11 Must-Try Breweries in Winnipeg

11 Must-Try Breweries in Winnipeg

If you’re anything like me, you understand that there’s something truly magical about sipping on a cold, craft brew that’s been lovingly concocted by local artisans. 

And if you happen to be in Winnipeg, you’re in for a real treat because this city is home to some of the most exceptional breweries you could ever hope to stumble upon.

As a Winnipeg resident with a deep passion for all things beer, I’ve had the pleasure of extensively exploring the city’s vibrant craft beer scene. 

From cozy taprooms with an intimate, community feel to sleek, modern breweries that redefine the art of brewing, there’s no shortage of amazing options to explore in this prairie gem.

So grab your favorite pint glass, get ready for a virtual tour, and let’s dive headfirst into Winnipeg’s rich and diverse world of craft beer!

Nonsuch Brewing Co.

Nonsuch Brewing Co

Website: www.nonsuch.beer 

Address: 125 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0M1, Canada

Contact number: (204) 666-7824

Operating hours: Tuesday to Thursday: 12 pm to 10 pm; Friday and Saturday: 12 pm to 12 am 

Best beer: Belgian Blonde

Nestled in the heart of the historic Exchange District, this brewery offers a delightful blend of tradition and innovation that will surely tantalize your taste buds.

Nonsuch Brewing stands out by committing to the art of crafting traditional Belgian-style brews while also embracing innovation through its offshoot, Vessel. 

Whether you have a taste for timeless classics or a hankering for something truly distinctive, Nonsuch has something to satisfy your palate.

You may find yourself torn between the allure of its time-tested Belgian blonde or the intrigue of its ever-changing experimental creations.

But it isn’t just about exceptional beer; it’s an experience. The brewery’s taproom exudes a welcoming ambiance, making it the perfect spot to unwind and savor your chosen brew.

And don’t forget to pair your drink with something delectable from its impressive food menu. Whether you visit for lunch, dinner, or a late-night snack, you’ll leave not only satisfied but also with a newfound appreciation for the art of craft brewing.

Nonsuch’s reputation as one of Winnipeg’s premier breweries is well-earned.

Its commitment to a rotating selection of craft beers means there’s always something new to explore, and past favorites like the Raspberry Sour and Gose demonstrate its dedication to flavor innovation.

Keep an eye out for its bottled beers, which change with the seasons, offering a delightful blend of inventive flavors that leave a lasting impression.

Kilter Brewing Co.

Kilter Brewing Co

Website: https://kilterbrewing.co/ 

Address: 450 Rue Deschambault, Winnipeg, MB R2H 0K1, Canada

Operating hours: Tuesday: 4 pm to 11 pm; Wednesday to Saturday: 11 am to 11 pm; Sunday: 1 pm to 6 pm 

Best beer: “Pulp Fiction” Pulp Fruit Sour and “Waves” Juicy Pale Ale

This brewery, one of Winnipeg’s newer additions to the craft beer scene, prides itself on crafting inventive brews with a generous dose of love and creativity. 

It’s not just its beer that’s noteworthy; Kilter also boasts a beautifully designed taproom and some of the most eye-catching beer can designs you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

This brewing company distinguishes itself through its relentless pursuit of flavor innovation. With a constantly evolving roster of craft beers, each visit promises a thrilling journey for your taste buds.

While it offers tried-and-true classics like the hoppy “Juicii” IPA and the tropical “Waves” pale ale, it’s the anticipation of new and experimental flavors that keeps patrons coming back for more. 

Past favorites have included the indulgent “Tiramisu” Italian Dessert Stout, the creamy “Paradise” Oat Cream IPA, and the refreshingly tangy “Pulp Fiction” Pulp Fruit Sour.

Fortunately for beer enthusiasts, accessing Kilter’s brews is a breeze. You can purchase its beer online or conveniently find it at a Manitoba Liquor Mart.

For those looking for a more personal touch, Kilter Brewing offers local delivery right from the brewery itself.

Another charming aspect of Kilter Brewing is the ethos behind its name: a desire to live a balanced life, create meaningful memories, and savor life’s little pleasures. 

So, visiting this brewery isn’t just about enjoying exceptional craft beer; it’s about relishing those moments with friends, trying new styles, and appreciating the artistry and passion that go into every pour at Kilter Brewing Co.

