Best Chimney Sweep Services in Winnipeg
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The 4 Best Chimney Sweep Services in Winnipeg

Now with all the snow melting and the spring flowers blooming, it’s high time that we get on with regular home maintenance and having that chimney cleaned up. That is, if your home is kept warm by a chimney.

Chimney sweep services in Winnipeg isn’t something people always get, but every home does warrant it at least once a year. If you burn coal and wood on the regular, then we recommend you have a sweep done every season.

That’s because all the creosote buildup could not only lead to a chimney fire but also keep these harmful gasses inside your own home. Let’s avoid such a predicament and go over this list of the best chimney sweep services in Winnipeg today. 

How Much Does Chimney Sweep Cost in Winnipeg

According to Home Advisor, general services, including inspection and cleaning, may cost you $129.00 to $377.00. The pricing may also change depending on your location, how long the chimney has been cleaned, existing pest infestations, and structural concerns.

With that, we recommend that you get a professional to inspect your chimney first, and then, you can inquire about which services should be done urgently and how much they might cost. You can gauge your budget from there.

Below is a table of the estimated costs of Chimney Sweeping, as well as other related services.

Average Chimney Sweep$253.00
Typical Chimney Cleaning$129.00 - $377.00
Regular Cleaning Maintenance for Wood Fireplaces$85.00 - $100
Chimney Cleaning Kits (DIY)$50.00 - $100.00
InspectionsInitial inspection are usually offered “free” as part of the cleaning service $80.00 - $200.00
Animal Removal$175.00 - $500.00 may depend on the animal
Fireplace DamperInstallation: $200.00 - $300.00 Repair: $100.00 - $225.00
Chimney Flashing$200.00 - $500.00
Flue or Chimney Liner Installation$1600.00 - $5000.00

Top Chimney Sweep Services in Winnipeg

If you’re thinking of doing a chimney sweep by yourself, then it can most certainly be done – however, it will be difficult. With that, hiring a professional from one of the best chimney sweep contractors in Winnipeg just may save you more time, money and energy in the process.

You simply can’t go wrong with an expert, and so far – the ones we’ve found have done their work well that they’ve made quite an impression with the Manitobans. In fact, we barely found negative feedback on the reviews attributed to them.

That said, we evaluated the best companies based in Winnipeg using the following points:

Reasonable Pricing
We need contractors that can give us workmanship value that is equal to our hard-earned money. Also, it bears noting that we should go for ones that don’t unreasonably exceed their estimated cost and won’t charge customers with unforeseen additional expenses.
Skill and Expertise
Chimney sweeping requires experience, training, and proper equipment, so it is best that we hire people who have those three requirements. Not only should they know what they’re doing, but they must also be geared up and committed to completing the sweep efficiently.
Quick Turnaround Times
While efficiency is an essential factor, chimney sweepers must also be able to work within the timelines they promised, on the schedules they set. Contractors must also be knowledgeable enough to know how long the project may last depending on the complexity and difficulty, and must communicate this with the customer.
Overall Customer Satisfaction
Given that chimney sweep services in Winnipeg is something done at least once or twice a year, positive reviews hold more bearing than services availed daily. Also, check how responsive they are to negative feedback, since it shows their dedication to quality customer service.

1. Mantario Chimney Sweeps and Services Inc.

Mantario Chimney Sweeps and Services Inc
SERVICESResidential and Commercial Chimney Services, Sweeps and General Inspections, Wood Energy Technology Transfer, and Installations
ADDRESS308 Elmhurst Rd., Winnipeg, Manitoba R3R 0T7, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (204) 881-0822

Email: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURSWeekdays: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Weekends: CLOSED

Criteria★★★★☆ (4.8/5)
Reasonable Pricing★★★★☆ (4.5/5)
Skill and Expertise★★★★★ (5/5)
Quick Turnaround Times★★★★★ (5/5)
Overall Customer Satisfaction★★★★★ (5/5)

Offering their own brand of the “Mantario Way of Life”, this chimney sweep service provider is one of the household names in Winnipeg. This is definitely the best choice for you if you’re looking for a company that offers a comprehensive selection of services.

