Best Home Inspection in Winnipeg
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7 Best Home Inspection Agencies in Winnipeg

Featured Image Source: Matt Jones via Unsplash

For anyone looking to purchase a new home, it can be easy to overlook a potential deal-breaker. That’s where home inspectors can protect prospective buyers and homeowners alike.

To help you gain that peace of mind, we’re reporting our picks for the best home inspection agencies in Winning today. We’ll also be tackling the average cost of this service, along with some common questions related to home inspection.

How Much Does Home Inspection Cost in Winnipeg?

What exactly do you pay for when you employ the expertise of a home inspector? Your money goes to the assessment on-site, a detailed report, and oftentimes, additional post-inspection support.

Here a some common services offered by home inspectors, along with their average cost:

Pre-listing home inspection$400 to $550 (1500 sq ft to 3000+ sq ft)
Pre-buying home inspection$400 to $550 (1500 sq ft to 3000+ sq ft)
Infrared thermal imaging scan$200 to $250 + $25 per photo
On-call home investigation$250

Best Home Inspection Agencies in Winnipeg

Now that we’ve had a thorough look at the price list, let’s review the best home inspection agencies in Winnipeg.

1.   Red Seal Inspection

Red Seal Inspection's Homepage
Source: Red Seal Inspection
SERVICESInspection of Plumbing Systems, Heating and Cooling Systems, Electrical Systems, Site/Property Conditions, Structure, and Building Envelope
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 204- 292-7791
Email: [email protected]
AVAILABILITYMonday to Saturday – 8:00 AM to  6:00 PM
Sunday: By Appointment

Originally based in Alberta, Red Seal Inspection has extended its home inspection services to Winnipeg. With over 20 years of industry experience in tow, they know what it takes for a home to qualify as a sound living space.

Red Seal uses the latest technology to assess the longevity of a house and its facilities. They go through over 35 inspection points and run them by you along the way.

They also seek to inform you real-time by inviting you to participate in the process. While you walk with them around the house, they encourage questions and have plenty of insights to share.

If you’re worried about the cost, Red Seal applies discounts to bundle services and referrals.

They also offer thermal imaging for free, which is normally charged separately by other agencies of its kind.

At the end of your home inspection, you’ll gain access to the Home Binder app. It’s a useful home maintenance tool that will already come loaded with your appliance and home details.


  • Quick response
  • Free lifetime subscription to the Home Binder app
  • Bundle and referral discounts available


  • Slightly pricey base rates

Customer Reviews

Here’s some positive feedback on Red Seal Inspection:

“Jeremy was very accommodating, responded quickly and provided a detailed home inspection report. He identified issues needing attention and provided recommendations to address these concerns. Utilizing his services provided a piece of mind, well worth it.  Highly recommend and will definitely use his services again!”―Ryan Pagaduan

“The Home inspection was well worth the cost. The property I was going to buy had many big problems that were pointed out by some sharp eyes and knowledge of common problems that would normally be missed by the average homebuyer. It would have cost me thousands after moving in.”―Matthew Levesque

2.   A Buyer’s Choice

A Buyer’s Choice's Homepage
Source: A Buyer’s Choice
SERVICESInspection Services for Residential and Pre-sale, Home Maintenance, New Home Warranty, Renovation Deficiency
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: South West Location – 204-997-3848
South East Location – 204-806-8871
AVAILABILITYMonday to Saturday – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Closed on Sundays

A Buyer’s Choice is a home inspection franchise serving Canada, the US, and some other regions globally. In Winnipeg, there are currently 3 owner-inspectors working around the city.

From what we can see, they know that clients like to be assured of quality serviceespecially when it costs hundreds of dollars. For this, they swear by their free 90-day inspection warranty to keep your mind at ease.

Similar to Red Seal’s Home Binder, A Buyer’s Choice has RecallChek™ bundled with their inspection service. It’s a good safety feature to have because it lets you know whether an appliance model you own is being recalled.

In addition to making sure that the house is in working order, they also credit Airmiles. It doesn’t really add any particular value to the service itself, but it’s always nice to have.

Instead of having one coherent website, though, they’ve opted for separate yet almost identical ones for each branch. This can get a bit confusing, so just be sure not to jumble up their contact details by mistake.