Sookram’s Brewing Company

Sookram’s Brewing Company

Website: http://sookrams.com/ 

Address: 479-B Warsaw Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3L 0R2, Canada

Operating hours: Monday to Thursday: 4 pm to 10 pm; Friday and Saturday: 12 pm to 11 pm; Sunday: 2 pm to 6 pm 

Best beer: MacGuffin California Common and Cult Classic Pilsner

This unassuming brewery has managed to capture the hearts of locals and visitors alike, earning its reputation as one of the city’s most cherished hangout spots. 

What started as a dream for owner Andrew Sookram, who had already garnered multiple awards for his homebrewing skills, has now blossomed into a beloved brewery that stands out in Winnipeg’s vibrant craft beer scene.

At Sookram’s, you’ll find a delightful selection of brews to satisfy your palate. If you’re in the mood for something crisp and refreshing, the “Eternal Sunshine,” a pale ale, might be your perfect pick. 

For those seeking a tangy twist, the “Cosmos,” a dry-hopped sour, offers a delightful sour experience. And if you’re in the mood for a classic, the “Cult Classic,” a pilsner with a crisp finish, has earned a well-deserved popularity. 

Sookram’s not only offers exceptional brews but also takes pride in fostering a secure and inclusive environment for all guests. This family-friendly establishment ensures that every visitor experiences an immediate sense of belonging.

During the warm summer months, its patio buzzes with activity, making it a perfect place to soak up the sun, and it’s even dog-friendly!

Whether you prefer to enjoy Sookram’s beer on-site or take it home with you, it has you covered. You can purchase its beer directly from the brewery or find it at any Manitoba liquor store. 

Additionally, for ultimate convenience, it offers home delivery, a fantastic option for those looking to enjoy their brews from the comfort of their own space.

Sookram’s is not just about the beer; it’s about the passion and dedication that its head brewer pours into every batch. While its core lineup may be small, each brew packs a flavorful punch, with every new release building upon the last. 

Its specialty lies in crafting delicious sour beers, but it also surprises and delights beer enthusiasts with seasonal offerings and other intriguing brews throughout the year.

Barn Hammer Brewing Company

Barn Hammer Brewing Company

Website: https://barnhammerbrewing.ca/ 

Address: 595 Wall St, Winnipeg, MB R3G 2T5, Canada

Operating hours: Monday and Tuesday: 4 pm to 9 pm; Wednesday: 4 pm to 10 pm; Thursday: 12 pm to 10 pm; Friday and Saturday: 12 pm to 11 pm; Sunday: 12 pm to 6 pm 

Best beer: Lousy Beatnik Amber Lager and Witch Hunt Witbier

Barn Hammer Brewing Company has rapidly gained a reputation among beer enthusiasts for its inviting taproom and exceptional craft brews.

Barn Hammer’s unique charm lies in the unwavering passion and commitment of its owners, Sable and Tyler Birch, a dynamic husband and wife duo.

While they bring unique backgrounds to the table, they share a deep love for the art of brewing, a passion that shines through in every sip of their beer.

As you step into Barn Hammer’s taproom, you’re greeted by cozy and welcoming vibes. What’s notable about this place is that it’s a haven for genuine conversations.

If you’re catching up with friends or striking up a chat with one of the friendly staff members, you’ll quickly sense the warmth and community spirit that define this brewery.

Barn Hammer’s mission is clear: to be your “friendly neighborhood” brewery, a place where you can enjoy beers that are not just well-crafted but also a delight to drink.

When it comes to its brews, Barn Hammer doesn’t disappoint. Among its offerings, two stand out as must-tries: the Lousy Beatnik Amber Lager and the Witch Hunt Witbier. These beers are a testament to the brewery’s commitment to quality and flavor.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur or just looking for a great place to unwind with a tasty pint, Barn Hammer Brewing Company is a must-visit destination in Winnipeg.

It’s a place where the love for beer is not only palpable but also intoxicating, making it a cherished brand in the city’s thriving craft beer scene.

Torque Brewing Company

Torque Brewing Company

Website: https://torquebrewing.beer/ 

Address: 330-830 King Edward St, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0P4, Canada

Contact number: (204) 410-2124

Operating hours: Tuesday to Thursday: 2 pm to 9 pm; Friday and Saturday: 12 pm to 11 pm 

Best beer: Red Line Red IPA and Witty Belgian Wheat Beer

With an impressive array of 18 taps, Torque Brewing Company has consistently earned its reputation as one of Winnipeg’s best. 

