Renovation Contractor in Winnipeg Hammerdown
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Winnipeg Renovation Contractor: Construction Masters Hammerdown 

Founded in 2005 by husband and wife Tyson and Kim Hiebert, Hammerdown is a Winnipeg renovation contractor for residential and business needs.  

As Certified Master Renovators and Builders, Hammerdown’s mission is to ‘do things the right way,’ earning them over 14 RenoMark gold awards!

But is it merited? That’s what we’ll find out today.

Hammerdown’s Company Background, a Renovation Contractor in Winnipeg 

Address  42 Speers Road, Winnipeg, MB R2J 1M3
Contact Information(204) 793-0500
ServicesWhole Home Renovations, Kitchen Renovations, Bathroom Renovations, Basement Renovations, Accessible Living Renovations, Interior Design Services

For 19 years, Hammerdown has been a leading contractor for whole home, kitchen, bathroom, basement, and accessible living renovations and construction in Winnipeg. It’s of note that their clients often come from referrals, and they attend mostly to women seeking personalized renovations for dream homes.

How We Reviewed Winnipeg Renovation Contractor Hammerdown

In evaluating this Winnipeg renovation contractor, we assessed the following criteria.

Creative Design: We looked at their commitment to creative and innovative design. 

Quality: We consider their craftsmanship and material/technique quality.

Certification and Recognition: We inspected their industry certifications and awards, e.g. Certified Master Renovators. 

Effective Communication: We checked their communication style and whether they kept clients informed at every stage.

Timely Project Completion: Their track record of meeting deadlines was also checked.

Creative Design: How’s their renovation prowess?

Rating: 5/5

This is a Winnipeg renovation contractor that focuses on realizing spaces’ potential. They create timeless designs that represent each client, with each renovation project being unique. 

We noted an emphasis on beautiful sightlines and textures. For kitchen renovations in particular, we saw a lot of creative usage of natural stone in their work.

Construction Quality: Does the construction quality showcase expert craftsmanship? 

Rating: 5/5

Quality and commitment are evident in each renovation project here. Their project manager collaborates daily with designers and clients, and most importantly, they offer a two-year warranty.

They’re also very comfortable using luxury finishes and fixtures, as well as Schluter-Systems waterproofing. Pieces like custom-tiled fireplaces also showcase their renovation craftsmanship.

Certification and Recognition: Are they renowned contractors for Winnipeg renovation?

Rating: 5/5

An MHBA Master Builder and Master Renovator, Hammerdown also has over 14 RenoMark gold awards (with four awards in 2022 alone). Their gorgeous Bailey Project took home three awards for the Kitchen, Whole Home, and Bathroom categories.

Recent triumphs include the prestigious 2023 RenoMark Renovation Awards. Here, Hammerdown clinched a Gold award for their Medinah ensuite renovation, and their Ryder kitchen renovation secured a silver award.

Communication: Are they reliable and professional contracting agents? 

Rating: 5/5

Their effective communication can be seen throughout the renovation process, beginning with their easy-to-fill questionnaire and quick consultation scheduling. 

Clients told us that the company provides renderings and concept renovation drawings with full openness to feedback. They maintain daily communication on everything from budget to work processes. 

We also got several accounts of the team’s responsiveness to questions, concerns, and last-minute requests.

Timely Project Completion: Are their Winnipeg renovations on schedule?

Rating: 4/5

The company seems to provide a smooth renovation journey partly thanks to their software, Co-Construct. Of special note is that their bathroom renovations are often completed 50% faster than competitors. 

To further save time, they handle matters like permits and inspections for clients. They also only start when all materials are on-site, for efficient work. 

Pros and Cons of Hiring Winnipeg Renovation Contractor Hammerdown


  • Designs are highly customised based on clients’ personal styles
  • Uses luxury finishes and fixtures
  • Over 14 RenoMark gold awards
  • Keeps clients in the loop from start to finish


  • Pricey
  • Might exceed deadlines for large projects

Direct Review Examples for This Winnipeg Renovation Contractor 

Fully functional layout with much needed upgrades

“…Jade led me through the design process and the result was a now fully functional layout with much needed upgrades, ample prep space and lots of storage.”

Madame Mym, Google Review

The workmanship and final product is exceptional

“We loved working with Hammerdown for our main floor remodel. The design process was fun, creative and collaborative, and the workmanship and final product is exceptional.”

Stephanie Tetreault, Google Review

Reliable and skilled contractor

“…I couldn’t be happier with the results. The work was done correctly the first time and I have no reservations in recommending Hammerdown to anyone looking for a reliable and skilled contractor.”

 Ian, Google Review

Extremely responsive to questions/concerns

“…I would happily have them back in my home again, and I will as I have booked a kitchen reno in the coming months.”

Debra Boyce, Google Review

The timelines were accurate

“We had an amazing experience with Hammerdown!…The timelines were accurate and they kept up great communication with us throughout the process. We are so happy with the final product!”

 Alexandra Penner, Google Review

Overall Rating for Winnipeg Renovation Contractor Hammerdown: 4.8/5

Creative Design5/5
Quality 5/5
Certification and Recognition5/5
Effective Communication5/5
Timely Project Completion5/5

Conclusion: What makes Hammerdown a go-to renovation contractor in Winnipeg?

Hammerdown’s creative design, quality, certifications, communication, and project completion make them the perfect choice for those seeking a stress-free renovation!

If you want to see more of Hammerdown’s past work, here’s a look at a few of their projects from their social media.