Best Drain Cleaning in Winnipeg

The 5 Best Drain Cleaning Services in Winnipeg

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One of the most important, yet easily overlooked, responsibilities we have as homeowners is to regularly ensure that the drains are clean. This is not just for the homeowners either, this is something that we should take care of in every living space that we have, whether it is owned or rented.

Before we recommend our top choices for the best drain cleaning in Winnipeg, let’s talk about why drain cleaning is such an important part of home care.

3 Reasons You Need Drain Cleaning Services

Dirty drains are a breeding ground for bacteria and in today’s climate, that is not something we can afford to do. The current global pandemic has made us all a bit more attentive to all things hygiene and sanitation so why should it work any differently for your homes as well?

Here are some reasons why you should get those drains cleaned out to make your living space an ultra-clean and comfortable space for you and your family. 

Clean drains flood less

Plumbing system floods occur when dirty clogged drains cause wastewater to seep back up through the pipe and into other fixtures of your home. If this is not taken care of efficiently, this only becomes more problematic over time.

Clean drains don’t produce foul odours

If you notice a terrible smell coming from your drains or behind walls, it may be time to get your drains and drainage system inspected. Still and stagnant water breeds bacteria and can cause foul odours that will spread through your home and make it unpleasant to live in.

Clean drains don’t harbour disease and allergens

Clogged drains with standing water put your family at risk because of the bacteria and germs cultivated within. A clean drain, however, does not harbour any disease or allergens, making your home safe for you and your family.

The Cost of drain cleaning in Winnipeg

Here is what you can expect to spend for this type of service:

Simple drain blockage cleaning$80 to $100
Severe drain blockage cleaning$200 to $500
Drain unclogging$130 to $180
Storm drain cleaning$200 to $600
Kitchen drain cleaning$80 to $100
Snaking / Rodding$100 to $250
Hydro jetting$350 to $600

The Best Drain Cleaning Services in Winnipeg

Whether you are in a house or an apartment, drain cleaning is an important factor in maintaining your living space. Let’s take a look at some of the best drain cleaning services in Winnipeg, after which we will give you an overview of how much it can cost for drain cleaning and other services.

1.   Lynn’s Heating, Cooling, Sewer and Drain

Lynn’s Heating, Cooling, Sewer and Drain's Homepage
PRODUCTSMain sewer rooter drain cleaning, floor drain, kitchen sink cleaning, bathtub or bathroom sink blockage, sump pump or back water valve inspection, het flushing, trap cleaning
ADDRESS885 Redonda St. Unit 7B Winnipeg, MB R2C 2Z2
CONTACT DETAILS204 817 8698 / 204 817 1595 / 204 918 7444

The experts at Lynn’s Heating, Cooling, Sewer & Drain in Winnipeg have been in the plumbing and HVAC business for more than 30 years. They are able to unblock almost any sewer and drain in Winnipeg, no matter how clogged.

The technicians are clean and courteous, always making sure to clean up as they go so as to not inconvenience you any further. Furthermore, we like the fact that Lynn’s provides clean-up, considering that drain cleaning can get messy at times!

Drainage issues can be difficult to manage so it is advisable to get professionals to handle this for you. Lynn’s seems to be a popular choice because of the speed at which they are able to identify the problem and the kind of equipment they use.

There are hundreds of customer reviews online, most of which are boasting about how Lynn’s is the best value for money. Even though they might be a little bit pricier than the others on this list, their quality of work seems to be the one that people are most satisfied with.


  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Wide service area
  • Provides post service clean up


  • Pricey
  • Needs follow-ups

Customer Reviews

Lynn’s comes highly recommended for all the different services they offer but it is good to note that they are equipped well for all of these services, especially plumbing and drainage. You are in safe hands no matter what.

Take a look at what some happy customers have to say:

“Great, fast service from a professional, knowledgeable and friendly tech. Helped us out of a bad sewer situation and gave me an education about what happened, how to prevent it and more. It was a real pleasure dealing with Dallas. I really felt that the service and the job were consistent with what I paid. The value was obvious! Warrantied the job for 3 months, which is suitable for the work we had done. Thanks again. I will definitely call if I have a plumbing dilemma in the future.” – Joe W.

“We called Lynn’s Plumbing the early evening of April 7 2021 after discovering a water backup issue in our basement.  Within the hour we had a call back from Dallas the owner.  He asked a few questions and re assured us we would be alright through the night and he would call back in the AM to book an appointment.  At 8:00 AM the next morning a technician was at the door ready to help us out.  There were 2 lines to clean out and he was done and cleaned up in 1 1/2 hours.  NO MESS to clean up at all.  He was very professional and knew exactly what to do.  He explained what was done and the cause of the problem and how to remedy it. As a retired HVAC Contractor it is nice to see another company providing Outstanding Service that explains everything to you at a level you can understand.  I would highly recommend them.  The price was very reasonable for the service provided.” – Al L.

