Best Walking Trails in Winnipeg

Step into Serenity: 15 Best Walking Trails in Winnipeg

I’ve personally had the pleasure of embarking on foot through the heart of our beloved city, Winnipeg, unveiling a tapestry of scenic landscapes and urban charm that never ceases to amaze me. 

Nature seamlessly intertwines with the pulse of city life, making the city an incredible place to explore. In this guide, I’m thrilled to share my personal experiences discovering 15 of the most captivating walking trails that weave through our city. 

Whether you desire a leisurely stroll amidst vibrant gardens or a peaceful retreat along wooded paths, these trails beckon for exploration, promising a delightful blend of nature’s tranquility and Winnipeg’s bustling urban energy. 

1. Seine River Greenway Trail

Seine River Greenway Trail
Starting LocationAddress: Shorehill Dr, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Google Maps: Shorehill Dr

Estimated Time46 minutes
Length3.7 km
Elevation Gain4 m
Route TypeLoop

Hidden within the dense trees of Bois-des-esprits, the Seine River Greenway offers a serene escape near the banks of the Seine River. This trail, frequented by both hikers and bikers, winds through an urban forest, unveiling stunning views along the way. 

Hikers often opt for the narrow dirt path close to the river, relishing its scenic beauty. Additionally, a broader gravel path within the forest provides a different perspective, albeit without direct river views, intersecting with the main trail at various points.

Despite its urban setting, the trail exudes tranquility, often revealing glimpses of wildlife, such as deer and sunbathing turtles. 

Along the path, tree carvings, including the famous “Woody” Spirit Tree — an entire tree trunk carved into a face on both sides, add a whimsical touch, inviting exploration and discovery along this enchanting riverside trail.

Pro Tip: 

Parking spots along the Seine River Greenway can fill up quickly, especially on weekends. Consider arriving early or exploring this scenic trail during off-peak hours for a quieter experience.

2. Kings Park Loop

Kings Park Loop
Starting LocationAddress: 198 Kings Dr, Winnipeg, MB R3T 3G1, Canada

Google Maps: Kings Park

Estimated Time39 minutes
Length3.5 km
Elevation Gain9 m
Route TypeLoop

Kings Park Loop offers a delightful stroll, particularly enchanting during the fall season with its captivating views. This scenic trail is adorned with numerous gardens throughout, adding to its allure. 

While the park hosts an off-leash dog area, it’s completely optional for walkers. The path primarily consists of paved sections interspersed with patches of dirt, guiding visitors through forests, along the river, and across several footbridges.

The park boasts a variety of trees and chirping birds, creating a serene atmosphere. Additionally, there’s an intriguing labyrinth along the way, featuring a circular maze, serving as an engaging attraction for those exploring this picturesque trail.

Pro Tip: 

Kings Park Loop offers a mix of paved and natural trails. Wear sturdy shoes for the natural terrain sections and bring bug spray during warmer months for a more comfortable walk.

3. Eve Werier Waterfowl Pond via Sagimay Trail

Eve Werier Waterfowl Pond via Sagimay Trail
Starting LocationAddress: 3000 Grant Ave, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Google Maps: Assiniboine Forest Parking Lot

Estimated Time25 minutes
Length2.4 km
Elevation Gain0 m
Route TypeLoop

The Eve Werier Pond via Sagimay Trail Loop in Assiniboine Forest takes you through diverse landscapes—from forests to wetlands and even tall-grass prairies. 

It’s a hotspot for birdwatching, hiking, and running, but you can find quiet moments during less busy hours.

This trail is not just a walk; it’s an opportunity to explore nature with informative plaques about wildlife that can be especially enjoyable for children. 

It’s a well-kept route, open and accessible all year round, ensuring a pleasant experience for all who venture along its paths.

Pro Tip: 

This trail can get muddy after rainfall. Consider wearing waterproof shoes or waiting for drier weather to enjoy a cleaner hike around Eve Werier Pond.

