A Guide to the Top Industries in Winnipeg

A Guide to the Top Industries in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is often overshadowed when discussing Canadian economic powerhouses.  Stuck with a reputation as just another unremarkable city, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

Unbeknownst to many, Winnipeg has become a thriving hub for key and highly profitable industries.

The city boasts a strong presence in advanced manufacturing, particularly for transportation equipment. This success is fueled by a skilled workforce and competitive costs.

Additionally, Winnipeg’s location at the heart of Canada’s prairies makes it a global leader in agribusiness, attracting major corporations and fostering a growing ag-tech sector.

The city is also home to booming information and communication technologies (ICT), manufacturing, and creative industries. In case you didn’t know yet, here are some of the top industries where Winnipeg is a top player!

1. Information and Communications Technology

Information and Communications Technology

The world is constantly changing thanks to new technology, and Winnipeg’s tech companies are right there with it.

Instead of giant corporations, Winnipeg has many smaller tech businesses that work together on all sorts of things, like making software for hospitals, online learning programs, and even video games.

These companies are full of creative problem-solvers who are good at working together. 

Plus, starting a tech business in Winnipeg is more affordable than other metros, and there are lots of other businesses and organizations nearby to partner with. 

Even big companies like Microsoft and Bell MTS have set up shop in Winnipeg! Local companies like SkipTheDishes and Farmers Edge are also making a name for themselves, showing that Winnipeg’s tech scene is full of potential.

2. Media Production and Other Creative Industries

Media Production and Other Creative Industries

Since Winnipeg offers one of the best film tax credits globally, many production companies set up shop here. With that incentive, they can stretch their budget and allot more money to better the project instead of getting bogged down in filming paperwork.

The city also has a vibrant arts scene, stunning architecture from various eras, and a welcoming, diverse community, so it’s no surprise that productions flock here to capture that unique energy.

Not to mention there’s also a huge talent pool available, from actors and directors to animators and special effects artists.

Additionally, the city actively promotes inclusivity, with a high percentage of women-owned production companies (over 40%!).

The province even boasts the largest French-language production company outside Quebec and a leading Indigenous production company.

All these, coupled with the city’s well-equipped studios specializing in animation, digital effects, and audio/visual production, make Winnipeg a one-stop shop for bringing creative visions to life.

3. Agribusiness


Winnipeg is a powerhouse for agriculture.

First and foremost, it’s surrounded by fertile land. Manitoba, the province it calls home, is a major producer of crops like soybeans, oats, and potatoes.

This strong agricultural base feeds the companies in Winnipeg, giving them a steady supply of resources. In fact, Manitoba ranks second in Canada for contributions from crop and animal production!

Secondly, Winnipeg is a hub for established and innovative agribusiness companies.  Giants like Richardson and Cargill, attracted by the city’s collaborative environment and strong research scene, have set up shop here.

This focus on innovation extends to newer players as well. Companies like Farmers Edge, a leader in ag-tech, are developing cutting-edge solutions for the future of farming.

Third, Winnipeg is on the leading edge of protein production. Companies here are processing peas and canola into high-quality protein, creating healthy and sustainable options for the food industry.

Finally, Winnipeg’s agribusiness sector is young and dynamic. The farmers in the city are some of the youngest in Canada, bringing fresh ideas and a willingness to embrace new technologies.

4. Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

Industry giants like Boeing Canada and NFI Group, a leader in electric buses, call Winnipeg home. These companies are also champions of sustainability, developing ways to reduce emissions in both their products and their factories. 

Not only that, the city is also a magnet for skilled workers. It has a strong workforce with a deep understanding of manufacturing, ensuring your company has access to the talent it needs to succeed.

Plus, with some of the lowest electricity costs in North America, businesses like Price Industries, known for their agricultural equipment, and Precision ADM, a leader in 3D printing for manufacturing, can keep production costs down while still using clean energy.

Lastly, Winnipeg fosters a collaborative environment where businesses can flourish. Partnerships between industry leaders, universities, and the government create a supportive ecosystem for innovation.

This includes tax credits for research and development, helping companies like Canada Goose, the iconic winter apparel brand, invest in the future.

5. Aerospace/Aviation


While Winnipeg is tucked away in the Canadian prairies, it’s a major player in the global aerospace industry. It’s where giants of the industry rub shoulders with innovative startups.

Major companies like StandardAero, the world’s biggest player in aircraft maintenance, have chosen Winnipeg as their base.

This expertise extends beyond repairs – Red River College and General Electric’s massive engine testing facility showcase Winnipeg’s commitment to top-notch research and development, constantly pushing the boundaries of aerospace technology.

Of course, Winnipeg isn’t just about servicing planes, it’s about building them too. The city boasts the title of Canada’s third-largest exporter of aerospace parts!

Companies like Boeing Canada Winnipeg, a leader in composite manufacturing, and Magellan Aerospace, a producer of parts for the world-renowned F-35 program, are just a few of the innovative companies here.

Winnipeg even embraces the latest advancements with companies like Precision ADM leading the way in 3D printing of metal parts for airplanes.

The secret sauce to Winnipeg’s success in this field, surely, is the highly skilled workforce! Three major universities and Red River College offer top-notch programs in engineering, computer science, and aircraft maintenance.

This ensures a steady stream of talent ready to contribute to Winnipeg’s world-class aerospace industry. Combine this with excellent research facilities and industry giants, and you have a recipe for continued success in aviation.