Mantario Chimney Sweeps and Services Inc. is not just known for their chimney sweep, inspection and cleaning work, but those are certainly among their specialties. Given that they focus mainly on fire prevention measures, they assure their customers that they have their safety as priority.

With over 30 years of combined experience, this family business has made a positive impact and has received plenty of praises from many clients in the area. This is not only due to their qualifications, but also because of their workmanship, ethics and overall expertise.

When it comes to chimney work, you can count on Mantario Chimney Sweeps and Services to cover all the bases – from a simple inspection to complex repairs and installations. We like that they also offer unique services, like liner replacements, flashings, cappings, leak repairs, and even dryer vent cleaning.

Another thing that caught our attention is that their performing professionals, technicians and systems consultants are WETT-certified. This qualified customers for insurance eligibility, since most insurers require that any repairs, installations or maintenance done is according to the standard.

Mantario Chimney Sweeps and Services makes their services available to all establishments and structures – be it residential or commercial. To top it off, they offer services throughout an expansive coverage using an access service via ice road, land and boat.

They also double as appliance suppliers as well, so they’ll most likely recommend some wood burning appliances and products your way. Their stocks include the best brands, as well as some economical choices if you want to cut costs.

What impressed us even more is that every sale comes with installation services at a reduced cost – sometimes for free! With that said, it’s easy to say that Mantario aims to be the one-stop-shop for all things chimney-related in Winnipeg.


  • Most comprehensive list of chimney-related services
  • Offers services to a wider area
  • Installation services come with every product sale
  • WETT certified professionals get the job done
  • Works on both commercial and residential locations
  • Knowledgeable and expert employees and staff
  • Responsive to online feedback


  • Closed during weekends

Customer Reviews

I highly recommend Mantario Chimney Sweep.

We hired this company to clean and inspect our wood stove and chimney!  Two young professional men came in and took the inside of our wood stove apart, replaced broken bricks, cleaned the chimney and inspected everything to make sure it was all up to par!  No other chimney cleaner had actually done the inside of our stove.  This was all done within 40 minutes and we had no dust anywhere. I will certainly use that company again just knowing that we can heat our home in a safetied wood stove. Have a great day!

— Agathe Lacroix, Google Reviews

I don’t write reviews but our experience was so good!

Great experience. Initially called to ask some questions (not to place an order or give a deposit) Was given all the time I needed and received thorough answers. This made it an easy decision to give them our business (combined with competitive pricing). Installation date was set and did not change. Arrived on time and performed quality work. Very friendly and courteous. 

— Dean Bauch, Google Reviews

2. Chimney Sweep Winnipeg & A1 Chimney Inspections & Service Inc.

Chimney Sweep Winnipeg & A1 Chimney Inspections & Service Inc
SERVICESChimney Inspection, Chimney Cleaning, Chimney Sweeping, Fireplace Cleaning, Chimney Maintenance, Wood Stove Cleaning and Masonry Repairs for Residential and Commercial Properties

ADDRESSChimney Sweep Winnipeg: 11 Parkville Drive, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2M 2H3, Canada A1 Chimney: 391 Lipton St., Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 2H2, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSChimney Sweep Winnipeg:

Phone: (204) 819-5181

A1 Chimney:

Phone: (431) 777-5991

Email: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURSChimney Sweep Winnipeg:

Weekdays: 7:00am - 7:00pm

Weekends: 8:00am - 5:00pm

A1 Chimney:

Weekdays: 7:00am - 7:00pm

Weekends: CLOSED

Criteria★★★★☆ (4.7/5)
Reasonable Pricing★★★★☆ (4.5/5)
Skill and Expertise★★★★★ (5/5)
Quick Turnaround Times★★★★☆ (4.5/5)
Overall Customer Satisfaction★★★★★ (5/5)

If you’re wondering why our first entry has two contractors, this is because Chimney Sweep Winnipeg and A1 Chimney Inspections & Service Inc. are now partners. That said, they retained the reputation as one of the most recommended service providers, and let us tell you why.

Firstly, they’re both household names when it comes to trustworthiness and workmanship for their dedication to providing complete and quality sweeps for many years. They ensure to totally remove any amount of accumulated soot and creosote that may cause a fire hazard to your home.

They are also a big name when it comes to competence, given that they only hire and send over trained technicians to do the job for you. This is because they know that almost every Manitoban home values their fireplaces, especially during the colder months. 

