Top 5 Places With Outdoor Murals

Walk Through Art: Exploring Winnipeg’s Top 5 Places With Outdoor Murals

I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing how our streets transform into an open-air gallery with murals that not only showcase the talent of local artists but also reflect the diverse narratives that make Winnipeg truly special. 

Join me as we weave through the tapestry of urban creativity, discovering the stories behind each stroke of paint and the inspiration that breathes life into these outdoor masterpieces.

1. West End

West End

Nestled in the West End, this neighborhood boasts one of Winnipeg’s most extensive collections of outdoor murals, a stunning showcase of over 70 works of art. 

These murals not only embellish the streets but also narrate the diverse cultural tapestry and rich histories that define this community.

To make your exploration seamless, the West End Biz provides a digital map and an engaging online mural tour, featuring 11 distinct works along with their captivating histories. 

During the summer months, you have the option to immerse yourself in the artistic ambiance by booking a walking mural tour.

Among the noteworthy murals, one that captured the spotlight in 2019 is “Folklorama 50” by Mandy van Leeuwen and Franklin Fernando, crowned Mural of the Year. 

You can also pay a visit to the corner of Furby St. and Ellice Ave. to be enchanted by Cash Akoza’s 2016 masterpiece inspired by the beloved children’s book, “Where the Wild Things Are.”

Adding a touch of personal flair to the neighborhood, local artist and activist Kal Barteski has transformed fences, garage doors, and flower beds into an outdoor gallery featuring polar bears, belugas, and other species from the tundra. 

This unique exhibit can be discovered between Canora and Ethelbert Street, creating a captivating fusion of art and community spirit.

2. The Forks 

The Forks

The Forks, one of Winnipeg’s top tourist destinations, has a plethora of alluring outdoor murals that wrap visitors in an array of art. 

As you meander through this historic site, you’ll discover an experience where murals, sculptures, and installations seamlessly blend into the surroundings. 

The richness of this artistic landscape is so profound that The Forks offers a self-guided art walk, inviting you to explore the diverse creations within a 30-minute stroll — a mere glimpse into the array of artistic expressions scattered throughout the area.

One noteworthy mural, “Passage” by Lacey Jane and Layla Folkmann, stands as a poignant tribute to the elderly, celebrating the profound beauty of growing older and wiser. 

This emotive piece beckons onlookers to reflect on the passage of time and the wisdom that accompanies it.

Another striking contribution to The Forks’ artistic ambiance is the “Four Elements Series” by Ness Lee & birdO. Transforming the parkade into a canvas, each floor hosts a mural, capturing the essence of earth, air, fire, and water. 

This series adds a dynamic and elemental dimension to the site, creating an enticing experience for those who encounter it.

Additionally, the historic walking bridge at The Forks becomes a canvas for Mike Valcourt’s mural titled “Jackson Beardy: Woodlands Group of Seven Tribute.” 

This masterpiece, in place since 2006 and repainted in 2016, pays homage to the renowned artist and serves as a timeless representation of the Woodlands Group of Seven.

3. Transcona


You can explore the history of Transcona by engaging yourself in the heritage murals that adorn the area. 

In 2016, Transcona BIZ collaborated with local urban street artists to transform dull grey walls into enchanting works of art, infusing life into the surroundings.

This summer, you can join the Murals of Transcona walking tour for an in-depth journey through these artistic expressions, each telling a unique story.

One standout mural is “Life Goddess” by Mike Johnston, stretching an impressive 46 feet along the side of Sevala’s Ukrainian Deli on Victoria Avenue. 

This masterpiece, awarded Mural of the Year in 2018, pays homage to Ukrainian heritage and culture, infusing the area with a sense of pride and history.

Adjacent to the Club Regent Casino Parkade, you’ll encounter “Birch Tree Forest” by James Culleton. Recognized in 2018 as the largest mural in Manitoba, this artwork graces the parkade, offering a visual spectacle that bewitches the essence of nature.

You can also delve into a tribute to the Manitoba Wilderness at 314 Bond St., skillfully crafted by artists Shelby Willis and Cheryl Metcalf. 

For an optimal viewing experience, catch this mural in the early morning when the sunlight transforms the paint into a mesmerizing neon-like display.

4. North End 

North End

Winnipeg’s North End is a canvas for outdoor murals, showcasing the artistic spirit of the community. Many of these masterpieces are part of the Wall-to-Wall Mural and Culture Days Festival, transforming the area into a dynamic walking art park.

Among the captivating pieces, the five-story mural “Mending” stands tall at 782 Main St., created by the talented Brazilian artists Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack. This mural, a true can’t-miss sight, reflects their unique artistic expression.

One outstanding example is the 2017 Mural of the Year, “En Masse,” a collaborative project meaning “All Together.” This large-scale artwork features spontaneous black and white drawings gracefully wrapping around the New West Hotel.

The Sutherland Hotel contributes to the mural tapestry with two notable pieces. In 2018, artists Dee Barsy and Kenneth Lavallee crafted the collaborative mural titled “The Fancy Shawl Dancers,” adding a touch of cultural richness to the area. 

On the south wall, another mural named “Untethered” by Jan Castillo, inspired by the words of Canadian-Métisse-Icelandic poet Jónína Kirton, graces the surroundings with its thought-provoking imagery.

5. Downtown 


Exploring the outdoor murals in downtown Winnipeg is best experienced on foot or by bike. 

A fantastic way to indulge yourself in this journey is by following The Loop, a 9.5-kilometer self-guided walking tour spanning 3.5 hours through downtown Winnipeg, The Exchange District, and Old St Boniface.

As you stroll through the heart of the city, mural after mural will captivate your attention. 

Notable among these is LOVE ALL DAY, a masterpiece by NYC-based artist Queen Andrea, gracing the side of The Garrick Theatre. This mural beautifully showcases typography that adds a unique touch to the urban landscape.

Adjacent to The Garrick, the artistic duo Cyndie Belhumeur and Shaneela Boodoo have created “Untitled,” a vibrant and eclectic piece that draws inspiration from the collected “data” of Winnipeg. 

This includes personal photos, memories, and experiences woven together to form a bright and engaging creation.

For those with an adventurous spirit, exploring the narrow alleys of Winnipeg’s Exchange District unveils hidden graffiti masterpieces.