Top 16 Restaurants in Wolseley, Winnipeg

Top 16 Restaurants in Wolseley, Winnipeg: A Guide For Any Discerning Palate

Downtown Winnipeg can oftentimes get crowded on lunch and dinner rush, and when I’m on the hunt for good food, I admittedly steer clear of long queues there. For this reason, I love going to Wolseley for a bite!

It’s just the next neighborhood to the downtown area. It has that city center pizzazz minus the busyness, so you can really enjoy a sit-down with your friends or folks and have a nice meal together.

Being a foodie myself, I like sampling different cuisines; I especially like Portage Avenue for this. You can practically drive the length of Wolseley and pass by all of the neighborhood’s best spots for grub.

It’s not just Portage, though. I’ve also come to discover other hidden spots in this district throughout the years, too.

Allow me to list down all the top restaurants in Wolseley for your next food trip!

1. A&W Canada

LocationAcross from Polo Park Mall, 1520 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0W8, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-774-3275
Opening HoursDine-in: Monday to Sunday, 7 AM to 10 PM

Drive-thru: Open 24/7

This place is near and dear to me as it’s my go-to for any late-night snacking. Their drive-thru is open 24 hours a day, and they have lots of all-day breakfast and burger options.

I always get my favorite Sausage & Egger on a classic English muffin, but if you want a different take on the bun, you can have it on a buttery croissant!

If I need a heavy breakfast, I typically opt for the All-Canadian Special, which is a plate of sausage, bacon, hash browns, and eggs that I always request over easy. (You can have the eggs cooked to your liking!)

When I’m feeling a classic snack, I always go for a spicy Mama Burger and a rootbeer, which is always served in their iconic frosted mugs.

All in all, this place reminds me of a retro diner that you see in the movies. To me, it’s the perfect spot for any late-night munchies or after-party cravings.

2. Cilantro’s Modern Indian Cuisine – Portage

Location1132 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0S7, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-306-6354
Opening HoursSunday to Thursday: 11 AM to 9:30 PM

Friday to Saturday: 11 AM to 10:30 PM

There’s a bunch of Cilantro’s in the city but this branch has probably the best chicken biryani I’ve ever had. In my experience, other places tend to overcook their chicken but Cilantro’s on Portage is an exception.

The palak paneer had great texture, and all of the dishes I tried had a good kick in them (especially the lamb madras!). Also, the naan is to die for, and the excellent service from the staff is just the cherry on top.

I’d say the place is very hip with its artsy accent wall and it does a great job in terms of adding a unique, modern twist to classic Indian dishes.

If you’re craving North Indian food, I highly recommend this place. It’s one of my favorite spots for Indian cuisine!

3. Lucky Koi Express Chinese Restaurant

Location1100 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0S4, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-943-9933
Opening HoursMonday: 4 PM to 9 PM

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday to Thursday: 4 PM to 9 PM

Friday to Saturday: 4 PM to 10 PM

Sunday and Holidays: 4 PM to 9 PM

For Chinese food cravings, I can’t recommend Lucky Koi enough. Their hot and spicy shrimp is the best I’ve ever tasted in all of Winnipeg (maybe even in all of Manitoba!).

I’ve been coming here for so many years now, and I think the quality improved after the new management took over.

Some of my other favorites from Lucky Koi are the Szechuan beef, the five-spice grilled chicken, and the hot and sour soup. All their noodles are off the charts, too, especially the deluxe chow mein and Cantonese chow mein (with your protein of choice!).

Another thing I love about this place is they have a vegan-vegetarian and gluten-free menu, so I was able to bring my friends with dietary restrictions and they absolutely devoured their plates.

Just a disclaimer: if you order something spicy here, be ready for SPICY!

