The Reviewing Process

With thousands of choices available for one type of product or service, it may be hard for the average Winnipeg
consumer to find the right one for their needs. And since we want to make things easier for you, we work
tirelessly to bring you the most comprehensive and impartial buying guides in Winnipeg.

To achieve this, we make sure to look at the following factors whenever we write our reviews:

  • Company/Brand Reputation

    If a product or service is being offered by a brand or company that’s reputable for quality, that’s plus
    for us. However, we don’t turn a blind eye on small businesses and not-so-well-known products.

    Whether it’s offered by a global brand or a small family-run business, a product or service under review
    get any special treatment from us in terms of reviewing.

  • Features/Services Offered

    We take a look at a product’s features or a business’s service offerings and compare them to the competition.
    consider what they have that others don’t and vice versa.

    Are they the only ones in the market that have this feature or service? If yes, how does it make them a cut
    the rest?

  • Quality of Service/Product\

    Since we only make reviews of products and services that we’ve tried on our own, we gain first-hand
    experience on
    the kind of quality they offer.

    If a product or service claims to solve a specific problem, we check if their claims are true and how well
    service or product did to achieve this.

  • Price

    This is probably one of the most important things that consumers consider when purchasing a product or a

    We take the market average pricing and compare the product’s or service’s price point to determine if they’re
    considered cheap or expensive.

    Naturally, a higher price point should come with premium features or services. However, since that isn’t
    the case, we factor in the value you get from the product or service as well.

  • Customer Accessibility

    Here, we consider how accessible a product or service is for consumers. There are many factors to consider

    For products, we check whether a product is readily available in stores or if it’s only sold in specific
    Considering how everything is going digital, it’s also important to know whether a product can be ordered
    or not.

    For services, we check the ease of transaction. Do they rely on digital platforms, physical stores, or both
    interact with customers? Phones, email, social media—what modes of communication do they utilize to connect

    We also look at whether they have notable pre and post-transaction services. How reachable and responsive are
    their customer services?

  • Consumer Reviews

    Besides our views and experiences, we also think it’s important to consider the individual user experiences
    through analysing real customer reviews. This way, we’ll be able to deliver you a more comprehensive review
    what it’s like to use the product or service.

  • Overall Evaluation

    Finally, we put together everything we’ve learned about the product or service and decide whether they’re
    including in our lists.

    If we consider it a great product or service, we’ll include them.

    If not, we’ll drop it and continue to look for other great products and services.