4. Harte Trail

Harte Trail
Starting LocationAddress: 83 Joynson Cres, Winnipeg, MB R3R 3X2, Canada

Google Maps: Harte Trail

Estimated Time2 hours, 20 minutes
Length13.2 km
Elevation Gain3 m
Route TypeOut & back

The Harte Trail traces an old rail line, offering a relatively easy route for walkers. Some parts lead through thick woods, while others are more open. 

It’s a popular path but kept in good shape, making it ideal for a brisk jog or a relaxed family hike.

This trail caters to various preferences, with sections providing both shade and open views. One of its perks is its upkeep — it remains well-maintained throughout the year, even in winter when it’s plowed, ensuring accessibility regardless of the season. 

Whether you’re after a quick run or a leisurely stroll, the Harte Trail has something to offer for everyone seeking a pleasant outdoor experience.

Pro Tip: 

Harte Trail is popular among cyclists and pedestrians. Stay alert and share the path courteously to ensure a safe and enjoyable walk.

5. Kildonan Park Loop

Kildonan Park Loop
Starting LocationAddress: 180 McKay Dr, Winnipeg, MB R2V 2B9, Canada

Google Maps: McKay Dr

Estimated Time21 minutes
Length1.9 km
Elevation Gain3 m
Route TypeLoop

The Kildonan Park loop is a well-paved pathway tracing the main road encircling the park, drawing a good number of visitors. 

It’s a favored spot for individuals of varied skill levels, catering to both casual strollers and seasoned walkers. While relatively short, this route offers splendid views of the park’s scenery.

Convenience is key along this trail, with two washroom facilities available. One is located near North Point Garden, although it closes seasonally, and the other sits near Prairie’s Edge, ensuring visitors have accessible amenities while enjoying their walk. 

You can always expect to embrace the beauty of Kildonan Park as you walk this loop, offering glimpses of nature’s splendor around every turn.

Pro Tip: 

Kildonan Park Loop is family-friendly, but it can get crowded on weekends. Consider weekday visits for a more relaxed stroll through the park’s serene trails.

6. Traverse and Preston Trail Loop

Traverse and Preston Trail Loop
Starting LocationAddress: 3000 Grant Ave, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Google Maps: Assiniboine Forest Parking Lot

Estimated Time37 minutes
Length3.5 km
Elevation Gain0 m
Route TypeLoop

The Traverse and Preston Trail Loop within Assiniboine Forest leads through a diverse landscape, from forests to wetlands and even areas of tall grass prairie. 

This trail system offers ample chances to extend your hike with various interconnected paths within the park.

With its relatively flat terrain, this loop provides a swift and effortless escape right within the city. Its accessibility and the option to explore additional trails make it an ideal choice for those seeking a quick outdoor getaway. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a brisk walk or wish to explore further into the interconnected trails, this loop serves as an inviting entryway to the natural beauty within Assiniboine Forest.

Pro Tip: 

The Traverse and Preston Trail Loop offers beautiful views. Bring a camera to capture the scenic landscapes along this picturesque trail.

7. Wolseley and Wellington Loop

Wolseley and Wellington Loop
Starting LocationAddress: 460 Assiniboine Park Dr, Winnipeg, MB R3P 2N7, Canada

Google Maps: Assiniboine Park Parking Lot

Estimated Time1 hour, 19 minutes
Length7.2 km
Elevation Gain13 m
Route TypeLoop

The Wolseley and Wellington Loop is a mainly paved trail journeying through Wolseley, Assiniboine Park, and Wellington Crescent. 

Beginning at Assiniboine Park, the path traces the Assiniboine River, maintaining an almost entirely flat profile. Half of the route runs alongside the riverbank, while the other half winds through diverse neighborhoods, including some with historical significance.

This loop offers ample access points and benches along the way, ensuring convenience and opportunities to take in the surroundings at your own pace. 

With its mix of river views and glimpses into historic neighborhoods, the Wolseley and Wellington Loop presents a captivating blend of nature and urban charm, inviting walkers to explore its diverse landscapes and rich heritage.

Pro Tip: 

Parking near Wolseley and Wellington Loop can be limited. Consider parking further away and starting your walk from a nearby spot to avoid congestion.