4. Bonnie Day

Location898 Westminster Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 1B5, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-786-8411
Opening Hours


Monday to Wednesday: 5 PM to 10 PM

Thursday to Saturday: 5 PM to 11 PM

Sunday: Closed


Monday to Friday: 8 AM to 2 PM

Saturday to Sunday: 9 AM to 3 PM

I love the atmosphere at Bonnie Day – it’s intimate and it’s great for a date night. I’ve been here on a date myself!

The lamb pelmeni is something I always come back here for, especially with its delectable pomegranate salsa. I was skeptical of their chicken and butter beans at first, but I guess the spicy maple glaze is an acquired taste because I stand by it now.

The restaurant also has a selection of pizzas, all of which are insanely tasty, but my favorite is NO. 4. It has a whipped feta cheese base and fresh mozzarella, topped with prosciutto, roasted garlic, thyme, and truffle oil – truly mouthwatering!

I stick to the classic for dessert – I typically order a slice of the chocolate ganache cake with raspberry coulis. My friends, on the other hand, love the blueberry poppy seed lemon cake.

Never Better Coffee operates from the cafe at Bonnie Day. They have your usual latte and Americano, but I always get mocha whenever I pass by Westminster in my morning commute.

It’s a great little gem in Wolseley and I’d recommend getting a reservation here for dinner as the place is small.

5. Verde Juice Bar

Location887 Westminster Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 1B4, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-615-8733
Opening HoursMonday to Friday: 8:30 AM to 5 PM

Saturday to Sunday: 9 AM to 5 PM

Verde is one of my go-to’s when I’m on a health kick. If I’m craving a simple breakfast, I usually get a smoothie bowl or an oatmeal.

Two of my favorites are the Purple Haze (blueberry with oat milk, dark chocolate, and maple syrup) and the PB&B bowl (banana and peanut butter with almond milk, cacao nibs, granola, and more!). These are truly filling and get me started for a busy day.

For something savory, I’d typically opt for the burrito bowl with refried beans because I’m a sucker for its cilantro lime vinaigrette and chipotle cashew cream (they’d always indulge my request for a little more squeeze of that vinaigrette–yum!).

Of course, a stop here isn’t complete without one of their handcrafted juices. I’m a big fan of Lake Life, which has a mix of cucumber, celery, green apple, lemon, and other goodies!

6. Aladin’s Pizzeria & Shawarma Place

Location912 Portage Ave #103, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0P5, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-416-4560
Opening HoursMonday to Friday: 11:30 AM to 2 AM

Saturday to Sunday: 12 PM to 2 AM

If it’s a quick, tasty bite I’m after, I like going to Aladin’s with my peers. I’ve never regretted eating two wraps, the beef shawarma and the falafel, in one sitting.

If I’m not in a hurry, I’d usually still get either of those two but I make it the dinner option, which comes with a garden or Greek salad and fries or rice.

Sometimes, I’d also order the Bangla Dinner, a chicken curry roast served on a bed of pilaf. This dish is so tasty – I don’t remember a time I didn’t finish my plate!

This place does have other options like chicken fingers, gourmet pizza, and build-your-own pizza.

I really like the fact that they’re open ’til after midnight so this place is also on my late-night resto list.

7. The Burger Place

Location1909 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3J 0J3, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-831-7967
Opening HoursMonday to Wednesday: 10:30 AM to 9 PM

Thursday to Friday: 10:30 AM to 10 PM

Saturday: 10:30 AM to 9 PM

Sunday: 11:30 AM to 8 PM

Another great contender for classic burgers is The Burger Place on Portage. The burgers here are hefty, homemade, and out of this world. When I’m famished, I can take on the triple deluxe cheeseburger pretty quickly.

If it’s your first time at this place, you must try the classic hamburger topped with chili. It’s a crowd favorite for a reason!

The Burger Place definitely isn’t for the health-conscious. It’s your typical greasy spoon joint, and that’s exactly what I love about this place!

I like the fact that they have a small menu. You can’t really go wrong with a classic burger with just a few extra options.

