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Top International Students Agencies in Winnipeg That Have the Insider Track to Help You Get In

Success Rate: We prioritized firms with a proven track record of successful school applications for international students.

Services Offered: We looked for agencies offering a comprehensive package, including application guidance, school selection support, and scholarship assistance.

Experience with Your Target Schools: We considered agencies familiar with your preferred universities or colleges to maximize your chances.

Client Reviews & Testimonials: Positive feedback from past clients showcased the agency's effectiveness and student satisfaction.

Cost Transparency: We favored agencies with upfront pricing structures, avoiding hidden fees or surprises.

Counselor Qualifications: We valued agencies with experienced and qualified counselors knowledgeable about educational pathways and student visas.

Additional Support: We considered agencies offering additional services like interview preparation, cultural adjustment support, and housing assistance.

Accessibility & Availability: We prioritized agencies with flexible appointment options, including online consultations, to cater to international students' time zones.

As someone who came from Bangladesh and works as a tutor, I totally get the international student experience! Finding the right school and navigating the application process can feel overwhelming.  

That’s why when my friend (also an international student) asked about the top international students agencies in Winnipeg, I knew I had to dig in and find the best.

So, I scoured the web, chatted with parents of international students, and even interviewed some agency clients themselves. Finally, I uncovered the Winnipeg student agencies with the ultimate insider track to help you get accepted!  

Keep reading to know which ones made the cut.

How much do international students’ agencies charge in Winnipeg?

International students’ agencies might charge between $1,000 to $5,000 for comprehensive packages. These may include application assistance, visa processing, and accommodation arrangements.

Other factors include the level of support, the range of services, the complexity of your application, and the number of schools you apply to. Note that some agencies offer à la carte services for specific needs, which can be more affordable.

1. Canada Connect


Address: 167 Lombard Ave suite 500

Phone: (204) 221-1199

Business hours: Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 5 PM



Canada Connect Immigration Consulting Services is founded by Jacques Therrien, a former immigration officer, regional program advisor, and visa officer. This inside knowledge could be a plus for navigating the application process.

We like that they’re international agents of the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg University, and more. Meaning, they can help you find the perfect program with these partners based on your background and goals.

If you’re not sure what kind of permit you need, Canada Connect helps you explore all options, including the Student Direct Stream. This allows for potentially faster processing for certain countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, and more.

They can also guide you through registering and taking the CAEL or CELPIP English language tests, a must for many programs. And if you’re already enrolled elsewhere, they can help you secure work placements or internships in Canada.

While Canada Connect offers a comprehensive package, there’s a catch—they might be on the pricier side.


  • Founded by a former immigration officer
  • International agents of known Winnipeg schools
  • Has a Student Direct Stream program
  • Helps with CAEL or CELPIP English language tests
  • Can help you secure work placements or internships


  • Pricey

Customer Reviews

Phenomenal experience with Canada Connect

“I have had such a phenomenal experience with Canada Connect Immigration Consulting Services, especially with Jacques and Kristine! 🙂 They have provided me helpful advices, suggestions, and legitimate answers which helped me to be less anxious about my unsure and nervous questions. You know, it’s your future plan in Canada. I found that it’s so easy to overthink and worry too much. Whenever I send them inquiry emails or phone calls, they always get back to me rapidly to help me out. Thanks Jacques and Kristine!”

— Namjoo Park, Google Review

Best place to visit for all your immigration needs

“Canada Connect is the best place to visit for all your immigration needs. I had a fantastic experience with Jacques and Kristine. They are always there to answer all my questions. I will be visiting them again in the future for all my other immigration needs.”

— mariam babar, Google Review

2. Canadian International Education Service Centre


Address: 1483 Pembina Hwy #102

Phone: (204) 888-3333

Business hours: Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 5 PM



Established in 2001, The Canadian International Education Service Centre (CIESC) claims to be the first Chinese study-abroad and immigration agency in Manitoba. This long history might indicate experience navigating the system.

They specialize in helping Chinese students from high school to university get accepted into Manitoba schools and obtain study visas. They also hold authorizations from most public universities, colleges, and several high schools.

Their Manitoba Study Abroad Graduate Employment Immigration Program is a popular option for Chinese students, boasting a high success rate.

Furthermore, CIESC offers a program specifically for those already in Canada on short-term visas. These include people who want to transition to a study visa such as tourists, parents accompanying students, and those with poor deposit history.

While CIESC offers services in English, its website seems to cater primarily to Chinese students.


  • Established in 2001Specializes in study visas
  • Holds authorizations from various schools
  • Has a Graduate Employment Immigration Program
  • Program for those with short-term visas


  • Caters to Chinese students

Customer Reviews

Best immigration service in Canada

“If you are looking for the best immigration service in Canada, it’s the best place to choose!! Wonderful staff with unquestionable service, always be patient to answer the question!!! Love it!!!”

— Jo Kevin, Google Review

Perfect customer service!

“Perfect customer service! From staff to CEO they gave us lots of supports and professional advice. Every important step they always prepared in advance to save time. I will definitely recommend CIESC to my friends.” 

