Best Places to Take Guitar Lessons in Winnipeg
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The 5 Best Places to Take Guitar Lessons in Winnipeg

If that epic solo is still stuck in your head, why not learn to play it yourself? Whether you’re advancing your skills or starting from scratch, we know just where you can take quality guitar lessons. 

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on the top guitar instructors in Winnipeg. We’ll also go over the fees and FAQs of learning guitar, so stick around! 

How much do guitar lessons cost in Winnipeg? 

There’s no set way to learn guitar. People learn at different paces and academies have adapted their own approach to teaching this instrument. 

What they seem to agree on is that it takes time to master guitar. That’s why most of their rates are monthly as opposed to a per lesson fee. 

Here are guitar lesson rates of some of the best music schools in the city:

The Music Cellar6-week Introductory Program (6 x 30-minute lessons)$105
Tuition $79 per month ($790 per year)
School of Rock Weekly private lessons and group rehearsals $150 – $350 per month  
Tauber Music Registration Deposit $ 20 
Monthly tuition (4 x 30-minute private lessons)$104 per month 
Summer Rock Band Program$269
Music books $10 – $20 per year 
Instrument insurance fee$5
Groove AcademyIn-studio and online private lessons $94 per month (30-minute sessions)

$180 per month (1-hour sessions)
Group lessons$75 per month
In-home lessons$120 per month (30-minute sessions)
Guitar Rentals $8 – $10
Luc Clement30-minute lessons (4-5 per month) $25 per session, billed monthly
45-minute lessons (4-5 per month) $35 per session, billed monthly
60-minute lessons (4-5 per month) $50 per session, billed monthly

Best Places for Guitar Lessons in Winnipeg

Now that you know the cost of guitar lessons, let’s hop into our picks. For this list, we looked at music schools with the following features: 

Flexibility with age groups, to meet you where you are no matter how old you want to start learning
Qualified instructors that form good playing habits and develop solid foundations with the guitar 
Program benefits, which may include recital opportunities, competitions, and band exposure. 

1. The Music Cellar

The Music Cellar
PROGRAMS  Introductory Programs, Private Lessons, Royal Conservatory of Music Program, Showcase Band Programs 
INSTRUMENTS Drums, Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Bass, Voice and Ukulele
ADDRESS561-B St. Anne’s Road, Winnipeg, MB R2M 3G5, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (204) 253 5170
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Thursday, 3:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Fridays, 3:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Saturdays, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sundays, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

TMC is somewhere you can dip your toe for a potential career in music. That’s because they offer plenty of opportunities to perform on stage and around other people. 

If that rattles your nerves a little, don’t worry. You’re invited to find your confidence first through a 6-week introductory course. 

Groupings are sorted by age and experience, which we like because it helps learners keep pace at their own level. Alumni we’ve consulted felt comfortable with their progress, with some even landing careers as professional guitarists.

We can see why that is, especially due to their Band Showcase program. You can really test your grit here by auditioning to gain the full band experience―from composition to arrangement and more. 

Another thing to get excited about is that they host special events featuring famous solo artists and bands. The likes of Doc Walker, the Rascal Flatts, and Brent Fitz have performed in TMC halls, no name just a few. 

At the end of it all, TMC hosts a culminating music festival. The show is a big favourite among students and parents alike, because they get to see months of practice and learning shine through. 

Last year, TMC had to switch to an online platform because of the pandemic (yet people still enjoyed the virtual classes). They are set to resume in-person classes this year but that can still change―something to watch out for if you prefer not to practice chords through a screen. 


