Best Screen Printing Services in Winnipeg
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5 Best Screen Printing Services in Winnipeg

Ever since its humble beginnings in the 18th century, screen printing has evolved into being the core of many mass printing operations. Today, screen printing is present in almost all areas of business and entertainment.

So whether you are looking for screen printing for marketing and advertisement reasons, for clubs and events, or simply to see your T-shirt design idea in action, partnering with a reliable shop is vital.

Before we take a closer look at our top picks for screen printing services in Winnipeg, here is some useful information about screen printing costs.

How much does screen printing cost?

Most screen printing shops only accept orders in bulk. This means that the price of one garment is different depending on how many pieces you ordered.

Since each shop has a different minimum requirement, this table only shows you an estimate of how much a single garment ordered below the minimum would cost.

Cost per 1 Item

Number of ColoursSize 5”x5”SIze 10”x14”Size 14”x19”
One Colour$10 -$15$12 - $17$18 – $23
Full Colour /Gradients$12 - $17$18 - $23$23 - $28

Disclaimer: The prices on this table are only an estimate of the screen printing service and does not include the garment prices to be used. 

The table below lists some other factors that affect the price of the service.

Extra Print Locations$5 - $15 (depending on size)
Extra Colour (Added to 1 Colour Option)$3 - $5 Per Colour
Set-Up Fee$5 - $30 (Lettering or Clipart/Logo)
Rush Fee$4 - $6 For 1st item plus 1 per Item in the same order (others are in flag down rates)
Glitter Upgrade$3 - $5 per location
Background Removal$10 -$20
Scan Fee$4 –$5

Other considerations that affect screen printing prices include:

Garment colour: Darker-coloured garments often require an “underbase” to make the brighter colours pop. This extra detail makes them more costly than white-coloured ones.
Garment quality: The higher the quality of your garment of choice, the more you have to pay as well.
The number of orders/ bulk orders: Most screen printing services offer discounts for bulk orders. The more you order, the lesser the printing cost will be.

Best Screen Printing Services
To keep this entry relevant, here are the criteria we used in choosing our top picks.

Screen printing service: Screen printing has pretty high learning and mastery curves. So we rated the shops based on their expertise in the craft and other printing-related services.
Turnaround time: Most customers prefer their projects ready as soon as possible. That is why these screen printing shops are also rated based on how fast they can fulfil orders.
Customer reviews: A shop’s reputation is highly valued in any industry. Hence, we picked those who came highly recommended by other customers.
Years of service: Most people understand the correlation between reliability and years of service. Hence, we have chosen screen printing services that have built quite the portfolio.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s dive into our top picks of the best screen printing services in Winnipeg.

1. Floodway Print Company

 Floodway Print Company
SERVICESScreen Printing, Specialty Finishing Services, Custom Design, Pantone Matching & Stock Ink Colours, Custom Woven Label Manufacturing
ADDRESS#401 4th floor, 290 McDermot Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0T2
CONTACT DETAILS (204) 292-6126

Sat-Sun: Closed

Screen printing service★★★★★ (5/5)
Turnaround time★★★★☆ (4/5)
Customer reviews★★★★★ (5/5)
Years of Service★★★★☆ (4/5)

If you are looking for a screen printing service with a “your-friendly-neighbourhood” vibe, Floodway Print Company may be your best bet. Its team’s island mentality is reflected in the core of its business, which is to print for its neighbours.

The company has been in the screen printing business for more than 7 years. And with 200 plus positive Google reviews, it’s clear that it has made a reputation in the industry.

Floodway can cater to screen printing orders with at least 25 to 750 plus pieces with no set-up charges. However, if you are looking to print garments less than the minimum number required, it may be best to go to other shops.

If you’re looking for fancier inks on your garments, it also offers special effects with a puff, metallic, glitter, and clear ink. And if the shade you want is not in its 40+ stock ink colours, you can have one custom-made for an additional $35.

We like that the company has an in-house design team who can help you (for a price, of course) if you don’t have your design on paper or file just yet. But it comes with a caveat — original designs created by Floodway are owned, not by the customer, but by the company.

