Winnipeg’s Top 6 Skate Parks Revealed

Winnipeg’s Top 6 Skate Parks Revealed 

As someone who has spent countless hours honing their skills and forging connections at these urban oases, I can confidently say that our city’s skate parks are more than just ramps and rails; they’re the canvas for our collective passion and creativity. 

The one thing that gets my heart pumping and my wheels spinning is the vibrant skate culture that pulses through our city.

In this exploration, I’ll be uncovering the well-loved spots that make up Winnipeg’s top 6 skate parks. So, lace up those sneakers, grab your deck, and join me on a ride!

1. The Plaza at The Forks

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Address: Winnipeg, MB R3C 4X1, Canada
Operating hours:  Sunday to Thursday: 11:30 am – 9 pm; Friday and Saturday: 11:30 am – 11 pm

The Plaza at The Forks stands out as Canada’s largest urban skate plaza and bowl facility, spanning an impressive 48,000 square feet. 

Within this expansive area, skateboarders are greeted by a diverse array of street elements, creating an exhilarating environment for riders of all levels.

The main plaza boasts a mesmerizing collection of street features, including flat ledges, out ledges, hubba ledges, manual pads, bank ramps, handrails, flat bars, stair sets, gaps, and quarter pipes. 

As skaters navigate the terrain, they’ll encounter skate-able art pieces strategically integrated into the landscape, adding a creative and unique touch to the experience.

For those seeking a more adrenaline-fueled challenge, the far end of the skatepark unveils a massive bowl, reaching depths ranging from five to thirteen feet. 

Dominated by a seventeen-foot cradle, the bowl offers an unparalleled opportunity for skaters to showcase their skills. 

Complementing the bowl’s grandeur are various hips, extensions, pump bumps, and both pool and steel coping, providing a dynamic and versatile setting for skateboarders to push their limits.

As skaters weave through the various elements, the park’s design encourages a heightened level of skill and finesse.

Pro Tip: 

It’s important to note that the Plaza at The Forks caters primarily to experienced skateboarders due to its challenging layout and advanced features. 

2. The Edge Skatepark

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Address: 333 King St, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0N1, Canada
Contact number: 204 669 4205 

The Edge Skatepark, operated by Youth for Christ Winnipeg since 1992, is a dedicated space providing a year-round haven for skateboarders and in-line skaters in Winnipeg. 

Beyond ramps and rails, The Edge is a faith-based program committed to nurturing the holistic well-being of the city’s youth — physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

In service to the Winnipeg skateboard community, The Edge Skatepark creates a safe environment where young individuals can explore and develop their full God-given potential. 

It’s not merely about skating; it’s about fostering an atmosphere that cares for people in all aspects of their lives.

The program’s unique approach extends beyond the physical realm of the skatepark, delving into the emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions. 

By providing a space for self-expression and growth, The Edge aims to empower the youth of Winnipeg to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and purpose.

3. Pitikwé Skatepark

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Address: 393 Portage Ave Suite 100, Winnipeg, MB R3B 3H6, Canada

Pitikwé Skatepark, located at Portage Place shopping center, recently celebrated its grand opening on October 27, 2023. The name “Pitikwé,” translating to “come in” or “welcome” in Cree, perfectly encapsulates the essence of this new indoor skatepark. 

Created as a collaborative effort between the Manitoba Skateboarding Coalition, Spence Neighbourhood Association, and The Forks North Portage Partnership, Pitikwé Skatepark is more than just a recreational space.

This innovative skatepark stands out for its commitment to inclusivity, providing an inviting environment for riders of diverse backgrounds. 

Open to enthusiasts of skateboarding, scootering, BMX biking, and inline skating, Pitikwé Skatepark aims to break barriers and foster a sense of community among riders.

Housed indoors, the skatepark offers a year-round haven for those passionate about extreme sports. 

Pitikwé Skatepark serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, bringing together organizations dedicated to promoting and supporting the vibrant skateboarding culture in Winnipeg.

With its recent opening, Pitikwé Skatepark not only provides a space for riders to showcase their skills but also contributes to the cultural fabric of Winnipeg.

4. Matt Jonsson Memorial Skatepark

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Address: Sturgeon Road &, Ness Ave, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Matt Jonsson Memorial Skatepark, located at the corner of Sturgeon Road and Silver Avenue, is a tribute to the late Matt Jonsson, a dedicated BMXer and skateboard enthusiast from St. James. 

In a poignant gesture, the park was renamed in his honor following a tragic accident that claimed his life in February 2021 at the young age of 24.

A significant chapter in the park’s history dates back to its inauguration in 2007, when Matt and his brother Cole, both passionate riders, played pivotal roles in its design. 

Over the years, this skate park has evolved into a hub where young talents can safely cultivate their skills in BMX and skateboarding.

5. Fort Garry Skatepark 

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Address: Woodgrove St, Winnipeg, MB R3T 1N1, Canada

Fort Garry Skatepark offers a diverse and exciting array of features catering to riders of all skill levels. 

The park’s layout encompasses a pump track, a ditch-style bank area, and various obstacles such as hubba ledges, handrails, stair sets, china banks, rails, quarter pipes, a euro gap, bump to ledge, and a manual pad.

Designed with riders in mind, the obstacles vary in size, ensuring a suitable challenge for everyone, from beginners to seasoned skateboarders. 

The park’s thoughtful layout and selection of features create a dynamic environment for riders to explore and hone their skills.

Whether you’re navigating the pump track, practicing tricks on the hubba ledges, or perfecting your grinds on the rails, Fort Garry Skatepark offers a well-rounded experience. 

The park’s unique blend of elements encourages riders to push their limits and enjoy the thrill of skateboarding in a welcoming and inclusive setting.

6. Broadway Neighbourhood Center Skate Park 

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Address: 185 Young St, Winnipeg, MB R3C 1Y8, Canada
Contact number: 204 772 9253 
Operating hours: Monday to Friday: 8 am – 11:45 pm; Saturday and Sunday: 6 am – 11:45 pm 

Broadway Neighbourhood Center Skate Park, a non-profit organization based in the heart of the West Broadway neighborhood in Winnipeg, is dedicated to providing a range of high-quality services to local youth and community members. 

With a focus on recreation, social engagement, education, and employment support, the center aims to create a vibrant and inclusive space.

At the heart of their offerings is a welcoming and accessible free skating rink. This open space is not only a hub for recreational activities but also serves as a platform for fostering connections among residents. 

The center goes the extra mile by providing a variety of skates and equipment, all available for free use, ensuring that financial barriers don’t hinder anyone from enjoying the facility.

More than just a place to skate, Broadway Neighbourhood Center Skate Park is a community-driven initiative. 

By offering a range of services without charge, the organization seeks to enrich the lives of individuals in the West Broadway neighborhood. 

Whether it’s gliding on the ice, engaging in social activities, or accessing educational resources, the center creates an environment that transcends traditional recreational spaces.