Discovering St. Norbert in Winnipeg

Beyond the Highway: Discovering St. Norbert in Winnipeg 

Nestled just beyond the bustling highways and urban clamor lies a neighborhood that often goes unnoticed, a quaint haven waiting to be explored — St. Norbert.

Imagine a community where history whispers through the rustling leaves and the charm of local life dances through the air. It’s not just another neighborhood; it’s a collection of stories, a mosaic of experiences waiting for you to discover. 

Beyond the monotony of daily commutes, we invite you to slow down, take a detour, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of St. Norbert.

From historic landmarks to cozy corners, this exploration goes beyond the conventional tourist spots. Let’s peel back the layers together and uncover the heartbeat of St. Norbert.

About St. Norbert

About St. Norbert

St. Norbert, situated as the southernmost suburb of Winnipeg just beyond the Perimeter Highway, holds a unique status as a bilingual neighborhood, embracing both French and English influences. 

As of the 2016 Census, the community boasts a population of 5,850 residents.

At the heart of St. Norbert’s community is the renowned St. Norbert Farmers’ Market, which stands as the largest and most beloved farmers’ market in Winnipeg and its surrounding areas. 

This lively marketplace serves as a focal point, bringing together locals and visitors alike to experience the rich offerings of local producers and artisans.

Things to Do at St. Norbert

This quaint neighborhood invites visitors to explore a myriad of activities that seamlessly combine the beauty of nature, cultural richness, and community warmth. From vibrant markets to historic sites, there’s something for everyone in St. Norbert. 

Let’s delve into a list of exciting things to do, ensuring an enriching experience in this endearing corner of Winnipeg.

1. Explore the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market.

Address  3514 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3V 1A1, Canada
Contact number204 275 8349
Operating hours Saturday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm 

St. Norbert Farmers’ Market is a longstanding cooperative showcasing the rich tapestry of Manitoba’s local businesses, bakeries, and farms. 

This market has been a cornerstone of Winnipeg and its surrounding areas for over three decades, consistently offering an array of 100% locally produced items.

As you explore the market, you’ll discover a diverse selection of fresh farm foods and handcrafted goods, all proudly made in Manitoba. 

The welcoming vendors, passionate about their products, are eager to engage in conversations and answer any questions you may have. 

From delectable breads to preserved treats, and from farm-fresh eggs to locally sourced meats, the market is a treasure trove of culinary delights.

2. Visit Aurora Farm.

Address 4265 Waverley St, Winnipeg, MB R3V 1W8, Canada
Contact number204 261 6279
Operating hours Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Aurora Farm is an enchanting destination that promises a unique and delightful experience, especially for animal enthusiasts. 

Nestled on a historic Métis river lot in south Winnipeg, this solar-powered farm is a haven for a diverse array of creatures, including horses, alpacas, goats, and chickens. 

During the summer months, the gardens add an extra layer of beauty to the surroundings.

This farm takes pride in its collection of heritage animals, featuring Ojibwe ponies and various breeds of heritage chickens. 

Aurora Farm goes the extra mile by providing an opportunity to support local and natural products. You can engage in a spot of retail therapy as you explore offerings like artisanal goat milk soap, plant wellness healing salves, winter wellness kits, and more. 

These products not only make for unique souvenirs but also contribute to the sustainability and ethos of the farm.

3. Discover St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park.

Address 40 Turnbull Dr, Winnipeg, MB R3V 1X2, Canada
Contact number204 945 4236
Operating hours Open 24 hours

Often dubbed Winnipeg’s “other forks,” St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park unfolds a narrative that spans from Indigenous utilization to the establishment of a French-speaking Métis settlement. 

It further evolved into a French-Canadian agricultural community before the onset of World War I.

You can go on a journey back in time as you explore the enticing experience of Métis family life during the late 1800s. The park beckons you with the allure of a free guided tour, inviting you to step into meticulously restored houses from the late 1800s. 

These dwellings serve as poignant reminders of a bygone era, preserving the essence of a community that adapted and thrived in this picturesque landscape.

Beyond the historical dwellings, the park invites you to embrace the tranquility of nature along the La Salle River. You can engage in the simple pleasures of fishing, savor a leisurely picnic, or embark on a contemplative stroll along the 1 km self-guiding trail. 

