Discover the Best Escape Rooms in Winnipeg

Discover the Best Escape Rooms in Winnipeg

Winnipeg, with its boundless energy and adventurous spirit, serves as the perfect backdrop for some of Canada’s most captivating escape rooms. As a local, I have personally embarked on countless escapades within our city’s dynamic escape room landscape. 

If you’re a fellow thrill-seeker and puzzle enthusiast, you’re in for a treat. Join me on a journey through this article, where we’ll unveil the top escape rooms in the city. 

Each promises a unique blend of excitement, creativity, and mind-bending challenges.

1. GET OUT! Escape Rooms Inc.

LocationAddress: 420 Des Meurons St #115, Winnipeg, MB R2H 2N9, Canada

Google Maps: GET OUT! Escape Rooms Inc.

Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-231-4903

Email: [email protected]

Operating HoursSunday 1–10 PM

Monday 1–10 PM

Tuesday 1–10 PM

Wednesday 1–10 PM

Thursday 1–10 PM

Friday 1–11:30 PM

Saturday 1–11:30 PM

Rooms & RatesRooms (4 to 6 people)

Drunken Bar Heist : $30.00 per player

Ultimate Game Room : $30.00 per player

Underground Bunker : $30.00 per player

GET OUT! Escape Rooms Inc. offers an immersive and challenging escape room experience that sets it apart from the rest. 

What distinguishes this escape room facility is not just its exceptional offerings but also the attention to detail that enhances the adventure.

The establishment operates on an appointment-only basis, a standard practice in the industry. So, booking your slot is convenient, whether through their user-friendly website or a simple call during office hours. 

The “Underground Bunker” room, a local favorite, is a testament to the facility’s dedication to creating immersive experiences. 

The level of detail within this room makes it feel like you’re in an actual underground bunker, adding to the excitement and authenticity of the adventure.

GET OUT! offers exceptional production quality. Every room element is meticulously designed to mimic reality, elevating the immersion and intensifying the challenge.

The attentive staff adds to the overall enjoyment, ready to assist whether you’re a novice or a seasoned escape room enthusiast. Their guidance is invaluable when faced with challenging puzzles.

With additional rooms like the “Ultimate Game Room” and “Drunken Bar Heist,” known for their intricate puzzles, GET OUT! Escape Rooms Inc. offers a complete package of immersive scenarios that demand not just teamwork but also strategic thinking.

Pro Tip: 

Teamwork and effective communication are essential for success. If you ever get stuck, don’t hesitate to ask for hints or assistance; the staff is there to help you have a great time.

2. Time Lapse Escape Rooms

LocationAddress: 654 King Edward St, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0P2, Canada

Google Maps: Time Lapse Escape Rooms

Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-487-2262

Email: [email protected]

Operating HoursSunday 12:30–9:30 PM

Monday 12:30–9:30 PM

Tuesday 3–9:30 PM

Wednesday 3–9:30 PM

Thursday 3–9:30 PM

Friday 12:30–11 PM

Saturday 12:30–11 PM

Rooms & RatesRooms (4 to 8 people, 60 minutes)

The Warlock's Curse : $28.00 per player

Eye of the Spy : $28.00 per player

Trapped In Time : $28.00 per player

Gold Rushed : $28.00 per player

Tick Tock : $28.00 per player

Seasonal Room (3 to 6 people, 45 minutes)

Count Tracula - A Halloween Adventure: $22.00 per player

Time Lapse Escape Rooms in Winnipeg is a hidden gem that promises an exceptional escape room experience. 

The rooms are a testament to meticulous design and thoughtful curation. Each room is a well-crafted masterpiece, showcasing a high level of detail and creativity.

As you step into these immersive settings, you’ll immediately appreciate the effort put into making them feel authentic and engaging.

What truly sets Time Lapse Escape Rooms apart is its welcoming and encouraging staff.

From the moment you arrive, their team goes the extra mile to ensure you have a fantastic time. Their warm hospitality and guidance enhance the overall experience, making it an ideal destination for both beginners and escape room veterans.

Notably, Time Lapse Escape Rooms is one of the highest-rated escape room facilities in Winnipeg. The consistently positive reviews from satisfied customers reflect the facility’s commitment to excellence.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned adventurer, you can expect a top-tier escape room experience.

Regardless of the room you choose, Time Lapse Escape Rooms offer a challenge. Each scenario is designed to engage your problem-solving skills and creativity.

The puzzles are well-crafted, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a thrilling adventure that demands teamwork and clever thinking.

Pro Tip: 

Think outside the box and be open to unconventional solutions. The puzzles here can be quite creative, and innovation can be the key to success.