  • Over 35 years in business
  • Sensible class groupings 
  • Collaborative opportunities through workshops band programs 
  • Special events featuring solo artists and bands


  • May switch to online lessons, depending on Covid-19
  • Syllabus specifics unavailable online

Customer Reviews

Even when lessons were online, our kids enjoyed music classes

“We have been very happy at the Music Cellar. Even when lessons were online our kids enjoyed music classes. They are looking forward to being in person again this year”―Colin Thames 

I particularly love the end of year music festival 

“All the teachers were wonderful and always shared their passion for music.  The Showcase program is excellent for the inner Rock n Roll Band in all of us. I particularly love the end of year Music Festival.”―Ray Swiderek

Provide such a welcoming environment, with highly skilled and talented instructors

“The Music Cellar is a world class music school. They provide such a welcoming environment,with highly skilled and talented instructors! The Music cellar goes above and beyond in encouraging students to reach for the stars! If I was given the opportunity to be at the beginning of my music education again, I’d want it to start at The Music Cellar.”―Murray Pulver, guitarist, composer, producer, multiple winner of CCMA’s Guitarist of the Year

2. School of Rock

School of Rock
PROGRAMSLittle Wing, Rookies, Rock 101, Performance, Songwriting, Online, Adult Programs, House Band, Allstars
INSTRUMENTS Guitar, Drum, Voice, Keyboard, Bass
ADDRESS657 Corydon Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3M0W3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (204) 615 7625
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday, 3:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am –  6:00 pm 
Sunday: Closed

No, Jack Black doesn’t teach guitar here if that’s what you were thinking. They do have some pretty sweet offerings though, and will have you jamming along in no time. 

School of Rock students benefit from the academy’s patented method of teaching, including theory, form, and musicianship. Apart from building proper technique, the main goal of the program is to prepare students for performing live. 

What we think heightens this experience is that students get to perform in real rock venues. That’s great news if a stimulating atmosphere is what gets you in the zone to do your best.

We also like how their programs are structured. From Little Wing to adult classes, the school’s curriculum caters to beginners from ages 3 and up at different experience levels.

We’ve also gathered positive feedback on the instructors, whom people admire for their expertise and competence in teaching. It should be noted that the program is heavily geared toward rock music – more than other genres. 

If you’re looking for a short-term experience, consider signing up for their music camps and workshops. Those are very seasonal though, so you’ll have to be on the lookout for when they do come up. 

If you’re still unsure about going all the way, you can always book a free trial with them to see what it’s like. We think this perk is a welcoming way of introducing people to the community without the monetary commitment.

You’re going to need that commitment later though, since the program includes both private lessons and group rehearsals. It also makes the package more expensive than most, but we do think you get what you pay for. 


  • Patented School of Rock Method offers a unique experience
  • Programs are structured for all ages 
  • Well-reviewed instructors 
  • Offers music camps and workshops
  • Offers a free trial 


  • Lesson package is quite expensive 
  • Limited to the rock genre

Customer Reviews

Fantastic programming and has a unique take on music education
“An amazing experience for kids. Can’t recommend School of Rock enough for its amazing staff, fantastic programming and its unique take on music education. It’s more than a school – it’s a community, based upon building confidence, a sense of belonging and a love for music that delights parents and kids alike.”―Robyn Normandale

The teachers are very competent and the staff are friendly and available
“Great music school, the learning is practice-oriented, the teachers very competent and the staff are just amazing (friendly and available). I like to learn with my favorite music.

Great music school, you learn theory with actual songs, teachers are skillful and the staff is awesome. Friendly and receptive. I like learning with my favorite songs.”―Amandine Kern

3. Tauber Music

Tauber Music
PROGRAMSFor Children, Teens, and Adult Beginners
Early Childhood (Independent and Parent Participation) 
INSTRUMENTSGuitar, Piano, Voice, Violin, Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Drums, Woodwinds
Garden City Shopping Centre

2211 McPhillips Street,
Winnipeg, MB R2V 3M5

Henderson at Oakland Ave
1099 Henderson Highway,
Winnipeg, MB R2G 1L4

Meadowood Village Mall
140 Meadowood Drive,
Winnipeg, MB R2M 5L8

Value Village Center
1747 Pembina Highway,
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2G6

Grant Park Shopping Centre
1120 Grant Avenue,
Winnipeg, MB R3M 2A6

2nd Floor, St. John’s Music building
1330 Portage Avenue,
Winnipeg, MB R3G 0V6
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (204) 697 4565
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSTelephone hours:
Monday – Friday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm 
Saturday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm 
Sundays: Closed 

Tauber Music is ideal for learning guitar from a young age or even as a family. Not only do they cater to a wide range of age groups, they also have some extra perks to go along with it.