8. Papa Ed’s Pizza & More

Location761 Westminster Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 1A6, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-774-7272
Opening HoursMonday: 1 PM to 7 PM

Tuesday to Saturday: 1 PM to 9 PM

Sunday: 2 PM to 8 PM

This is such an underrated little spot in Wolseley. Their pizza is just perfect for my liking – not too thick, not too thin, and with just the right amount of grease.

I’d recommend the Canadian Pizza for a taste of the classic; it’s mixed with pepperoni, bacon, mushroom, and of course, ooey gooey mozzarella cheese.

If you prefer a unique bite, try the chicken taco pizza or the Bill’s buffalo chicken pizza. Or, you can set your gastronomic adventure with the build-your-own pizza option!

They surely don’t skimp on the pizza toppings, and that’s one of the best things about this place. Pizza fiends won’t be disappointed.

They have chicken wings on the menu, too, and you’re free to choose which sauce they’ll be tossed into. I personally prefer the Cajun mix.

I’m a sucker for dipping sauce, so I always splurge for extra of this (I dip both the wings and the pizza!). The lime crema and blue cheese dressing have a special place in my heart!

9. Bistro Dansk Restaurant Ltd

Location63 Sherbrook St, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2B2, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-775-5662
Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday

Lunch: 11 AM to 2 PM

Dinner: 4:30 PM to 8 PM

Sunday to Monday: Closed

Admittedly, I hadn’t tried any Danish food before dining here and I was skeptical at first. But all that went out the window on my first bite of their remarkable chicken schnitzel– it’s crispy on the outside and just oozing with juice on the inside.

I come back here from time to time for the frikadeller as well. I feel like it’s Denmark’s answer to Sweden’s famous meatballs.

This is also where I first tried chicken liver; I was hesitant to take a bite at first, but this was just delicious!

Overall, I’m happy to have discovered this place; it’s expanded my foodie journey by miles!

10. The Nook Diner

Location41 Sherbrook St, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2B1, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-774-0818
Opening HoursSunday to Monday: 7 AM to 5 PM

Tuesday to Saturday: 7 AM to 6 PM

I feel like The Nook Diner is the ultimate spot for curing a hangover. It’s as “greasy spoon” as a restaurant can get; the portion sizes are super generous, too!

Located on the intersection of Sherbrook Street and Wolseley Avenue, it’s got that artsy charm with its outdoor mural that all the youngins have as their photo backdrop.

I won’t forget the first time I tried the eggs Benedict here; it’s got the best hollandaise sauce I’ve ever tasted! The Denver sandwich was top-notch too.

It’s the quintessential diner with a couple of neon signs and lived-in booths that are just a trademark of a place that people love and come back to.

It doesn’t market itself as fancy. It is what it is: a no-frills eatery with an all-day breakfast, a bunch of sandwiches and burgers, and a welcoming atmosphere where you’ll fit right in.

11. Shorty’s Pizza

Location53 Maryland St, Winnipeg, MB R3G 1K6, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-779-7968
Opening HoursMonday to Sunday: 11:30 AM to 10 PM

Can’t have a list of Wolseley restaurants without the iconic Shorty’s Pizza! This joint is a staple in the city, and for good reason.

Its New York-style pizza brings the Big Apple to the ‘Peg!

The place is usually open until 10 PM and they have a selection of local craft beer, so to me, it’s the perfect hangout spot after office hours. My colleagues and I typically get the NY Cheese and Spicy Sausage, and of course, we splurge for extra primo toppings too.

Shorty’s also has a few pasta dishes and sandwiches on the menu. I’d recommend the hot Italian beef paired with the Shorty’s Lager (a collaboration with the Winnipeg brewing company Lake of the Woods).

If you are feeling fancy, the restaurant also has an arsenal of fine wine!

12. Raph’s Jamaican Joint

Location686 Portage Ave #100, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0M6, Canada
Contact Number+1 431-278-7525

It’s worth coming to Raph’s just for the fresh Jamaican patties alone. I will admit, it’s on the pricier side but that’s how it is when everything’s made fresh!