Whether you contact Chimney Sweep Winnipeg or A1 Chimney Inspections & Service, customers are offered a consistent selection of service. This covers the inspection, sweeping, cleaning and maintenance. 

While they also offer wood stove and fireplace installations, Chimney Sweep Winnipeg’s services have limitations. Initially, they made it known that they don’t offer repair services on chimneys, fireplaces and stoves, and they don’t remove or exterminate pests that may live in those areas of the home.

Now that they have strategically partnered with A1 Chimney Inspections & Service Inc., which is a known masonry and tiling contractor, the company can now offer repairs as part of their services.This means that customers don’t have to connect with other contractors to avail of the same service.

Lastly, another great thing about this contractor is they openly allow customers to set appointments on all their pages, whether it’s via their website or on their social media pages. Moreover, they provide free quotations and an approximate timeline on how long the labor on a service may last.


  • Great reputation and mostly positive reviews
  • Experienced and expert sweepers and technicians
  • Accommodating staff and responsive to feedback
  • Complete variety of services, including installations
  • Provides free quotations and average work timelines
  • Reasonable pricing and estimates
  • Finishes work on time and as scheduled


  • Does not offer animal removal or extermination services
  • Does not supply wood-burning or fireplace appliances

Customer Reviews

Good job! Quality workmanship done on time!

We performed an extensive search for a company to repair our chimney and luckily we came across A1 Chimney. The manner in which you can reach them is great, whether by phone or email…they were very responsive. They came out, performed a thorough inspection, provided a solid estimate, scheduled the job and completed it in a timely manner. Their online scheduling calendar is awesome. I would definitely recommend Ed and his team.

— Cal Taylor, Google Reviews

Cleaned our chimney well!

I am very satisfied with the quality of service received. Great price, and great quality! I definitely will recommend them to all of my friends!! Thank you!!

— Dan Monahan, Google Reviews

3. Winnipeg Chimney Service, Inc.

Winnipeg Chimney Service, Inc
SERVICESWood Energy Technology Transfer Inspections, Fireplace and Woodstove Installations, Chimney Liner Supply and Installation, and General Chimney Sweep
ADDRESS811 Day St., Winnipeg, Manitoba R2C 1B8, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (204) 224-2406

Email: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURSWeekdays: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Weekends: CLOSED

Criteria★★★★☆ (4.6/5)
Reasonable Pricing★★★★☆ (4.5/5)
Skill and Expertise★★★★★ (4.5/5)
Quick Turnaround Times★★★★☆ (4.5/5)
Overall Customer Satisfaction★★★★☆ (4.5/5)

An established contractor for chimney sweeping and cleaning since 1962, Winnipeg Chimney Service is straightforward when it comes to their services. They specialize in any work that’s related to chimneys and fireplaces.

They offer chimney liner supplies and installations, as well as masonry chimney repairs and rebuilding for homes that may need such a service. The latter is usually the case for chimneys who have deteriorated over the years, and have not been professionally checked for more than a year.

Manitobans also contact them for woodstove and fireplace installations, recommending a good variety of high quality brands to suit every budget. In this case, if you do have a metal chimney, you don’t have to worry because their workers have experience on that as well.

In addition to repair work, we like that they also conduct inspections to detect decay or structural deficiencies that may compromise the safety of a structure. This is a common occurrence for newly bought homes or newly leased commercial spaces, wherein the structure has been unused for a considerable amount of time.

We’re also impressed that their inspections are conducted by a WETT certified professional, so customers are assured that all practices are conducted as per local code compliance standards. They also conduct their services in accordance with the requirements of the National Fire Code of Canada.

Moreover, we like their dedication to growth and continuous learning as a way to improve the services they offer. That said, they urge their employees to meet the certification and qualifications required of them every year.

This is part of the company’s dedication, not only to providing top quality chimney sweep services in Winnipeg, but to also ensure the safety of their customers. This is also a way for them to assure their clientele that their professional knowledge on the task is up to date and standard.


  • Professional and punctual
  • Responds immediately and accommodates customers
  • Conducts services according to local and national standards
  • Inspections are done by a WETT-certified professional
  • Employees have updated certifications


  • Website lacks details on their services
  • Closed during weekends

Customer Reviews

We recommend them highly.

