Angler's Guide Best Fishing Spots Near Winnipeg

Angler’s Guide: Best Fishing Spots Near Winnipeg

Nestled in Manitoba’s heart, fishing spots around here aren’t just about reeling in catches; they’re stories waiting to happen. From Lockport’s bustling dam to the quiet banks of La Salle River, Winnipeg’s got spots that lure in anglers like me.

Season by season, these waters host walleye, catfish, and perch, promising a good day’s catch.

So, join me as we explore these local fishing havens, where the city’s hustle meets the tranquility of the waters — a perfect blend for any fishing fanatic.

1. Lockport (Red River)

LocationAddress: Lockport, MB, Canada

Google Maps: Lockport

Located just north of Winnipeg, Lockport’s dam stands as a premier fishing spot. Its strong current creates an ideal habitat for legendary catfish and channel fish, drawing anglers year-round. 

Besides these prized catches, the dam attracts various species like sauger, goldeye, and walleye.

The best times to cast your line at Lockport are during the spring and fall. Spring brings the spawn, while fall invites fish preparing for winter. 

For a successful catch, anglers often opt for jigging or using live bait like minnows or leeches. The dam’s structure makes it ideal for boat or shore fishing, accommodating different angling preferences.

Plus, the amenities around Lockport cater to fishing enthusiasts, including nearby bait shops, boat launches, and accommodations for those planning longer fishing trips. 

With its diverse fish population and strategic location, Lockport’s dam remains a top choice for thrilling fishing experiences.

Pro Tip: 

Parking near Lockport can fill up quickly, especially during peak fishing times. Arrive early to secure a good spot or consider carpooling for easier parking.

2. Selkirk Park (Red River)

LocationAddress: 486 Eveline St, Selkirk, MB R1A 1E6, Canada

Google Maps: Selkirk Park

Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-785-4900

Email: [email protected]

Operating HoursSunday 8 AM–3 PM

Monday 7 AM–5 PM

Tuesday 7 AM–5 PM

Wednesday 7 AM–5 PM

Thursday 7 AM–5 PM

Friday 7 AM–5 PM

Saturday 8 AM–3 PM

Nestled along the banks of the Red River, Selkirk Park is a beloved spot for catfish and goldeye fishing. Its accessible docks and tranquil setting draw locals and tourists alike seeking a rewarding angling experience.

The park offers a variety of catches including channel catfish, goldeye, and occasional walleye. 

The prime seasons for fishing here are late spring to early summer and late summer to fall. During these times, the fish are active, especially during the early morning or late afternoon.

Anglers at Selkirk Park often find success using bottom rigs or slip bobbers with live bait like worms or minnows. 

Additionally, the park provides amenities such as picnic areas, washrooms, and fishing docks, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable fishing outing for enthusiasts of all levels. 

Its proximity to Selkirk town further adds convenience for anglers exploring this picturesque spot along the Red River.

Pro Tip: 

Selkirk Park offers various fishing spots. If one area seems crowded, explore different sections of the park for a quieter fishing experience.

3. La Barriere Park (La Salle River)

LocationAddress: 4403 Waverley St, La Salle, MB R0G 0A1, Canada

Google Maps: La Barriere Park

Contact DetailsPhone: +1 877-311-4974
Operating HoursSunday 8 AM–9 PM

Monday 8 AM–9 PM

Tuesday 8 AM–9 PM

Wednesday 8 AM–9 PM

Thursday 8 AM–9 PM

Friday 8 AM–9 PM

Saturday 8 AM–9 PM

Now, going southwest of Winnipeg lies the serene expanse of La Barriere Park, where tranquil lakes and streams teem with an array of sought-after catches like bass, walleye, and pike. 

This panoramic spot allures fishing enthusiasts with its diverse aquatic population, creating an ideal setting for a laid-back angling escapade.

The best seasons for productive fishing in this area span late spring through early fall, aligning with the heightened activity of the fish. 

Anglers often find success employing various techniques, casting artificial lures like crankbaits for bass or using live bait such as minnows or leeches for enticing walleye and pike.

La Barriere Park also offers a range of amenities, including designated fishing areas, walking trails, and picnic spots, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable fishing experience amid nature’s tranquility. 

Its convenient proximity to Winnipeg makes it an accessible yet serene escape for avid anglers seeking a day of relaxation and promising catches.

Pro Tip: 

La Barriere Park is popular among anglers. Try fishing from different spots along the riverbank to find the ideal location for your catch.

4. Lake Winnipeg 

LocationAddress: Lake Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Google Maps: Lake Winnipeg

Lake Winnipeg, among the globe’s largest freshwater lakes, captivates anglers with its diverse aquatic tapestry abundant in prized catches like walleye, sauger, and perch. 