It stands out by combining its dedication to crafting exceptional brews with an unwavering commitment to nurturing a vibrant craft beer community in Manitoba.

At Torque Brewing, there’s a beer to suit every palate. 

It offers four staple “core pours” that have become local favorites: the refreshing Witty Belgian wheat beer, the bold Red Line red IPA, the crisp and clean What the Helles lager, and the easy-drinking Torque Blonde ale. 

It also has an ever-evolving selection of seasonal beers that never fail to surprise and delight.

Past creations include Afternoon at Oma’s, a delectable coffee cake streusel brown ale; Pepper Don’t Preach, a zesty jalapeno lemon gose; and the indulgent Bellhop, a vanilla bourbon porter. 

And, as if the beers weren’t enticing enough, the brewery adds a touch of whimsy with creative and playful names that perfectly match the spirit of its brews.

For an authentic Torque Brewing experience, head directly to its brewery or visit any Manitoba Liquor Mart to get your hands on its brews. 

Torque’s influence extends beyond its taproom, as its craft beers can also be found gracing the menus of various restaurants and pubs throughout Winnipeg. 

It’s no wonder that Torque Brewing has garnered a devoted following; Manitobans simply can’t get enough of its exceptional craft beers.

But the beer scene in Winnipeg doesn’t end with Torque. Another must-visit destination is La Shoppe Brewery, an operation within Torque Brewing that offers a unique and complementary range of brews.

One Great City Brewing Company

One Great City Brewing Company

Website: http://ogcbrewingco.com/ 

Address: 1596 Ness Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3J 3W6, Canada

Contact number: 204 779 2337

Operating hours: Monday to Wednesday: 11:30 am to 10 pm; Thursday: 11:30 am to 11 pm; Friday and Saturday: 11:30 am to 12 am; Sunday: 11:30 am to 10 pm 

Best beer: The Queen’s Best Bitter and Tipsy Cow Milk Stout

One Great City Brewing stands as a testament to Winnipeg’s rich heritage and vibrant spirit. 

Tucked away in the heart of the city, this brewery is more than just a place to savor exceptional craft beers; it’s a celebration of the very essence that defines Winnipeg. A visit here is not just about the brews but also a journey into the soul of the city.

Upon stepping into One Great City, you’ll be greeted by a unique ambiance where glass walls elegantly divide the restaurant and taproom from the brewery itself. 

This thoughtful design allows patrons to witness the art of beer-making while enjoying a pint and indulging in delectable meals. It’s not merely a brewery; it’s an immersive experience.

One Great City shines with its diverse range of beers, catering to both seasoned craft beer enthusiasts and newcomers alike. To kickstart your craft beer journey, the American Blonde offers a welcoming starting point.

But the true gems lie in its specialty craft beers, tailored to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Among the six core beers, the Mad Scientist Eye PA, Tipsy Cow Milk Stout, and Belgian Esprit have earned a special place in the hearts of locals.

But the allure of One Great City extends beyond the beers. The culinary offerings are a delightful fusion of high-end dining and comforting classics, making it an ideal spot for a romantic date, a relaxed gathering with friends, or even a casual business lunch. 

The menu complements the brews perfectly, enhancing your overall experience.

Whether you choose to enjoy your beer on-site or prefer the convenience of ordering through Skip the Dishes, One Great City Brewing ensures you can savor its creations with ease. 

Additionally, the beers can be found at Manitoba liquor stores, making them accessible to a broader audience.

Little Brown Jug

Little Brown Jug

Website: https://littlebrownjug.ca/ 

Address: 336 William Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3A 0H7, Canada

Contact number: (204) 500-0441

Operating hours: Monday and Sunday: 3 pm to 9 pm; Tuesday to Thursday: 12 pm to 10 pm; Friday: 12 pm to 12 am; Saturday: 12 pm to 5 pm

Best beer: Little Brown Jug 1919 Belgian Pale Ale

Little Brown Jug Brewery has become a beloved institution since its inception in 2016. It all started with its signature creation, the 1919 Belgian Pale Ale, a brew that has retained its place of honor on its menu to this very day. 

However, Little Brown Jug has since blossomed into a dynamic craft brewery with a diverse selection that caters to all beer enthusiasts.

One of its standout offerings is the Summer Lager, a delightful concoction imbued with a fragrant medley of floral, lemon, and berry hop aromas. 