With a minimum order of 25 pieces, its prices start at around $4.75 for 1-colour prints up to $15.75 for 5-colour prints. Of course, these prices go down significantly the more orders you have.

Its turnaround time is usually around 5-10 business days, but it also offers rush services for an additional $85 if you want your project ready in 3-4 days. 

We think it’s great that Floodway also has a “hot rush” or next-day option for $195, but this is subject to the availability of rush-ready garments.

If you want to know more about the company, it prefers that you email it rather than phone it to make your appointments. Honestly, we think that’s a little bit of a hassle.

Still, with its stellar reputation and clear expertise in screen printing, Floodway Print Company is definitely one of the best in the business.


  • Guaranteed deadlines
  • No set-up charges
  • 200+ positive reviews


  • No phone calls for appointments
  • High minimum order

Customer Reviews

Professionalism and Quality

“Over the years I have done multiple projects with Floodway. Their team is fantastic and very accommodating. They are exceptionally knowledgeable about different garments and have always made excellent recommendations. The print quality is some of the best I’ve ever seen and is always done with precision and accuracy.” – Naomi Ratte, Google Reviews

Responsiveness and Value

“Floodway Print Co’s the GOAT. Not only were they super thankful for my business, they accommodated every one of my wants and needs, were super transparent, and super communicative, but they also produced an amazing product! Jeff was my guy and he made sure I was updated on every single change and actually got my order ready well before my deadline. Extremely impressed with the service and product. I look forward to working with them again.” – Alexa Lachuta, Google Reviews

2. Stoke Screen Printing

Stoke Screen Printing
SERVICESScreen printing, Embroidery
ADDRESS100-1079 Wellington Ave, Winnipeg, MB, R3E 3E8
CONTACT DETAILS1 204 504 6227

[email protected]


Sat-Sun: Closed

Screen printing service★★★★☆ (4/5)
Turnaround time★★★★☆ (4/5)
Customer reviews★★★★☆ (4/5)
Years of Service★★★★☆ (4/5)

Stoke Screen Printing was founded by Joel Baker and Gavin Barrett in 2014. With more than 7 years of experience in the industry, the company now prints for local bands, fundraising events, and large businesses in Winnipeg.

One thing that stands out about it is that it has a lower minimum order of only 10 pieces. And as long as the printing is the same, you are also free to mix and match different apparel types, which is great for customers who need the flexibility.

Its 1-colour print is priced at $5.25 and increases up to $21.75 for 6 colours. However, if you order more, it offers price breaks at 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, and 1000+ orders.

Unlike other shops, Stoke is more open to printing customer-provided garments. But in order to keep the quality of its work, it may have to use special additives which affect the final price of your order.

The company promises a two-week turnaround time, which we admittedly think is not the best. However, it is quite standard for screen printing services in the area. 

In case you are in a hurry, you can also have your order rushed for an additional cost.

Stoke Screen Printing, with its thousands of garment choices and several printing methods, definitely deserves a spot on this list.


  • Minimum order at 10
  • More flexible in garment options
  • Accepts 1000+ orders


  • Long turnaround times
  • Limited printing services

Customer Reviews

Easy to work with

“Joel and the team at Stoke are awesome! Super quick to respond, super-nice, very easy to work with, and the best customer service with the utmost professionalism! Thank you guys for helping me bring my designs to life!” – Sean McCarthy, Google Reviews

High-quality work

They are great! This is the 2nd time I’ve ordered clothes with logos printed on them from Stoke’s and they are amazing! High-quality prints and high-quality clothes! – Kiera Pond,  Google Reviews

SERVICESScreen printing, Embroidery
ADDRESS464 Hargrave St, Winnipeg, MB R3A 0X5, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS1-877-944-9445

[email protected]


Sat-Sun: Closed

Screen printing service★★★★★ (5/5)
Turnaround time★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Customer reviews★★★★★ (5/5)
Years of Service★★★★★ (5/5)

Friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable — these are the adjectives we would use to describe Its 30+ years of service in the industry has garnered more than 200 positive reviews on Google. is clearly an expert in its craft as it offers more than just T-shirt printing. It can also work on jerseys, hoodies, polo shirts, jackets, fleece, caps, and even bags and drinkware!