To suit your schedule better, you can opt for either 30, 45, or 60-minute sessions. You can also make special arrangements for a combination of in-studio and virtual lessons.

They’re highly accessible for added convenience―having 6 branches studded around Winnipeg. No more driving to the other end of town to learn guitar!

In terms of programs, we like that they have special curriculums designed for small children. This makes them a strong choice for foundational learning during formative years.

It also helps that all instructors at Tauber are screened professionally for experience and training. They’re also clear of criminal records and any history with child abuse. 

We did notice that the monthly tuition is slightly higher than other schools for the regular term. Interestingly, their introductory aptitude program sits nicely at the city average. 

That said, it’s nifty that they offer a Family Lesson Discount. Signing up 2 or more family members for lessons will get you a few dollars off each monthly rate.

Tauber Music does seem to have a preference for virtual lessons at this time, to minimise their studio capacity during Covid-19. That means you’re likely to be at their facility for only some sessions in a month.

This also means that you may have to purchase or rent a guitar, since practice instruments are required at home. On the brightside, this is more achievable with guitars compared to the piano or drums.


  • Flexible learning arrangements
  • Multiple locations around the city 
  • Special music programs for young children
  • Offers Family Lesson Discount 


  • A bit pricey
  • Practice instrument required at home 

Customer Reviews

Experienced, well trained instructors

“They have experienced, well trained instructors. They care about their students”―Joann Sutherland, on Tauber Music Garden City Place

Studied here for 10 years and had a great bond with my teacher
“Great place to take lessons! I studied here for about 10 years and had a great bond with my teacher Alvina. I would highly recommend private instruction for anyone serious about learning an instrument.”―Brennan Hodge, on Tauber Music Henderson

Best guitar teacher ever and one of the most gifted and kind-hearted people I’ve ever met
“Mark is the best guitar teacher I’ve ever had and is one of the most gifted and kind-hearted people I’ve ever met. If you’re looking to book guitar lessons at this school, I’d highly recommend you to consider Mark in your decision as his years of experience and knowledge in guitar will not let you down.”―Riley, on Tauber Music Meadowood

4. Groove Academy

Groove Academy
PROGRAMSBeginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Band Program, Music Theory
INSTRUMENTSGuitar, Piano, Drum, Voice, Violin, Woodwind,
ADDRESSNiakwa Park (Main Office)
2 Iroquois Bay Winnipeg, R2J 2E2

South East Winnipeg
48 Speers Rd. Unit B Winnipeg, MB R2J 1M3
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (204) 254 2184
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm 
Saturday: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm 
Sundays: Closed 

Groove academy earns a spot on this list for their dynamic staff and in-depth curriculum. They also do a good job pairing it with convenient learning features, which we’ll get into now.

Whether you’re a parent or a student yourself, we think you’ll really like their online portal. Registering with Groove will get you an account online, where you can manage everything from your phone or computer. 

The portal displays your running balance, scheduling tools, attendance, and other resources. We like this because it keeps everyone up-do-date and makes it easy to access learning material for practicing at home. 

They also make it easy to select a course―from beginner to advanced (there’s even a program for senior citizens). Each course type is outlined in full detail to give you a clear idea of which one is best for you.

Lessons include ear training, chord progressions, time signatures, and much more. They also teach practical maintenance like tuning and how to change strings (very useful!).

If you’d like to add special requests to the program, you can calendar-book a free meet-and-greet. From there, you can work with their certified instructors to co-design the course and even have it count for highschool credits. 

Groove Academy does have a band program, but the venues are a tad limited. Still, their private and group lessons offer plenty of recital time. 