8. Whittier River Trail

Whittier River Trail
Starting LocationAddress: 836 Rue St Joseph, Winnipeg, MB R2Y 0H8, Canada

Google Maps: Whittier Park

Estimated Time35 minutes
Length3.1 km
Elevation Gain11 m
Route TypeOut & back

The Whittier River Trail embarks on a scenic journey, beginning with a vibrant, painted bridge crossing over the Seine River.

From there, it tracks along the Seine and Red Rivers, navigating wooded areas and offering glimpses of these majestic rivers. Towering, impressive trees punctuate certain sections, providing captivating views of the surrounding waters.

The trail leads to Fort Gibraltar, where walkers have the option to turn back, taking a loop away from the river that leads to Lagimodiere-Gaboury Park. Alternatively, the path extends further, inviting exploration towards the Provencher Bridge or beyond.

Even if you opt for a shorter loop or decide to continue along the riverside, the Whittier River Trail offers an enchanting route with diverse scenery, promising an engaging outdoor experience for all who wander its paths.

Pro Tip: 

Whittier River Trail can be uneven in some sections. Wear comfortable shoes with good traction for a more enjoyable walk, especially after rainfall.

9. Sturgeon Creek Trail

Sturgeon Creek Trail
Starting LocationAddress: 596 Cavalier Dr, Winnipeg, MB R2Y 0K2, Canada

Google Maps: Sturgeon Creek Park

Estimated Time1 hour, 5 minutes
Length6.1 km
Elevation Gain 4 m 
Route TypeOut & back

A delightful urban stroll, the Sturgeon Creek Trail follows a small river, offering a tranquil escape from the bustling cityscape. 

Remarkably, you’ll hardly notice the urban buzz while on this trail—it seamlessly navigates across various neighborhoods without the need to tackle busy streets; instead, it conveniently passes beneath them.

This relaxed trail offers a peaceful cityscape experience, meandering through diverse neighborhoods and alongside the river, though some hikers find the signage lacking. 

Additionally, it would be best if you considered downloading an offline map to navigate smoothly and enjoy this urban retreat along Sturgeon Creek.

Pro Tip: 

Sturgeon Creek Trail is a peaceful route. Bring binoculars if you’re interested in bird-watching along the creek during your walk.

10. Yellow Ribbon Greenway

Yellow Ribbon Greenway
Starting LocationAddress: 54 St Matthews Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0T5, Canada

Google Maps: 54 St

Estimated Time2 hours, 9 minutes
Length11.9 km
Elevation Gain17 m
Route TypeOut & back

The Yellow Ribbon Greenway, an urban paved trail, treats walkers to vistas of airports, bases, golf courses, and surrounding neighborhoods. As most of the path is open to the sun, it’s wise to bring along sun protection like a hat or sunscreen.

This trail is teeming with wildlife, particularly deer, adding a touch of nature to the urban setting. 

It is ideal for various activities like walking, running, biking, and even enjoying a day out with stroller-bound kids or leashed dogs, and it accommodates diverse preferences.

Moreover, the trail remains accessible during winter as it gets cleared, ensuring year-round enjoyment for those seeking outdoor activities in Winnipeg’s urban landscape.

Pro Tip: 

Parts of Yellow Ribbon Greenway offer shaded paths. Consider bringing a hat or sunscreen for sections that are more exposed to the sun.

11. St. Norbert MTB Loop

St. Norbert MTB Loop
Starting LocationAddress: 40 Turnbull Dr, Winnipeg, MB R3V 1X2, Canada

Google Maps: St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park

Estimated Time1 hour, 22 minutes
Length 7.7 km 
Elevation Gain5 m
Route TypeLoop

The St. Norbert MTB Loop tracks along the eastern stretch of La Salle River. 

To reach the trail, turn into St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park from Pembina Highway and follow the path on the east side of the highway leading to La Salle River, where you’ll cross the highway. 

Primarily designed for mountain biking, this trail also accommodates hikers and runners.

The trail showcases numerous switchbacks, all relatively easy to navigate, offering an enjoyable ride or hike. 

A pleasant path meanders between the railway tracks and the river, providing a serene ambiance and picturesque views of the surrounding landscape.