This scenic path not only offers a peaceful retreat but also unveils the beauty of the surrounding landscape, allowing you to connect with the natural attractions of the region.

Where to Eat Near St. Norbert

Discovering where to eat near St. Norbert is an exciting journey through a variety of dining options, from cozy cafes to savory eateries. 

Here’s a curated list of restaurants that promise to tantalize your taste buds and complement your visit to this inviting neighborhood.

1. Nobside Cafe 

Address 3450 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3V 1A1, Canada
Contact number204 269 1290
Operating hours
  • Wednesday to Friday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Saturday: 6:30 am - 3:00 pm
  • Sunday: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Must-order items
  • Clubhouse Sandwich
  • Bacon and Pancakes
  • Pickerel & Eggs
  • Price range$$ - average

    Nobside Cafe exudes a warm and cozy ambiance, making it an ideal spot for reconnecting with friends and family over a delightful home-cooked meal or a simple cup of coffee. 

    The café boasts an extensive menu, featuring a diverse range of dishes spanning from hearty breakfast options to satisfying clubhouses and burgers.

    Beyond its delectable menu, Nobside Cafe has garnered a reputation for its exceptional service and welcoming atmosphere, courtesy of its friendly and attentive staff.

    2. Riverview Garden Restaurant 

    Address 3564 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3V 1A7, Canada
    Contact number204 615 5828
    Operating hours
  • Monday to Friday: 11:30 am - 3:00 pm; 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 11:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Must-order items
  • Veal
  • Hot and Sour Soup
  • BBQ Pork
  • Price range$$ - average

    The Riverview Garden Restaurant is a popular Chinese dining destination that seamlessly blends Canadian and authentic Chinese flavors. 

    Renowned for its culinary prowess, this establishment has garnered praise for its delectable dishes, including perfectly cooked Veal, Hot and Sour Soup, and succulent BBQ pork.

    With a reputation for delivering an authentic taste experience, Riverview Garden Restaurant has become a local favorite.

    Diners appreciate the restaurant not only for its diverse menu but also for the skillful preparation that brings out the true essence of Chinese cuisine. 

    3. Niakwa Pizza Pembina South (St. Norbert)

    Address 3493 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3V 1A4, Canada
    Contact number204 275 0430
    Operating hours
  • Monday to Thursday: 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Sunday: 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Must-order items
  • St. Norbert Special
  • Greek Special
  • Create Your Own Pizza
  • Price range$$ - average

    Niakwa Pizza holds a special place in the hearts of Winnipeg locals, having been a cherished pizzeria since 1963. 

    It’s celebrated for its original thin-crust pizza, boasting a flavorful sauce crafted from the finest quality ingredients.

    Their signature St. Norbert Special is a crowd-pleaser, featuring a delectable combination of pepperoni, salami, farmer sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions. 

    For those with a creative flair, the option to Create Your Own Pizza allows you to tailor your dining experience to your unique taste.

    Another standout on the menu is the Greek Special, a medley of feta cheese, black olives, onions, and tomatoes that transports your taste buds to the Mediterranean. 

    Their commitment to quality shines through in every bite, as they use only the finest ingredients to create their pizzas.

    4. Santa Ana Pizzeria & Bistro 

    Address 1631 St Mary's Rd Unit F, Winnipeg, MB R2N 1Z4, Canada
    Contact number204 415 1440
    Operating hoursTuesday to Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
    Must-order items
  • Garden Pizza
  • Deluxe Pizza
  • Cheese Lovers Pizza
  • Price range$$ - average

    Santa Ana Pizzeria & Bistro is renowned for its delectable wood-fired pizzas, which have garnered favorable reviews. The restaurant boasts a diverse menu that caters to various tastes.

    Among the enticing options are the Garden Pizza, a medley of marinated spiced eggplant, wild mushrooms, sautéed spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and bocconcini, offering a delightful fusion of flavors. 

    For those craving a hearty and classic choice, the Deluxe Pizza presents a satisfying combination of pepperoni, ham, crumbled sausage, mushrooms, and green peppers. 

    Meanwhile, the Cheese Lovers Pizza caters to aficionados with its blend of mozzarella, cheddar, asiago, and feta cheeses.