The patty is flaky with the perfect balance of sweet and salty; plus, they don’t skimp on the filling–that’s a win in my book, always!

For the main dishes, you can’t go wrong with jerk chicken. If you like things on the spicier side, try the Badman Bun–the mango salsa just elevates it to an otherwordly level.

If you’re craving rice, get the oxtail meal! It’s fall-off-the-bone tender and served over rice and peas; it also comes with a festival, a Jamaican sweet dumpling.

13. De Luca’s

Location950 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0R1, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-774-7617
Opening HoursMonday to Saturday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Sunday: Closed

De Luca’s is a favorite of mine as it’s a grocery, deli, and restaurant rolled into one. The shop is on the ground floor, while the restaurant is on the mezzanine level.

Being a specialty shop, some of the items and produce here are pricier than usual. It’s kind of expected for a gourmet place like this; they make some of their products in-house and use only the best ingredients.

Whenever I’m here for grocery shopping, I also make it a point to have the all-you-can-eat pasta (they usually have 3 different kinds of pasta daily) and the Neapolitan-style pizza. Occasionally, I’d also get an Italian salad!

I feel like the classic but elevated menu at De Luca’s makes it a great spot for a date night or a fancy dinner with friends or family!

14. Charisma of India

Location83 Sherbrook St, Winnipeg, MB R3G 1C3, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-222-7878
Opening HoursMonday to Saturday: 11 AM to 9 PM

Sunday: 3 PM to 9 PM

I love a good spread of Indian food, so I was excited when I found this little gem on Sherbrook Street. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be greeted with Indian decor and paintings.

The restaurant primarily serves North Indian cuisine, and my absolute favorite is the butter chicken. They bake the boneless chicken mixed with exotic spices and serve it over a bed of fragrant basmati rice.

Another crowd favorite here is the goat biryani. The serving size alone is truly worth every dollar.

Not sure what to order? Why not a little bit of everything?

They just reopened their lunch buffet on Mondays through Saturdays, from 11:30 AM to 3 PM!

15. Mooshiro Japanese Cuisine

Location708 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0M6, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-237-8744
Opening HoursMonday and Wednesday: 5 PM to 10 PM

Tuesday: Closed

Thursday to Friday: 11 AM to 10 PM

Saturday to Sunday: 12 PM to 10 PM

I always come here whenever I need a sushi fix. The family who owns it genuinely cares about the customers, and it really shows in how they carefully prep the food.

I’ve been here countless times, and I surely go crazy on the sushi buffet but some of my favorites are the rainbow, dragon, and Alaska rolls. To get your appetite going, you must try the honey yam tempura – it has such a unique taste!

One of the downsides here, I’d say, is that there’s a 15-piece limit per person on the sashimi. It’s also worth noting that the sashimi is not available for lunch, so make sure to come here for dinner if you want to try their amazing sashimi!

16. La Crêperie Ker Breizh

Location267 Sherbrook St, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2B8, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-221-4141
Opening HoursMonday: Closed

Tuesday to Thursday: 8 AM to 3 PM

Friday to Saturday: 8 AM to 8 PM

Sunday: 9 AM to 3 PM

Before coming here, I thought crepes were only made sweet, but I was proven wrong big time!

La Creperie Ker Breizh has a wide array of savory galettes. One of my go-to’s is La Gratinee, which packs ground Manitoba beef with cheese, peppers, and onions.

I was hesitant to try La Ker Brie, which is a mix of cooked apple, brie cheese, nuts, jam, and honey, but it was a symphony in my taste buds! I can’t quite describe it; the flavor is just so unique.

Of course, it’s just right to cap your meal here with one of their delectable crepes.

I was overwhelmed by the choices when I first dined here, but La Guérandaise surprised me. It’s a medley of caramelized apples, vanilla ice cream, salted caramel, crumble, and whipped cream–definitely a party in my mouth!