment to convenience is evident in its amenities. A 24-hour fitness center allows guests to maintain their workout routines, while the snack bar provides a selection of treats for any time of the day. 

    Adjacent to the hotel, The Merchant Kitchen serves an array of globally influenced dishes and cocktails, providing an elevated street food experience right next door. 

    Whether you’re in town for a game, a concert, or simply exploring the city, Alt Hotel Winnipeg’s prime location in the Sports, Hospitality, and Entertainment District (SHED) places you at the center of it all.

    The Alt Hotel Winnipeg isn’t just about the stay; it’s about the experience. From the rainfall showers and Nespresso coffee machines in each room to the pet-friendly policy, every detail is thoughtfully curated to ensure your stay is nothing short of exceptional. 

    It’s a place where the pulse of the city is felt through its walls, and every visit promises a memorable encounter with the spirit of Winnipeg. 

    2. Fairmont Winnipeg 

    Address  2 Lombard Place, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0Y3, Canada
    Contact number  204 957 1350 
    Operating hours
  • Check-in time: 3 pm
  • Check-out time: 12 pm
  • The Fairmont Winnipeg is a beacon of luxury and comfort in the heart of Winnipeg. This esteemed hotel is more than just a place to stay; it’s an experience that begins the moment you walk through its doors.

    Imagine being enveloped in an atmosphere of elegance as you enter the grand lobby, where a blend of classic charm and modern sophistication greets you. 

    The Fairmont Winnipeg boasts 340 guest rooms and suites, each meticulously designed to provide a restful escape with pillow-top beds, Egyptian cotton sheets, and rainfall showerheads. 

    The rooms offer stunning views, whether it’s the historic Exchange District, the iconic corner of Portage and Main, or the meeting point of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers at The Forks National Historic Site.

    The hotel’s amenities cater to every need, from the indoor saltwater pool that invites you to unwind to the on-site dining options that tantalize your taste buds. 

    Whether you’re indulging in a leisurely breakfast or enjoying the evening canapés, Fairmont Winnipeg ensures every meal is memorable.

    For those seeking a touch of exclusivity, the Fairmont Gold rooms provide access to the private Fairmont Gold Lounge, where personalized service and deluxe comforts await. 

    With its central location, this hotel places you at the crossroads of culture, shopping, and breathtaking cityscapes, making it the perfect starting point for exploring all that Winnipeg has to offer.

    3. Mere Hotel 

    Address  333 Waterfront Dr, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0V1, Canada
    Contact number  204 594 0333
    Operating hours
  • Check-in time: 3 pm
  • Check-out time: 11 am
  • The Mere Hotel is a contemporary jewel that graces the banks of the Red River in Winnipeg’s dynamic downtown. This boutique hotel is a fusion of modern design and intimate comfort, offering a unique stay in the heart of the city.

    At the Mere Hotel, you’re welcomed by a chic, minimalist aesthetic that captures the essence of urban elegance. 

    The hotel features 67 guest rooms that are spacious and bright, each equipped with free WiFi, a flat-screen cable TV, and a refrigerator. Select rooms also offer serene river views, adding a touch of tranquility to your urban retreat.

    At Mere Hotel, guests can maintain their fitness routine at the 24-hour fitness center or indulge in the culinary delights at Cibo Waterfront Cafe, which serves Mediterranean cuisine and is open for lunch and dinner. 

    The hotel’s location is ideal, with proximity to the Winnipeg Convention Center, The Forks Market, and The Exchange District, ensuring that the best of Winnipeg is just a short walk away.

    Tips When Visiting Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg

    To make the most of your visit, consider these tips that will enhance your enjoyment and help you navigate this charming destination seamlessly. 

    1. Plan your visit. 

    The park welcomes visitors from dawn until dusk, but to fully savor the experience, plan your visit during daylight hours. This way, you can appreciate the stunning views and explore the trails in all their natural glory.

    2. Choose the right entrance. 

    Begin your Little Mountain Park adventure by choosing the right entrance. There are two options available: Farmer Road and Kimpke Road.

    Consider the Farmer Road entrance as your primary choice, as it serves as the main entry point with a more expansive parking lot.

    3. Wear comfortable shoes. 

    When exploring Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg, it’s essential to prioritize comfort and safety. The well-maintained trails offer a delightful experience, yet they can be uneven in certain areas. 

    To make the most of your visit, opt for sturdy and comfortable shoes that provide ample support for walking.

    4. Bring water and snacks. 

    One key consideration when visiting Little Mountain Park is to bring your own water and snacks, as the park lacks water fountains and concession stands.

    This proactive approach will help you stay refreshed during your exploration of the natural surroundings.

    5. Be aware of wildlife. 

    As you explore Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg, stay attuned to the rich array of wildlife that calls the park home. Keep a watchful eye out for the graceful presence of deer, the charming antics of rabbits, and the elusive movements of coyotes. 

    To fully embrace the natural experience, remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings, allowing the enchanting wildlife to reveal itself as you traverse the park’s paths.

    6. Keep your dog on a leash. 

    Dogs are welcome in the park but must be leashed at all times, contributing to a safe and enjoyable environment. There are designated off-leash areas specifically designed for furry friends to frolic and play freely. 

    7. Respect other visitors. 

    When exploring Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg, it’s important to maintain a considerate and enjoyable atmosphere for all visitors. As this park is a favored destination for families and dog walkers alike, practicing mutual respect is key. 

    Keep noise levels to a minimum, recognizing the diverse crowd that frequents the park. 

    8. Pick up after yourself. 

    Be sure to pick up after yourself and dispose of trash properly in the designated areas. Maintaining the cleanliness of the park ensures a pleasant experience for everyone.

    9. Leave no trace. 

    Ensure you leave no trace behind when exploring Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg. Treat the park with the same care and respect as you would your own home.

    10. Have fun. 

    You can embrace the serenity of Little Mountain Park by strolling at a leisurely pace. The winding paths and lush greenery invite you to savor the moment and connect with nature. 

    Don’t forget to pause and absorb the breathtaking scenery. Whether you’re near the ponds, surrounded by tall trees, or enjoying a panoramic view from one of the viewpoints, let the beauty of the park captivate your senses. 

    Also, bring your camera or smartphone to capture the unique charm of Little Mountain Park. From vibrant wildflowers to the play of sunlight on the trails, there’s no shortage of picture-perfect moments waiting to be framed.