We’re happy that the company caters to printing orders for as low as 12 pieces. 

We also find it convenient that you can call its toll-free number, send it an email, or use its website’s Enquiry Form to request a quote. also has a very helpful artwork department. Should your vector-based graphics or internet-downloaded image require some minor work, its team can work on that for free.

Speaking of free, also offers free delivery on standard ground shipping to most Canadian centres for orders over $300. It’ll even help in handling the details for you!

The company’s turnaround time is usually 2-3 weeks, which we honestly think is relatively slow. But if you feel short on time, it does have a rush service you can avail of.

All told, its extensive portfolio and years of experience make it a very strong candidate for all your screen printing needs.


  • Helpful artwork department
  • Amazing customer service
  • 30+ years in the business


  • Turnaround time may take 3 weeks
  • Steep cancellation fee

Customer Reviews:

Awesome customer service

“A+ customer service. Jessie did an incredible job of being tentative to my requests and replied very promptly through the quick yet satisfactory process. They provided us with mock examples of the garments we were purchasing and paying with PrintedShirts.CA was a breeze. Their prices are far better than other companies on the market and I highly recommend you use their services. Great work!” – David Nunes,  Google Reviews

Highly recommended

“Wes at printed was a fantastic person to work with. Highly recommended and they will have our business going forward. Cheers.” – Keith Kuromi,  Google Reviews

4. A Brick Shirt House

A Brick Shirt House
SERVICESScreen Printing, Embroidery, Apparel
ADDRESS2 – 1855 Ness Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3J 0Y5
CONTACT DETAILS(204) 896-7858

[email protected]


Sat-Sun: Closed

Screen printing service★★★★★ (5/5)
Turnaround time★★★★☆ (4/5)
Customer reviews★★★★★ (5/5)
Years of Service★★★★★ (5/5)

It’s hard to talk about screen printing in Winnipeg without mentioning A Brick Shirt House. Not only has it been in the business for over 2 decades, but its wide array of services also makes it a top spot for everyone with printing needs

Its portfolio includes working for large businesses, brands, schools, trades, construction companies, hotels, and restaurants, just to name a few!

The company offers more than just services for T-shirts and garments as well. It can also customize your electronics, bags, drinkware, and other promotional items.

A Brick Shirt House also has a standard turnaround time of 10-15 business days. However, this may take longer during busier days, so we advise you make an early submission so you won’t be crunched on time.

It has a minimum of 12 pieces per order and no apparent maximum limits. It still accepts smaller orders, yes, but it may charge a premium of $8 – $12 plus set-up fees.

We like that it is also very flexible in its artwork requirements. If your artwork is not in vector or other acceptable formats, its team of experts will help you redraw and convert it for a small fee.

With 25+ years of experience in its arsenal, you are safe with your screen printing needs at  A Brick Shirt House.


  • Cater up to 1000 orders
  • Positively reviewed service
  • 25+ years in the industry


  • Additional artwork payments
  • No individual prints
  • Premium for smaller orders

Customer Reviews

Fair prices

You can’t have a bad experience walking into this shop. Richard is kind, caring, and devoted to his business and the community. His prices aren’t gouged and are completely fair; especially for great quality merch! Thanks, guys! – Kyla Libethen,  Google Reviews

Excellent business

Very happy with how Rich runs his business. Had a couple of garments that didn’t turn out quite the way I liked, but Rich took care of the problem and had replacements back to me within a few days.

I will definitely be a return customer and have been already recommending A Brick Shirt House to family and friends. Thanks, Rich! – Adam Paulhus, Google Reviews

FAQs about Screen Printing

And there you have it — our top picks for the best screen printing services in Winnipeg. Be sure to double-check your orders beforehand so you won’t make any expensive mistakes!