2.   Clean Line Sewer & Drain

Clean Line Sewer & Drain's Homepage
PRODUCTSPlumbing, Drain Cleaning, Plumbing Inspection, Sump Pump Repair, Septic Tank Cleaning, Grease Trap Cleaning
ADDRESS907 Kapelus Drive West St Paul, MB R4A 5A4
CONTACT DETAILS204 400 2395  /  204 900 5945
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Clean Line is locally owned and has been operating in Winnipeg for over 35 years. They are experts at residential, commercial or industrial drain and supply cleaning services. 

We already know how important it is to have well-maintained pipes and drainage systems in our homes, getting extra help from Clean Line can be a good idea for consistent service.

Clients talk about how they received immediate and effective solutions for their homes. They are pretty confident that they can help ensure that you are living in a safe and sanitary home.

It is important to note that Clean Line is one of the companies that charges a service fee and they do have 24/7 emergency services available

Although their office is only open on weekdays, they provide service throughout the week, including weekends. This is a bonus for working individuals who only have time during the weekends to do their home maintenance.


  • Provides service for residential, commercial and industrial drain and plumbing
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Offers CAA Rewards


  • Unclear invoicing
  • Service charge

Customer Reviews

We mentioned earlier that Clean Line makes an effort to go above and beyond for each customer and we weren’t kidding about that! Just take a look at what these happy customers have to say about them.

We needed emergency drain cleaning services on a Sunday evening. Clean Line was able to have someone out within the hour. We were impressed with Brad’s knowledge and skills. He was able to find the problem and have it fixed promptly. We would definitely call them again and recommend them to others. Overall A+ experience. Thanks Clean Line!” – Amy S.

Called on a weekend and they got back to me right away! They came by quick and worked until the job was done! I highly recommend their services! Brett was great and when the job got tough he didn’t give up! – Adam I.

3.   Aslan Plumbing Co.

Aslan Plumbing Co.'s Homepage
PRODUCTSFloor Drains, Sewer Drains, Clogged Kitchen Drains, Clogged Bathroom Drains
ADDRESS104 Pauline Boutal Cres, Winnipeg, MB R3X 1X9
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Sunday  8:00 am to 4:30 pm

The professionals at Aslan Plumbing Co have experience in both residential and commercial settings and can deal with just about any type of drain or plumbing, with the right equipment to back them up.

They also have many years of experience and have been exposed to many different problems such as clogged outdoor drains, clogged sewer lines, corroded pipes, still water and many more.

Customers are left satisfied with their service because they can have their drains cleaned and maintained while retaining their antique and vintage style interiors, and you can see this in one of the reviews we have noted below.

Clients also seem to prefer Aslan because they can perform routine drain maintenance as well as emergency drain cleaning services. You cannot control when you might need a good drain cleaning so a company that provides emergency services is definitely one to take note of.

For the reasons stated above and more, we definitely agree that Aslan Plumbing Co is one of the top companies that offer the best drain cleaning in Winnipeg!


  • Free estimate
  • Offers senior discounts
  • No hidden charges


  • Complaints about slow feedback

Customer Reviews

When we say that Aslan has had years of experience, we mean that they have had years of experience! They have seen it all.

Take a look at what these customers have to say about them:

“I hired Gary upon a referral from a coworker to replace an old bath faucet in my 94 year old Grandmothers home. He knew as soon as he saw the job what needed to be done, he made sure I understood everything that needed to be done and answered any questions I had. I also had him repair an original set (from the mid 1950’s) of bathroom sink faucets in the home which I was extremely happy with because it meant we were able to keep the existing retro sink and faucets in place. The water shut off valve in the basement was starting to seize up and he advised to have it replaced at the same time. He waited for the City of Winnipeg to come shut off the main water valve at the sidewalk with no hesitation. He did a very good job, was informative, on schedule, thorough and honest. Very clean retrofit install in a mostly original home dating from the mid 1950’s. Very accommodating with my 94 year old grandmother as well, she was  very impressed with the job and Gary himself. The price was reasonable as well.

I will not hesitate to call or recommend Gary again for his workmanship and expertise. The trade needs more people like him!” – Saul G.

“The advice was free and work is professionally done. I highly recommend Aslan for their business values, acumen, integrity and honest work! He definitely has you in mind, the customer! You want to support small bussiness, go with Aslan!” – Bruce B.