— Luxi Wang, Google Review

3. RRC Polytech


Address: 2055 Notre Dame Ave

Phone: (204) 632-3960

Business hours: Mon – Fri: 6 AM – 8 PM



Red River College Polytechnic (RRC Polytech) in Manitoba boasts over 60 programs designed for international students, most taking just two years or less. This could be a budget-friendly and time-efficient way to gain job skills and Canadian experience.

For international students who need help settling in, RRC Polytech offers a range of services. Examples include academic support (tutoring, English language assistance) and career guidance (resume workshops, job search help).

We like that they go beyond academics, offering support from choosing your program to finding a job and navigating the Canadian visa process. This holistic approach could be a major plus.

They even partner with universities worldwide, potentially opening doors for future collaborations or academic exchanges.

All things considered, be prepared for their slow email response times. Consider calling or following up if you need a quick answer.


  • Over 60 programs for international students
  • Employment and visa support
  • Academic and career support
  • Partners with universities worldwide


  • Slow email response times

Customer Reviews

A great place to advance your education

“A great place to advance your education. The staff and instructors are all very nice people who want you to succeed as much as they get paid to teach.” 

— Mimi Jones, Google Review

Amazing experience at RRC Polytech

“Amazing experience at RRC Polytech. Excellent instructors and learning tools. Well kept equipment to learn on. Real world knowledge that prepares students for work.”

— Anders Chapman, Google Review

4. Heartland International English School


Address: 280 William Ave

Phone: (204) 989-8448

Business hours: Mon – Fri: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM



Heartland International English School, with locations in Winnipeg and Mississauga, is accredited by Languages Canada. Here, you can expect a solid learning experience and support if you’re an international student. 

Welcoming students from over 60 countries, they offer a variety of programs, from beginner to advanced. They let you start any Monday and study for as long as you need—this flexibility could be a major plus for busy schedules.

Additionally, we learned that Heartland’s Pathway Program combines intensive English classes with academic preparation, test prep, and university/college application support. For those aiming for a Canadian degree, this could be a great option.

Pathway graduates can also receive a certificate accepted by some partner universities, allowing for conditional admission. As a bonus, their schools boast modern classrooms, Wi-Fi, kitchens, and student lounges.

While we love all the pros that Heartland offers, we did hear that they’re unresponsive to calls and emails. 


  • Has locations in Winnipeg and Mississauga
  • Accredited by Languages Canada
  • Students from over 60 countries
  • Has a Heartland’s Pathway Program
  • Has partner universities
  • Great facilities


  • Unresponsive to calls and emails

Customer Reviews

Heartland is an extremely well organized school

“Heartland is an extremely well organized school! The 4 teachers I’ve had the most time with are excellent (Ken, Jeff, Carol and Jon) !! I was very well received by all and highly recommend!!”

— Léo Pereira Filho, Google Review

Excellent environment to learn English

“Excellent environment to learn English with multicultural classes.” 

— José Gabriel Cervera Carbajal, Google Review

5. Sunrise Education & Immigration


Address: 2200 McPhillips St #110

Phone: (204) 219-9907

Business hours:

  • Monday: 10 AM – 12 AM
  • Tuesday: 12 PM – 6 AM, 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Wed – Fri: 10 AM – 6 PM



Sunrise Education & Immigration, led by Manish Upadhyay, promises to be a  “one-stop shop” for international students. 

First, they emphasize understanding your unique goals through personalized counseling.

Then, they’ll help you find the right program, handle your application, and navigate the entire process—from pre-departure prep to settling in after you land in Canada. They’ll even offer guidance on finances and paperwork.

Plus, Sunrise boasts certified professionals who can assist with immigration pathways. This could offer peace of mind for international students aiming for permanent residency.

Aside from academics, they also airport pickup, accommodation assistance, and guidance on daily essentials like banking and essential services. These are helpful for international students settling in a new country.

What’s not helpful, however, are their mistakes with applications as these might lengthen the application process.


  • Offers personalized counseling
  • Guidance on program choice and application
  • Helps with finances and paperwork
  • Helps with immigration pathways
  • Airport pickup and accommodation assistance


  • Reports of application mistakes

Customer Reviews

Excellent service!!

“Excellent service!! One of the very few immigration offices who actually care about their clients. The entire team is extremely knowledgeable and patient. Special thanks to Manish and Shrusti for making my entire PR process smooth and stress free!!”

— Mansimar Sachdeva, Google Review

Highly recommended immigration consultant

“Highly recommended immigration consultant. I got almost everything done (@ Canada immigration) by them. In form, I myself made 2-3 mistakes, they corrected me right there. I am impressed by their work and the way they work. I didn’t have to visit them in person. I got done over the phone and email. It saved lots of time. It is by far the best consultant. They got the best supporting staff, thanks to Shrusti ma’am. I would give 101 out of 100 to Manish sir for their the best service. In my immigration application, I get update just within a minute by the sir, if there’s any update in my application. My recent work permit approval made me to write this review.”

— Deval patel, Google Review

We’ve explored the best resources to guide international students in Winnipeg; now, let’s discover why Winnipeg is the ultimate haven for immigrants. From its welcoming community to its affordable lifestyle, Winnipeg can be your ideal new home.