    5. Bento Sushi 

    Address 2850 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3T 6E4, Canada
    Contact number403 210 4351
    Operating hours
  • Monday to Saturday: 7:00 am - 11:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Must-order items
  • Beef Bento Box
  • Crazy California Roll
  • Salmon Nigiri
  • Price range$$ - average

    Bento Sushi is celebrated for its impeccable sushi offerings, characterized by quality, consistency, and exceptional value. 

    Among their must-try dishes is the Beef Bento Box, an exquisite ensemble featuring succulent beef atop a bed of rice, accompanied by a selection of your favorite sushi rolls (customizable with a mere $0.5 extra), vegetable tempura, and a crisp salad.

    You can also indulge in the delectable simplicity of the Salmon Nigiri, a classic choice that showcases the restaurant’s commitment to freshness and flavor. 

    For a more adventurous palate, dive into the unique and tantalizing Crazy California Roll — an appetizing twist on the traditional California roll, deep-fried to perfection and complemented by a zesty spicy mayonnaise sauce. 

    You can savor the harmony of textures and tastes in this six-piece culinary masterpiece.

    6. Boston Pizza 

    Address 2729 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2H5, Canada
    Contact number204 261 7111
    Operating hoursMonday to Sunday: 11:00 am - 2:00 am
    Must-order items
  • Slow-Roasted Pork Back Ribs
  • The Carbonara Pizza
  • Honey Dill Chicken Power Bowl
  • Price range$$ - average

    Boston Pizza Pembina is a versatile family restaurant and sports bar. 

    Among their signature dishes, the Slow-Roasted Pork Back Ribs take the spotlight. These succulent ribs undergo a meticulous slow-cooking process, incorporating a proprietary blend of spices. 

    Your dining experience is further enhanced with a choice of savory sauces — BBQ, Bourbon BBQ, or Honey Garlic. The dish is elegantly presented with a side of garlic toast, coleslaw, and another side of your choice.

    For pizza enthusiasts, The Carbonara Pizza is a masterpiece. Hand-pressed pizza dough forms the foundation, generously adorned with garlic butter, a lavish layer of cheese, grilled chicken, smoky bacon, Alfredo sauce, and a sprinkle of Parmesan. 

    Each bite is a symphony of flavors, creating a fusion of textures.

    Those seeking a wholesome yet flavorful option can indulge in the Honey Dill Chicken Power Bowl. This dish features your preference of grilled or breaded chicken breast, skillfully drizzled with the restaurant’s house-made honey dill sauce. 

    The protein-rich ensemble is served over a warm blend of quinoa and rice, complemented by fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, guacamole, beets, carrots, roasted red peppers, and cucumbers.

    Where to Stay Near St. Norbert

    If you’re in town for the cultural scene, the bustling markets, or the picturesque Red River, finding the right accommodation is key to ensuring a comfortable stay. 

    Fortunately, St. Norbert provides a range of lodging options to suit every traveler’s preferences. 

    1. St. Norbert Hotel

    Address 3540 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3V 1A6, Canada
    Contact number204 269 1290
    Operating hours
  • Check-in time: 2:00 pm
  • Check-out time: 11:00 am
  • The St. Norbert Hotel offers a budget-friendly accommodation choice with a touch of charm. Boasting a spacious on-site restaurant and bar, this hotel provides a welcoming retreat for travelers seeking comfort and convenience.

    Each thoughtfully appointed room features a flat-screen TV and a convenient mini-refrigerator, ensuring a pleasant stay for guests.

    The Nob Bar, a lively venue within the hotel, adds an exciting dimension to your experience by hosting live concerts and events. 

    Here, you can unwind amidst billiard tables and big-screen TVs, creating an atmosphere for socializing and entertainment.

    For those in need of a caffeine fix, guests can enjoy complimentary coffee at the Nobside Cafe by simply presenting their room key. It’s a perk that adds to the overall hospitality of the St. Norbert Hotel.

    2. Four Points by Sheraton Winnipeg South

    Address 2935 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2H5, Canada
    Contact number204 275 7711
    Operating hours
  • Check-in time: 3:00 pm
  • Check-out time: 12:00 nn
  • As you step into the modern ambiance of The Four Points by Sheraton Winnipeg South, expect a seamless blend of comfort and convenience. The accommodations boast complimentary Wi-Fi, mini-refrigerators, and a convenient Grab & Go service.