  • Multi-certified
  • Free 90-day warranty
  • Free RecallChek™ service


  • Identical websites for each branch can be confusing

Customer Reviews

Happy clients have good remarks about the A Buyer’s Choice franchise in Winnipeg:

South West, Rene Rheault:

“Rene was a fantastic inspector. My fiance and I were first-time homebuyers, and he took the time to point out the things needing fixing, how urgent they were, and even some ways to save money by repairing things ourselves. He was approachable, friendly, and it was easy to ask him any questions while we were at the property, or afterward. Went above and beyond, and the price point was below what we were expecting. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!”―Marnie Willman

South East, Shaun Jeffrey:

“We used Shaun to inspect a home we put an offer on at the recommendation of our realtor. I’ve had home inspections in the past but not to this quality. Shaun is very thorough and does a fantastic job. He explained everything he was doing and what he was finding throughout the house with pictures and provided an extremely detailed report. I would definitely use him in the future. Worth it!”―Jen M.

North East, Ken and Christian Kalk:

“Ken arranged an inspection for my place promptly. I did not expect that they would have accommodated me on a short notice. I am really appreciative. Christian did a detailed and well informed inspection for a place that I am interested in purchasing.”―Gerwaine Minerva

3.   Northstar Home Inspections

Northstar Home Inspections' Homepage
Source: Northstar Home Inspections
SERVICESPre-purchase, Pre-listing, and Mobile Home Inspection, Infrared Thermal Imaging Scan, Situation Investigation
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 204-898-1423
Email: [email protected]
AVAILABILITY7:00 AM to 9:00 PM Closed on Sundays

Northstar is a local company that offers non-invasive home inspection. Without having to tear anything apart, they visually assess and run performance tests on all your home systems.

On their site, they mention their inspection route (in order) so you know which areas of your home to clear of people, pets, and furniture. It’s a small detail, but it’s there to help you prepare for your appointment.

If you want a thermal inspection to smooth out a heat-related issue, they offer thermal imaging either as an add-on or standalone service. However, keep in mind that their standalone thermal imaging is more expensive than the add-on version you can tack onto a home inspection.

Northstar also offers a “Situation Investigation” to address a specific problem that may occur at any time. This means you can call them to solve home anomalies like mysterious leaks or strange ventilation issues.

Usually, home inspectors send in the final report within 24 hours. If you need it earlier for whatever reason, it’s pretty handy that Northstar can get it to you within the day.


  • Wide range of services
  • Same-day submission of detailed report


  • Pricey thermal imaging

Customer Reviews

Here are some positive reviews directed to Northstar Home Inspection:

“We had Jody do 2 home inspections for us. Both times he was very professional and polite. He was very thorough at each inspection. It’s my first time buying a house and he gave great tips on what to look for in a house for the long term and gave great advice on how to upkeep a house long term. I highly recommend North Star Inspections if you’re needing a house inspection done for potentially buying. Also seeing how thermal imaging is done in a house was really neat. Great price for amazing service”Lindsay Courchene

“Dave performed a home inspection on a house we were in the process of purchasing. He arrived on time and was very polite and professional. The inspection was very thorough, and he walked us through everything he was doing. He was very friendly and gave us plenty of opportunities to ask questions or ask for clarification. This was our first home purchase and we could not have asked for a better person for the job. We also paid extra for thermal imaging, which we think was definitely worth it. Dave went through the entire house and checked everything. It was also very interesting to watch.”Barry Yakimchuk

4.   True View Home Inspections

True View Home Inspections' Homepage
Source: True View Home Inspections
SERVICESPre-purchase and Pre-listing Inspection, Thermal Imaging
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 204-746-4151
Email: [email protected]
AVAILABILITYMonday to Saturday – 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sunday – 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

True View is another local inspection agencyfounded by certified home inspector, Mark Manikel.

As an inspector-built business, they’re known to be highly knowledgeable and thorough in their home assessment. They set up appointments fairly quickly, too, and can usually get you a slot within 36 hours of booking.

They also like involving you in the inspection if you’re up to it.This is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the house.

What sets True View apart is the information package they provide their clientsit’s quite impressive, really. In it, you’ll receive these: an action list, The Home Reference Book, a cost estimate booklet (for potential renovations), a priority maintenance list, and a PDF of your inspection report.

Most inspection companies wouldn’t go through the trouble of printing you all these peripherals. But they did and that’s why they’re on this list.


  • Inspection within 36 hours of booking
  • Generous post-inspection package
  • Continued after-service support


  • Slightly pricey base rates

Customer Reviews

People truly view True View in a rather good light.

“Wow! Mark was absolutely amazing to work with on our home inspection. Very professional, easy to understand and was extremely knowledgeable in areas that helped us with the decision making process. Thanks again, Mark!” ―Matt Dirks

“We had Mark do our inspection. He was very thorough, the whole thing taking about 3 hrs. He explained everything really well as we went through the home. One of the best parts was the detailed report they delivered afterwards; explanations, pictures, suggestions. Couldn’t recommend more.”―Jacob Figler

5.   Bridgewater Home Inspections

Bridgewater Home Inspections' Homepage
Source: Bridgewater Home Inspections
SERVICESPre-purchase Home Inspection, Pre-listing Inspection, First Time Homeowners Inspection, Thermal Imaging
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 204-583-6444
Email: [email protected]
AVAILABILITYAll week, 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Bridegwater is another top performer in Winnipeg’s home inspection scene. Satisfied clients seem to think so too, and there are a lot of them.