3. Enigma Escapes


• 1120 Grant Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3M 2A6, Canada

• 980 Lorimer Blvd Unit 4, Winnipeg, MB R3P 1C8, Canada

• 25 Keenleyside St, Winnipeg, MB R2L 1Y7, Canada Google Maps:

1120 Grant Avenue

980 Lorimer Blvd Unit 4

25 Keenleyside St

Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-219-0014

Email: [email protected]

Operating HoursSunday 12–8 PM

Monday 1–9 PM

Tuesday 1–9 PM

Wednesday 1–9 PM

Thursday 1–9 PM

Friday 1 PM–12 AM

Saturday 10 AM–12 AM

Rooms & Rates1120 Grant Avenue

Rooms (4 to 8 players)

Butcher of the Catacombs: $23.81 per player

Dark Hedges – A Spooky Fairytale Escape: $23.81 per player

What Happened in Raven Woods?: $23.81 per player

Shady Grove Sanatorium: $23.81 per player

980 Lorimer Blvd Unit 4


Poseidon's Promise (6 to 8 players): $23.81 per player

Prohibition – The Lucky Duck (4 to 6 players): $23.81 per player

Cypherspace (6 to 8 players): $23.81 per player

Blackbeard's Brig (6 to 8 players): $23.81 per player

25 Keenleyside St


Tomb of the Red Queen (6 to 10 players): $23.81 per player

Curse of the Evil Genie (4 to 8 players): $23.81 per player

Rescue from Voodoo Island (4 to 8 players): $23.81 per player

Murder at Mardi Gras (6 to 8 players): $23.81 per player

Enigma Escapes in Winnipeg is a haven for thrill-seekers and puzzle enthusiasts, known for its engaging and often spine-tingling escape room experiences. 

If a room’s theme is designed to be scary, prepare for a chilling and thrilling adventure.

The attention to detail, combined with the commitment to staying true to the theme, creates an atmosphere that will leave you on the edge of your seat while solving puzzles.

Enigma Escapes takes immersion to the next level by incorporating sound effects and live actors into some of their rooms. This extra layer of interactivity enhances the overall experience, making it even more heart-pounding and enjoyable.

The staff and game masters at Enigma Escapes are dedicated to ensuring that players have a great time.

Even when facing challenging puzzles, they go the extra mile to keep the experience fun and engaging. Their encouragement and support help players stay motivated and ultimately succeed in their quests.

Pro Tip: 

Organize your team and designate roles. This escape room offers a variety of challenges that require different skill sets, so assigning tasks to team members can help you tackle them efficiently.

4. The Real Escape Canada

LocationAddress: 3137 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3K 0W4, Canada

Google Maps: The Real Escape Canada

Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-615-7717

Email: [email protected]

Operating HoursSunday 10 AM–10:30 PM

Monday 10 AM–11:30 PM

Tuesday 10 AM–11:30 PM

Wednesday 10 AM–11:30 PM

Thursday 10 AM–11:30 PM

Friday 10 AM–11:30 PM

Saturday 10 AM–11:30 PM

Rooms & RatesRooms (4 to 8 players)

Los Angeles 1947: $25.00 per player

The Mine: $25.00 per player

Oz: $25.00 per player

The Ruins: $25.00 per player

The Pyramid: $25.00 per player

The Abandoned Station: $25.00 per player

The Castle: $25.00 per player

London 1888 : $25.00 per player

The Real Escape Canada is an exceptional choice for escape room enthusiasts, consistently ranking among the highest-rated escape room facilities in the city. 

This distinction is a testament to the quality of the experiences they offer and the satisfaction of their patrons.

The staff at The Real Escape Canada are not only friendly but also highly professional.

Their knowledge and expertise ensure that every visitor receives a warm welcome and any assistance they may need during their escape room adventure. 

Many customers return to The Real Escape Canada time and again, trying out new rooms with each visit. This loyalty is a clear indicator of the fantastic time they consistently provide. 

For those who enjoy an extra thrill, The Real Escape Canada offers jump scares in their scary-themed rooms. These unexpected surprises add an element of excitement and surprise to the experience, making it even more memorable.

Pro Tip: 

Stay calm under pressure. The Real Escape Canada is known for its immersive themes and challenging puzzles. 

Keep a level head, and you’ll be more likely to escape within the time limit.