  • Upfront program syllabus 
  • Payments are manageable online 
  • Includes a lesson portal for independent practice
  • Offers special programs for senior citizens
  • Guitar rentals and rent-to-own available 
  • Lessons include practical guitar maintenance 
  • Lessons count toward highschool credits 


  • Band programs don’t have special venues
  • Limited to popular music, classical, and jazz 

Customer Reviews

We love the lesson portal for practice between sessions
“Our children (ages 4 and 6) take guitar and violin lessons at Groove Academy. The teachers are very professional and are fantastic with little ones, both for in-person and remote lessons.  We love the lesson portal for practice between lessons. We have found everyone flexible, understanding, patient, helpful and kind―an overall excellent environment. Highly recommend it!”―Susan Cooper

Supports ambition and motivation to widen your knowledge regardless of your age
“I highly recommend Groove Academy to anyone who is interested in learning a new musical hobby. I enrolled early this year with little to no knowledge on what I was doing. The staff supports ambition and motivation to widen your knowledge regardless of your age. Needless to say, they are very welcoming.”―Jess

Helped me learn the underlying principles of reading music at age 31
“The groove academy has helped in learning the underlying principles of reading music at age 31. I thought it was impossible, and they have proved to me that anything is possible with consistency and hard work. Thanks Groove Academy!”―Charles Beckley

5. Luc Clement

Luc Clement
PROGRAMSIn-person, Virtual, and Group Lessons
INSTRUMENTS Guitar and Ukulele
ADDRESS257 Dumoulin street, Winnipeg, MB R2H-0E5, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (204) 918 4657
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday, 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Saturdays, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Sundays: Closed

Luc Clement is all about guitars (and ukuleles). Their approach to guitar instruction is a bit more casual than other entries on this list, which might just be what you’re looking for. 

If you’re new to guitar and want to ease into things, you can start with learning the ukulele. This is a sound introduction to the full six-stringed instrument because it’s simpler and easy to play.

Whether it’s a ukulele or a guitar, you’ll learn the basics of music theory and strumming patterns. We like that Luc tailors the course to his students’ interests, helping them master the music they enjoy the most.

They even get the benefit of custom practice routines to develop their own playing style. This offers a more individual approach than what you’d normally get from book-based instruction. 

We also like that he records audio files of your progress. We kind of wish that all music schools could do this, because it’s a great way to review mistakes and exhibit progress.

If you’re still undecided, you can get a no-commitment preview of the course through a free trial lesson. If you like what you see, home visits and virtual lessons can be arranged to your liking. 

Students do get the chance to perform in-studio but the full concert experience is left to be desired. Nonetheless, what Luc Clement lacks in stage opportunities is (in our opinion) made up for with focused personal instruction. 


  • Beginner ukulele course available 
  • Tailored approach with custom practice routines 
  • Recorded progress 
  • Home lessons available 
  • Free trial lesson


  • No advanced program 
  • No lessons for bass guitar 

Customer Reviews

We love that Luc will come to our home to give lessons

“Luc is knowledgeable, professional and so patient. My son started taking lessons 3 months ago and we’re shocked at how far he has already come thanks to Luc’s instruction. We also love that Luc will come to our home to give the lessons. We highly recommend Luc.”―EJ Phommarath

My daughter has progressed very quickly and looks forward to lessons every week
“I can’t say enough positive things about this instructor. My daughter started lessons with him once a week at the beginning of October. She has progressed very quickly and looks forward to her lessons each week. Thank you very much Luc for all the wonderful work you are doing!”―Jennifer Grimard

He offers personalized lessons tailored to students
“I’ve been taking lessons with Luc for a couple months now. Luc is a great teacher. He offers personalized lessons tailored on student’s interests, experience and learning style. As a complete beginner, I found myself quickly progressing. Highly recommended.”―Josee Deroche

FAQs About Learning Guitar

And there you have it―best places in Winnipeg to take guitar lessons. We’re closing the curtains on this list for now, but our lines are wide open for discussion. 

Have you (or someone you know) been a student in any of these schools? If so, you’re welcome to shoot us a message because we’d love to know about the experience. 

Meanwhile, there are more skills out there that are worth learning. For example, we’ve also done a review of the best driving schools in Winnipeg, so be sure to check that out, too!