If you’re big on thermal imaging, Bridgewater will guide you through setting up your home for the scans to work properly. They let you know which types of furniture count as obstructions, and will help you get the most out of the tech. 

One of their main goals is to “eliminate buyer regret”, and from what we hear, none of their clients have regretted a purchase inspected under their watch. They’re patient, thorough, and articulate with their reports, which people appreciate.

They’ve also taken the liberty of making bookings easy to set up. All you need to do is accomplish an online form and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.


  • Convenient booking
  • Proficient in thermal imaging


  • No standalone thermal imaging service

Customer Reviews

Here’s what people have to say about the inspection service they received from Bridgewater:

“Nayan accommodated our last minute inspection request and was very friendly and helpful throughout the whole inspection. He was also thorough and helped us with questions that we had, and the report turnaround was very quick as well. Satisfied customer here!”―Reena V

“Excellent, thorough inspection, very reasonably priced, extremely knowledgeable and patient with clear explanations for all of our many questions, highly recommend this service.”―David Lussier

6. Tech 9 Home Inspections

SERVICESComprehensive Home Inspection Services
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]204 792-5187
AVAILABILITYBy appointment

Next on our list is Tech 9 Home Inspections, a home inspection firm that first opened its doors to the public in 2010. 

Tech 9 Home Inspections was established with one simple goal in mind: To provide home buyers with comprehensive home inspection reports. What sets apart these reports, aside from their comprehensiveness, is the inclusion of digital photos.

These reports are highly recommended for new and experienced home buyers alike given the fact that they offer unbiased information that details defects and safety issues. 

The Tech 9 Home Inspections head has one of the most extensive backgrounds on our list, having been a municipal building inspector, plumber, and taker of relevant building code courses. His expertise is unparalleled and helps give clients peace of mind and confidence when making a big purchase.

To top things off, Tech 9 Home Inspections provides inspections throughout Winnipeg and the Inter Lake area. Those who are interested can reach Tech 9 Home Inspections through phone or email.


  • Offers comprehensive home inspection services
  • Serves the Winnipeg and Inter Lake area
  • Reports include digital photos
  • Offers quality control inspections for new home builds, fencing, roofing, etc.


  • Limited to residential properties

7. B & R Home Inspections

SERVICESInterior and Exterior Home Inspection
CONTACT DETAILS(431) 997-9227
08:00 a.m. – 08:00 p.m.

Now, when it comes to home inspections, it’s essential to opt for an inspector that’s capable of being thorough regardless of the size or state of the given property.

B&R Home Inspections is one of our top choices when it comes to this fact. Having served the area for several years now, B&R Home Inspections has proven time and again that their system for inspections work.

See, B&R Home Inspections begin with the roof and every part of the house that’s connected to the roof. This includes the chimney, the flashing, the eve’s trough, the ventilation system, the electrical service entrance, the plumbing stack, and any other systems or components located on the roof.

The roof inspection is followed by the exterior.

B&R Home Inspections typically invite clients to the process, so they can get a glimpse of the micro and macro approach that help in seeing the bigger picture. Tried and tested, this approach allow B&R Home Inspections to catch details that other inspectors may have missed.

Last is the interior inspection of the house, beginning at the very bottom all the way to the top. B&R Home Inspections will be looking at such things as the structure, the heating and cooling systems, the electrical and plumbing systems, the interior finishes, the insulation and ventilation.

Once the inspection is through, B&R Home Inspections will collate their findings in a comprehensive, easy-to-read digital report, which will then be sent to the client’s email within 24 hours.

Aside from the thorough inspections, B&R is also known for being the only inspector to provide verbal walkthroughs. Doing so gives clients better insight on what’s happening around the property.

Lastly, inspections from B&R are priced around $179, which is one of the best rates in the area.


  • Operates every day of the week
  • Uses thermal imaging during inspections
  • Offers digital detailed reports within 24 hours
  • Easy booking process
  • Thorough inspections


  • Limited to residential properties

FAQs About Home Inspection

Seems like we’ve covered everything on the checklist! We hope this guide has been useful in helping you choose one of the most important allies in real estate.

To learn more on home maintenance, feel free to check out the best pest control companies in Winnipeg.