Had Winnipeg Chimney put a chimney liner in my house and my mother in laws on the same day.  Work was done quick, clean and efficiently.  Extremely professional. Answered all my questions and were very courteous.

Will hire them to do other work this summer.  

— Randy F., Google Reviews

Great and reliable service!

Called Winnipeg Chimney and they responded quickly and professionally. Nathan came out, analyzed the problem and rectified it that day. Thanks to Henry for the work his company and employees do. Would highly recommend this company for any Furnace issues.

— Chris Bluto Walby, Google Reviews

4. Hearthside Fireplace and Stone Gallery

Hearthside Fireplace and Stone Gallery
SERVICESAll Fireplace Repairs, Parts Replacement and Service, Wood Energy Technology Transfer Fireplace Inspections, Fireplace Framing and Installation
ADDRESS1 Cole Ave., #1, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2L 1J3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (204) 791-2760
OPERATING HOURSWeekdays: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Weekends: CLOSED

Criteria★★★★★ (4.8/5)
Reasonable Pricing★★★★★ (5/5)
Skill and Expertise★★★★★ (4.5/5)
Quick Turnaround Times★★★★★ (5/5)
Overall Customer Satisfaction★★★★★ (5/5)

Easily one of the top names in the industry, Hearthside Fireplace and Stone Gallery has made quite a name amongst Manitobans. The brand is quite known to anyone who has had a chimney sweep done in Winnipeg, and we can attribute that to their commitment to continual learning and improvement. 

We love how this company offers some of the best quality fireplaces, furnishings and feature wall needs, with a special focus on aesthetics and function. They are also an authorized distributor of the best Canadian and American brands of outdoor, wood-burning, gas-burning, and electrical fireplaces.

That said, they are the top choice for people with modern homes who not only want to have their chimneys inspected, swept and repaired, but also want to ensure the beauty of their fireplace and living area. Customers are free to check out the Hearthside showroom for ideas they want implemented on their home.

When it comes to qualifications, their staff is also on par with the standards of WETT certifications. This allows customers to avail of insurance deals while availing of packages for both novel and discontinued fireplace models.

Our only qualm with Hearthside is that their fees may be more expensive than most service providers. This may also be because their specialty includes making sure that the aesthetic quality is maintained.

In this case, we would highly recommend this establishment for new modern home constructions that aim to have some stone features installed as part of their fireplace. So if you’re planning to create a showcase fireplace for your living space, then they are the people you need.

With all that being said, what clients appreciate the most with Hearthside is how accommodating they are to their customers. Any inquiries sent their way and appointments scheduled are attended to generously, and people are keen to note that on their reviews.


  • Responsive to customer feedback
  • Predominantly positive reviews online
  • Established disinfection and health protocols during operations
  • WETT certified inspectors, consultants and professionals
  • knowledgeable in working with discontinued fireplace models


  • May be a bit expensive for most homeowners
  • Closed on weekends

Customer Reviews

Top-notch service. Highly recommended!

The team at Heartside were great.  Elliot was our sales and project manager. He was very helpful and kept us updated on all aspects of the installation. The fireplace was installed within their schedule and the workmanship is excellent.

— Jay Sommerfeld, Google Reviews

Always on time, always the best

We highly recommend Alsip’s/Hearthside,  their customer service is top notch 👌and Elliot’s advice and suggestions were very appreciated.  When there were delays like everything this past year, we were kept

updated constantly. The fireplace,  masonwork and all the installs were done professionally and his team was very easy to work with. Absolutely love the choices in stone, shelves and fireplace and the install!!

Thanks again!  

— Greg and Andrea Carman, Google Reviews

It’s only right that we clean and clear things up at the break of springtime, but we should always stay on top of things in our own home. That said, doing a regular chimney sweep is among the things that maintain the safety and cleanliness of the place we live.

Doing home maintenance should be both a priority and an investment. That is why it is best that we only employ contractors with the best chimney sweep services in Winnipeg, so we can guarantee the value of our hard-earned money.

While we’re at it, you might want to have your roofing checked and see whether the winter season has done substantial damage that needs attending to. We recommend this list of the best roofing companies in Winnipeg for your reference.