5. Escape Social

LocationAddress: 202-123 Marion St, Winnipeg, MB R2H 3G9, Canada

Google Maps: Escape Social

Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-233-8974

Email: [email protected]

Operating HoursSunday 11 AM–9:30 PM

Monday Closed

Tuesday 2–9:30 PM

Wednesday 2–9:30 PM

Thursday 2–9:30 PM

Friday 2–11 PM

Saturday 11 AM–11 PM

Rooms & RatesRooms

Cirque du Mystère (2 to 10 players): $23.81 per player

Escape Vault 204 (4 to 8 players): $23.81 per player

The Book of the Dead (2 to 10 players): $23.81 per player

Escape Social is a relatively new addition to Winnipeg’s escape room scene, and it’s quickly gained a reputation for its exciting and accessible experiences. 

Escape Social’s status as a new entrant to the Winnipeg escape room landscape means that its facilities and rooms are fresh and modern.

The newly minted amenities promise an exciting experience for those looking for something different.

The puzzles at Escape Social strike the right balance between challenging and enjoyable. While they provide a mental workout, they don’t veer into being excessively difficult.

This makes the experience accessible and fun for a wide range of participants. The rooms themselves are thoughtfully decorated, enhancing the overall ambiance and adding to the enjoyment.

A notable aspect of Escape Social is its flexibility when it comes to group size. Unlike many other escape rooms that require a minimum of four players, Escape Social offers two out of three rooms that can accommodate smaller groups of two or three.

This makes it a perfect option for couples or small groups, offering an escape room experience that suits your party size.

Pro Tip: 

Escape Social often features larger, interconnected rooms where teamwork is essential. Keep the lines of communication open to solve puzzles and find your way out.

6. Killer Noob Escapes

LocationAddress: 740B Century St, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0M1, Canada

Google Maps: Killer Noob Escapes

Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-306-8991

Email: [email protected]

Operating HoursSunday 2–9:30 PM

Monday 3:30–11 PM

Tuesday 3:30–11 PM

Wednesday 4–9:30 PM

Thursday 5–9:30 PM

Friday 3:30–11 PM

Saturday 11:30 AM–11 PM

Rooms & RatesRooms

Part 1: The Funhouse (4 to 8 players, 60 minutes): $25.00 per player

Part 2: The Upstairs (4 to 10 players, 60 minutes): $25.00 per player

Buried Alive (2 players, 30 minutes): $25.00 per player

Killer Noob Escapes has made a name for itself in Winnipeg with an impressive 5-star rating, a testament to its outstanding quality and customer satisfaction.

This consistent praise from satisfied customers underscores the high regard in which this establishment is held.

One of Killer Noob Escapes’ distinguishing features is the exceptional service provided by the staff. This commitment to customer satisfaction creates a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere that keeps visitors coming back for more.

The puzzles at Killer Noob Escapes are not just fun but also meticulously thought out.

The rooms are brimming with intriguing challenges that engage participants in a captivating experience. The overall design and immersion level in these rooms are nothing short of impressive.

For those seeking a unique experience, Killer Noob Escapes offers “The Funhouse” and “The Upstairs,” which is akin to experiencing the second level of a video game.

And it adds a layer of interactivity and excitement to the adventure, making participants feel like they’re part of their favorite video game worlds.

Pro Tip: 

Pay attention to the storyline. This escape room provider focuses on immersive narratives, so being engaged in the story can help you better understand and solve the puzzles.

7. MASK Escapes

MASK Escapes
Image from: Google Reviews
LocationAddress: 7 - 25 Scurfield Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1G4, Canada

Google Maps: MASK Escapes

Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-202-3800

Email: [email protected]

Operating HoursSunday 10:45 AM–11 PM

Monday 1:45–11 PM

Tuesday 1:45–11 PM

Wednesday 1:45–11 PM

Thursday 1:45–11 PM

Friday 1:45–11 PM

Saturday 10:45 AM–11 PM

Rooms & RatesRooms

Roll The Bones (4 to 10 players): $25.00 per player

Global Human Extinction (4 to 10 players): $25.00 per player

Mask of Time (2 to 6 players): $25.00 per player

The Cabin (4 to 10 players): $25.00 per player

As a family-owned business, MASK Escapes brings a distinct charm and personal touch to the escape room experience. This family-driven approach ensures a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making visitors feel right at home.

The owner is not just a face behind the scenes but is actively present to assist and engage with customers. His kind demeanor and evident passion for escape rooms add a special touch to the overall experience, making it all the more enjoyable.

MASK Escapes also recognizes the diverse needs of its patrons, offering a room designed specifically for two people.

This is a fantastic option for couples or friends looking for an intimate and engaging adventure, providing an ideal setting for teaming up and working together to solve puzzles.

Pro Tip: 

Be observant and examine your surroundings carefully. MASK Escapes often includes hidden clues and objects that blend seamlessly into the room’s design. 

Don’t overlook the details.