Whether by the lakeshore or navigating its vast waters by boat, this expansive lake promises an adventure-filled day for fishing enthusiasts.

The most productive fishing seasons at Lake Winnipeg span from late spring through early summer and extend into the fall. During these periods, anglers capitalize on the active fish behavior, particularly during the early hours of the day or in the evenings. 

Various techniques thrive here, from jigging and trolling for walleye and sauger to using live bait or small jigs to entice the plentiful perch population.

Near Lake Winnipeg, anglers enjoy a range of amenities such as convenient boat launches, camping facilities, and access to fishing charters. 

Positioned within Manitoba’s landscape, this majestic lake offers accessible yet captivating fishing escapades for those seeking the thrills of angling amid its sprawling waters.

Pro Tip: 

Fishing on Lake Winnipeg can be weather-dependent. Check weather forecasts and local fishing reports beforehand for the best fishing conditions.

5. Whiteshell Provincial Park (Falcon Lake)

LocationAddress: Hwy 1, Eastern Manitoba, MB R0E 0N0, Canada

Google Maps: Whiteshell Provincial Park

Contact DetailsPhone: +1 866-626-4862
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours

Located in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Falcon Lake is nestled in southeastern Manitoba, approximately 150 kilometers east of Winnipeg. 

Its sprawling waters provide an angler’s paradise. Known for its crystal-clear waters, this spot offers an abundance of walleye, northern pike, and smallmouth bass. 

The rocky shores and hidden coves create ideal habitats for various fish species, making it a favorite among fishing enthusiasts.

The best times to cast your line here are during the spring and fall months when these species are most active.

Anglers often find success using techniques like jigging, trolling, or casting from a boat along the deeper sections of the lake. Additionally, ice fishing in winter yields exceptional results. 

Falcon Lake also offers convenient amenities, including boat rentals, nearby campgrounds, and cozy lodges, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable fishing experience for all.

Pro Tip: 

Fishing spots in Whiteshell Provincial Park can be remote. Bring necessary supplies, including extra bait and gear, as facilities might be limited in some areas.

6. Birds Hill Provincial Park (Kingfisher Lake)

LocationAddress: Oakbank, MB R0E 0K0, Canada

Google Maps: Birds Hill Provincial Park

Contact DetailsPhone: +1 204-654-6730
Operating HoursSunday 7 AM–11 PM

Monday 7 AM–11 PM

Tuesday 7 AM–11 PM

Wednesday 7 AM–11 PM

Thursday 7 AM–11 PM

Friday 7 AM–11 PM

Saturday 7 AM–11 PM

Situated in Kingfisher Lake within Birds Hill Provincial Park, this spot offers serene surroundings and fantastic angling opportunities. It is a fishing haven that provides a peaceful retreat from the city hustle. 

Anglers can reel in a variety of fish, including carp, pike, and perch. Its tranquil setting amidst nature makes it an excellent spot for a relaxing fishing escapade.

Anglers often find success using various techniques like float fishing or bottom fishing along the lake’s edges where these species tend to gather. Spring and early summer offer prime fishing moments as the waters come alive with active fish-seeking food.

Amenities around this spot include well-maintained trails, picnic areas, and camping facilities, ensuring a comfortable experience for anglers exploring the area. 

Whether fishing from the shore or a boat, the picturesque views and diverse fish populations make Kingfisher Lake a delightful angling destination.

Pro Tip: 

Birds Hill Provincial Park has multiple ponds and lakes for fishing. Explore different bodies of water within the park for varied fishing experiences.

7. Lac du Bonnet

LocationAddress: Lac du Bonnet, MB, Canada

Google Maps: Lac du Bonnet

Lac du Bonnet is a haven for fishing enthusiasts. The Winnipeg River flows through this area, providing ample opportunities for catching northern pike, walleye, and catfish. 

Anglers flock to this northeastern Winnipeg spot for its diverse fish population and picturesque landscapes.

Located northeast of Winnipeg, Lac du Bonnet offers an array of amenities, including boat launches, accommodations, and bait shops catering to anglers’ needs. 

Fishing techniques like jigging or using live bait work well along the river’s bends and deeper sections, where these species thrive.

The best times to visit Lac du Bonnet for a fruitful fishing experience are during the spring and fall seasons when fish are more active. 

Whether you prefer shore fishing or casting from a boat, the Winnipeg River’s scenic beauty and abundant fish make Lac du Bonnet a top-tier destination for any angler.

Pro Tip: 

With its expansive waters, consider fishing closer to the town of Lac du Bonnet itself. You’ll find various fishing opportunities right by the town’s edges, making it convenient to access and explore the vastness of this fishing spot.