If you’re in the mood for something richer, its copper-hued Dubbel might be the choice for you, offering a dry and complex flavor profile characterized by hints of raisin, plum, and dried cherry. 

Alternatively, the Golden Ale, a perennial favorite among patrons, presents a crisp and refreshing experience, sweetened by the infusion of local Manitoba honey. 

It’s this constant innovation and willingness to push the boundaries of traditional brewing that sets Little Brown Jug apart in the Winnipeg beer scene.

Stepping inside its brewery, you’ll be greeted by an open and inviting space bathed in natural light. It’s not just a place to enjoy exceptional beer; it’s an experience, a glimpse into the artistry behind each carefully crafted brew. 

And if you’re on a brewery-hopping adventure in the Exchange District, don’t forget that Little Brown Jug is conveniently located just a short stroll away from Nonsuch Brewing. It’s the perfect opportunity to savor even more local beer excellence.

Stone Angel Brewing Co.

Stone Angel Brewing Co

Website: https://stoneangelbrewing.com/ 

Address: 1875 Pembina Hwy Unit 9, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2G7, Canada

Contact number: (204) 226-1361

Operating hours: Tuesday: 6:30 pm to 9 pm; Wednesday and Thursday: 12 pm to 9 pm; Friday and Saturday: 12 pm to 10 pm; Sunday: 12 pm to 6 pm 

Best beer: Amaretto Chocolate Cheesecake Stout and Miss Havisham Regrets Bitter

Stone Angel Brewing Co. defines itself through its inviting atmosphere, featuring a spacious taproom and a large patio that’s perfect for enjoying a brew, no matter the season.

One exciting highlight at Stone Angel is Cider Wednesday, a weekly event where they release a limited batch of cider; once it’s gone, it’s gone for good!

Throughout the year, Stone Angel Brewing hosts a variety of events, often featuring food trucks and showing sports games, making it a lively spot for locals and visitors alike. It’s always a good idea to check the event calendar for upcoming happenings.

When it comes to its beer selection, you’ll be spoiled for choice with 15 to 16 beers and ciders on tap at all times. Some fan favorites include the Marcellus Peanut Butter Milk Stout, the Brennan’s Barn Irish Pale Ale, and the Kaiser Bill IPA.

If you’re having trouble deciding, why not opt for a flight of four different beers to sample a bit of everything?

If you want to take one of its beers home, you have several options. 

You can purchase the beer at Manitoba Liquor Marts, visit the brewery itself, or even have it delivered through Uber Eats or Skip the Dishes, making it convenient for those cozy evenings at home.

Stone Angel Brewing specializes in crafting British-style brews, which add a unique flavor profile to Winnipeg’s beer scene. 

While the company doesn’t serve food on-site, it encourages you to order in and savor your meal alongside its delightful beers in its spacious taproom and dog-friendly patio. 

It’s a perfect spot for relaxing with a pint and perhaps even bringing your furry friend along for the experience.

Half Pints Brewing

Half Pints Brewing

Website: http://www.halfpintsbrewing.com/ 

Address: 550 Roseberry St, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0T1, Canada

Contact number: 204-832-7468

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday: 11 am to 6 pm 

Best beer: Stir Stick Stout

Since its inception in 2006, Half Pints Brewing has steadfastly embraced a “fiercely local” ethos, a commitment to sourcing as many of its ingredients from the surrounding Manitoba region as possible. 

It’s this dedication to quality and community that has earned it numerous accolades and a special place in the hearts of beer enthusiasts.

When you step into Half Pints’ welcoming taproom, you’re in for a treat. Here, you can embark on a delightful journey through its diverse selection of brews by ordering a flight, allowing you to savor the distinct flavors and profiles that define its craft. 

Among its flagship beers, you’ll find the Little Scrapper IPA, a hoppy delight for the adventurous palate; the Bulldog Amber Ale, a comforting and balanced choice; the rich and robust Stir Stick Stout; and the refreshing St. James Pale Ale. 

Each sip tells a story of craftsmanship and creativity.

For those evenings when you prefer the comfort of your own space, Half Pints has you covered with home delivery and keg rental options. This means you can enjoy its exceptional brews while creating a cozy ambiance at home. 

But if you’re eager to delve deeper into the art of brewing, the brewery offers free tours on Saturdays at 2 p.m., allowing you to witness the magic firsthand and gain insight into its meticulous process.