4.   Boulet Sewer and Drain Ltd.

Boulet Sewer and Drain Ltd.'s Homepage
PRODUCTSSewer and Drain Cleaning, Televising Sewer Pipes, Plumbing, Frozen Pipes
ADDRESS23 Woodgreen PI, Winnipeg, MB R3J 1H4
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Saturday 7:30 am to 7:30 pm

Boulet Sewer & Drain Ltd. specializes in solving clogging problems for drains of all sizes, from smaller lines for toilets and sinks to the bigger lines in the sewers of Winnipeg. It seems that there is no drain problem that these experts cannot solve.

Known among their clients as the most budget-friendly service, they were quick to gain a loyal client base that often chooses them for their annual drain cleaning needs.

If you are a homeowner that is looking for annual services to maintain your home, Boulet is worth putting on your list.

Don’t be fooled by their prices, though—their fully trained team uses only the latest technology and equipment to get the job done quickly, effectively and affordably.

They are one of the best candidates because of their quick service and experience. Whether you have frozen pipes or leaking pipes, these experts can help.


  • Budget-friendly rates
  • Wide variety of equipment available
  • A+ BBB Rating


  • Does not do clean up after service

Customer Reviews

Known for their reasonable pricing and quick action, here are just some reviews from the customers of Boulet Sewer and Drain Ltd.

“My regular plumber was not available, so I looked in the phone book and called Boulet. A plumber arrived with in half an hour and did an excellent job unblocking my sewer as well as replacing the cartridge in my shower. I was able to get a senior discount and use my credit card with no extra charges. Excellent service.” – Nina L.

“I’ve used them on a regular basis every year for a general maintenance on my sewer line, which runs about 75 feet to the catch basin.

Always professional, pleasant and they do quality work.” – Glen

“Excellent service! Was able to come same day, job was done very well, and the price was very reasonable! My neighbor had recommended I call Boulet as she also was very pleased! Will absolutely recommend them!” – Darcy K.

5.   Pyramid Plumbing and Heating

Pyramid Plumbing and Heating's Homepage
PRODUCTSCommercial and Residential Plumbing, Sump Pump and Pit Installation, Plumbing Fixture Repair and Replacement, Drain Cleaning, New Basement Rough Ins
ADDRESS1600 Church Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2X 1G8

Pyramid Plumbing and Heating are HVAC certified full service in Winnipeg. They cater to both commercial and residential clients who have specific drain cleaning and plumbing needs.

They have been operating successfully for the last 40+ years and have not logged any complaints in the last 3 years, which is quite impressive.

This is probably why they are rated highly by the Better Business Bureau and have managed to turn most of their customers into regulars.

They have dozens of good reviews talking about everything from their good customer service to the quick scheduling and their efficient workmanship. They seem to be a popular choice for new homeowners, despite the diagnostic fee.

They don’t seem to mind working closely with you and explaining the issue as well as the solution. They might be the right people to ask whatever questions you may have regarding drainage and plumbing.

Don’t forget to ask about any promos they might be able to offer you!


  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Offers promos and rebates
  • A+ BBB Rating


  • Does not accept debit card payment
  • Diagnostic fee

Customer Reviews

Take a look at what some happy clients have to say about Pyramid Plumbing and Heating. Their certified technicians have been able to deliver quality service to customers nationwide.

“We are always extremely pleased with the customer service, price, value, workmanship, and professionalism from Pyramid. Now it’s easier than ever to reach them by sending a quick text message. Will continue to use them for all of our plumbing and heating/cooling needs.” – Robin F.

“I had an amazing experience with Pyramid. I took possession of my house in the middle of the warm wave this year. I called many companies with a request for a quote and installation of AC, and I’ve got quotes from just few. Pyramid has provided me a prompt quote with a fair price and more important,  they were very fast on installation. Dustin, the sales manager, was very accommodating and managed to schedule an appointment as quick as possible. He has also managed to have my installation 2 days before scheduled date. Installation guys showed up on time and did a clean and quick work. All staff is friendly and very kind. I am super happy with the outcome!” – Fernando R.

FAQs about Drain Cleaning in Winnipeg

Now that you know how important it is to have your home and office drains cleaned out as well as the potential dangers that arise from not having them routinely cleaned, why not call up one of the experts from our list and get your pipes and drains assessed for any potential blockages or build up.

Do you have any companies that you can recommend that offer great drain cleaning services in Winnipeg? Send us a message and we’ll check them out as soon as we can!

If you are looking for more options when it comes to plumbing, take a look at this list of the best plumbers in Winnipeg.