    You can also indulge your taste buds at the Park Avenue Restaurant, where classic American cuisine takes center stage from breakfast to dinner. 

    The culinary experience is complemented by a thoughtfully designed space that invites you to relax and savor each moment.

    And if you want to maintain your wellness routine with the on-site fitness center, take a refreshing dip in the indoor pool. These amenities ensure that your stay goes beyond just accommodation, offering a holistic experience tailored to your needs.

    3. Canad Inns Destination Centre Fort Garry

    Address 1824 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2G2, Canada
    Contact number204 261 7450
    Operating hours
  • Check-in time: 3:00 pm
  • Check-out time: 11:00 am
  • The Canad Inns Destination Centre provides a comfortable stay with a range of amenities for guests to enjoy. Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV, fridge, and microwave, ensuring a convenient and relaxing experience. 

    For entertainment, the hotel features a video lottery terminal gaming lounge, two restaurants, and an English-style pub.

    Adding to the appeal is the indoor pool, complete with a waterslide, offering a refreshing option for relaxation. 

    Conveniently located, the St. Vital Shopping Center is just 3.3 km away, making it easy for guests to explore nearby attractions. 

    4. Best Western Plus Pembina Inn & Suites

    Address 1714 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2G2, Canada
    Contact number204 269 8888
    Operating hours
  • Check-in time: 3:00 pm
  • Check-out time: 11:00 am
  • The Best Western Plus Pembina Inn & Suites stands out for its modern amenities and thoughtful design. 

    Upon entering, guests are welcomed by spacious rooms equipped with a work desk and complimentary internet access, ensuring a seamless blend of comfort and connectivity.

    Each guest room is thoughtfully designed, featuring an in-room mini fridge for added convenience. 

    You can start your day on a pleasant note with a complimentary hot breakfast, offering a variety of options to suit different tastes. 

    For those seeking relaxation or a bit of exercise, the hotel boasts a fitness room, a pool with a water slide, and a hot tub. These facilities provide ample opportunities to unwind or stay active, catering to diverse preferences.

    Beyond the amenities, the hotel is proud to be pet-friendly, offering designated rooms for furry companions at an additional charge of $20 per night per pet. This thoughtful inclusion ensures that all members of the family can enjoy a comfortable stay.

    5. Holiday Inn Winnipeg-South – an IHG Hotel

    Address 1330 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2B4, Canada
    Contact number204 452 4747
    Operating hours
  • Check-in time: 3:00 pm
  • Check-out time: 12:00 nn
  • The Holiday Inn, an IHG hotel, offers a homelike retreat with spacious guestrooms thoughtfully equipped with a microwave, fridge, and a multimedia workstation featuring extra plug-ins. 

    Guests can indulge in delightful dining experiences at EnoBAR and Kitchen and unwind in the indoor pool and whirlpool. For fitness enthusiasts, a 24-hour fitness center is available.

    This hotel goes beyond the ordinary by providing complimentary amenities such as free WiFi and ample parking, ensuring a hassle-free stay. 

    Pet owners will appreciate the pet-friendly policy, adding a touch of warmth for those traveling with furry companions.

    Tips When You Visit St. Norbert

    To make the most of your trip, consider these tips that will enhance your exploration of St. Norbert’s attractions and ensure a memorable visit.

    1. Plan ahead for parking. 

    Parking in St. Norbert can be challenging, so consider arriving early to secure a spot. If parking is limited, be prepared to park a bit further away and enjoy a pleasant walk or bike ride into the community.

    2. Embrace the bilingual atmosphere. 

    St. Norbert is a bilingual community where both English and French are commonly spoken. Embrace the linguistic diversity and be open to engaging in conversations in either language.

    3. Dress in layers. 

    The weather in St. Norbert can be unpredictable, so it’s advisable to dress in layers. This way, you can easily adapt to temperature changes throughout the day and stay comfortable during your visit.

    4. Relax and enjoy. 

    St. Norbert’s charm is best savored at a relaxed pace. Take your time to wander through the streets, soak up the atmosphere, and appreciate the unique character of the community. 

    It’s a place to be enjoyed without haste.