TransCanada Brewing Co.

TransCanada Brewing Co

Website: http://www.tcb.beer/ 

Address: 1290 Kenaston Blvd #1, Winnipeg, MB R3P 0R7, Canada

Contact number: (204) 666-2337

Operating hours: Monday and Tuesday: 9 am to 4 pm; Wednesday to Saturday: 9 am to 11 pm; Sunday: 9 am to 7 pm 

Best beer: Blueberry Ale

Located in the burgeoning southwest corner of Winnipeg, Trans Canada Brewing Company promises a delightful time. 

Its mission is clear: to cater to the tastes of both casual beer enthusiasts and seasoned connoisseurs, ensuring that everyone finds something to savor.

Trans Canada Brewing truly stands out with its enticing array of craft beers available on tap. Among its offerings are four perennial favorites: the Blueberry Ale, the Lamp Lighter Amber Ale, the Portager Bohemian Pilsner, and the Arrow IPA.

These classics provide a solid foundation for any beer lover. But the real magic lies in its ever-evolving lineup of seasonal craft beers. 

Imagine sipping on creations like the Harvest Sky, a rye pale ale crafted with locally sourced ingredients from Manitoba farms, or perhaps indulging in the Cranberry Stout, a perfect gift in its elegant 750-ml bottles. 

And let’s not forget the Barkeep Brown Ale, with its enticing notes of dark cherry and chocolate. These seasonal gems ensure that every visit to Trans Canada Brewing offers a new and exciting experience.

The brewery’s commitment to accessibility is another feather in its cap. You can acquire its delectable brews directly from the brewery itself or conveniently locate them at your nearest Manitoba Liquor Mart. 

The range of options ensures that you can savor its exceptional craft beers whether you’re a local or just passing through.

Step into the charming taproom, where the ambiance is as inviting as the beer selection is impressive. 

With over 20 different beers on tap, Trans Canada Brewing offers a journey through various styles and flavors, ensuring that there’s a perfect brew waiting for every palate. 

From core beers to seasonal delights, specialty brews released once a year, and a tantalizing sour series, the variety is bound to leave you delighted and coming back for more.

Lake of the Woods Brewing Company

Website: http://lowbrewco.com/ 

Address: 221 Carlton St, Winnipeg, MB R3C 1P5, Canada

Contact number: (833) 321-2337

Operating hours: Monday to Wednesday: 12 pm to 9 pm; Thursday and Friday: 12 pm to 11 pm; Saturday: 11 am to 11 pm; Sunday: 12 pm to 8 pm (hours are subject to seasonality)

Best beer: Forgotten Lake Blueberry Ale

Lake of the Woods Brewing Company offers a delightful craft beer experience that’s worth exploring. 

While some may debate its Winnipeg origins due to the name’s association with Lake of the Woods in Ontario, this brewery has firmly established itself on the local scene. 

Set against the backdrop of Hargrave Street Market, the brewery’s glass walls provide a captivating view of the brewing process as you savor a pint of its finely crafted beers.

This allows you to pair your beer with delectable offerings from some of Winnipeg’s finest restaurants, including Yard Burger, Saburo Kitchen, or The Good Fight Taco. 

It’s the perfect spot for a quick drink before catching a Winnipeg Jets game at the nearby MTS Centre. If you’re curious about the brewing process, you can also book a brewery tour to gain insights into its craft.

Lake of the Woods Brewing Company’s main brewing facility is in Kenora, Ontario, but it has expanded its presence to Winnipeg with a second location. It also have a third bricks and mortar location in Warroad, MN just across the border.

This move brings the exceptional craftsmanship and innovative flavors of Lake of the Woods beers closer to Winnipeggers, eliminating the need for a two-hour drive to its Ontario brewery.

One standout offering from Lake of the Woods Brewing Company is its Limited Edition Imperial Black Lager, which showcases its dedication to pushing the boundaries of flavor. 

Infused with organic plum and aged for an impressive six months, this unique brew is matured 20 feet beneath the ice of Lake of the Woods, creating a truly distinctive beer experience. 

However, it’s essential to note that this special brew is only available during the summertime, making it a must-try for those seeking a rare and unforgettable taste.

You can easily find Lake of the Woods Brewing Company’s beers at Manitoba Liquor Marts, ensuring that locals and visitors alike can savor its expertly crafted beverages.