Pro Tip: 

St. Norbert MTB Loop can be shared with mountain bikers. Stay on designated pedestrian paths and be aware of cyclists for a safe walk.

12. Thundering Bison Trail

Thundering Bison Trail
Starting LocationAddress: Wilkes Ave, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Google Maps: Wilkes Ave

Estimated Time1 hour, 25 minutes
Length8 km
Elevation Gain1 m
Route TypeOut & back

The Thundering Bison Trail offers a straightforward and accessible experience, featuring primarily paved and gravel pathways suitable for any visitor at any time. 

This urban route commences from the River Heights Fort Garry community and parallels Sterling Lyon Parkway. Its endpoint lies at the intersection of the Assiniboine Forest.

This inner-city trail provides an easy stroll, perfect for a casual walk or a serene nature hike. 

For those seeking a quieter, more wooded environment, the Thundering Bison Trail serves as an excellent introduction to the network of trails within the nearby forested areas.

Pro Tip: 

This trail offers expansive views. Bring water and plan for breaks as there might be limited shade along the Thundering Bison Trail.

13. Churchill Drive Park

Churchill Drive Park
Starting LocationAddress: 55 Churchill Dr, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Google Maps: Churchill Drive Park

Estimated Time59 minutes
Length5.3 km
Elevation Gain16 m
Route TypeOut & back

Churchill Drive Park stands as a charming urban escape with two riverside options. The trail initially follows a gravel path along the bend of the Red River, transitioning to wood chips after passing under the Osborne Street Bridge.

The stretch beyond the bridge, heading towards BDI (the ice cream shop), is particularly delightful, adorned with more trees and offering picturesque river views.

The trail concludes just before reaching BDI and retraces the same path, providing a serene and lovely city walk.

Overall, Churchill Drive Park encapsulates the beauty of urban trails, presenting a pleasant route with a mix of surfaces and captivating views along the Red River.

Pro Tip: 

Churchill Drive Park offers riverfront views. Consider bringing a blanket for a scenic riverside picnic during your walk.

14. Lake Devonian and FortWhyte

Lake Devonian and FortWhyte
Starting LocationAddress: Front St, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1S9, Canada

Google Maps: Front St.

Estimated Time44 minutes
Length4.2 km
Elevation Gain0 m
Route TypeLoop

FortWhyte Alive requires an entrance fee but offers an array of recreational activities, making it a versatile destination for hiking, jogging, or biking enthusiasts. 

This area boasts various route options and promises a diverse experience, showcasing birds, bison, treehouses, remnants of old railroads, and tipis.

One of its highlights includes a fantastic boardwalk winding through protected wetlands, offering a serene walk amidst pristine natural surroundings. 

Access to this stunning wetland incurs mandated day-use fees intended to manage crowds and support vital wetland conservation efforts.

FortWhyte Alive stands as a multifaceted destination, providing both recreational opportunities and a chance to immerse oneself in nature’s beauty while contributing to preserving these precious wetlands.

Pro Tip: 

Lake Devonian and FortWhyte trails offer various wildlife viewing opportunities. Bring binoculars and a camera to capture the diverse wildlife along these paths.

15. Red River Riverwalk

Red River Riverwalk
Starting LocationAddress: 80 Churchill Dr, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Google Maps: Churchill Drive Park

Estimated Time2 hours, 14 minutes
Length11.9 km
Elevation Gain42 m
Route TypeOut & back

The Red River Riverwalk stands out as one of the premier city trails in Winnipeg. This trail offers a unique juxtaposition — it runs alongside the bustling parts of the city while remaining adjacent to the tranquil Red River. 

Despite the bustling urban backdrop, the trail manages to retain a sense of serenity and peace.

Walking this path provides a distinctive experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the city’s dynamic energy while enjoying the river’s calming presence. 

The Red River Riverwalk encapsulates the essence of Winnipeg’s urban beauty, harmonizing the vibrancy of city life with the tranquility of nature along the riverbank.

Pro Tip: 

The Red River Riverwalk is popular for its riverside views. Consider exploring early in the morning for a tranquil walk along the riverbanks.