Why is Winnipeg called Winterpeg

Why is Winnipeg called Winterpeg?

Thinking about winter usually reminds us of gloomy days spent within the four walls of our homes just waiting for spring to arrive. 

It may be melancholic for some people around the world, but the city of Winnipeg knows how to embrace and celebrate the season despite the extremely chilly weather.

Winnipeg is known to have many nicknames. Aside from “Gateway to the West” and “Little Chicago”, it is also popularly known as Winterpeg.

Why is Winnipeg called Winterpeg?

Winnipeg is called Winterpeg because it is the coldest Canadian city during the winter. Apart from that, Winnipeggers are also known for their ability to turn winter into a season of excitement and fun.

Winnipeg has the coldest winter in Canada.

Due to its cold continental climate, Winnipeg has long, cold winters that usually last for five months. It is typically subjected to winter lows ranging from -21°C to -23°C in January. 

In addition, spring does not gain real traction until mid-April.

You may be wondering how intense the cold can actually be during this time in the city of Winnipeg. So, let’s walk you through its winter experience.

When the temperature gets extremely low, windchill can cause exposed skin to freeze in less than a minute. Hazards like this are the reason why it is always a must to bundle up and check the forecast before heading out.

Since everyone knows how severe the winter climate can be, Winnipeggers have also learned to adapt to such conditions. 

Heated parking garages, bus shacks, enclosed malls, and a walkway system are some of the structures that were built to provide relief during winter.

Unlike the damp cold in Toronto, Winnipeg has dry winter air and powdery snow that prompts every household to use humidifiers. 

However, despite the inconveniences of this low humidity, locals claim that the dry winter cold is still much less of a hassle than having to experience the damp cold in Toronto.

Winnipeg has extreme climates.

On top of that, Winnipeg has a windy climate attributed to its prairie location. Since there are not a lot of natural barriers to prairie winds, it usually sweeps down from the Arctic during winter.

As a result, the low temperature and high windspeed produce harsh weather conditions that can be dangerous for people who venture outside.

However, another interesting fact about Winnipeg is that despite being the coldest city in Canada during winter, the skies remain clear and sunny even when it’s biting cold. In fact, it’s the second sunniest city in Canada next to Calgary.

Not only does it have extreme winters, but it also has extreme summers. During the warmest month in July, the temperature in the city can rise up to 30°C. 

During this time, it is no longer overly humid but occasional thunderstorms are still to be expected.

The year-round abundance of sunshine is also why most of Winnipeg’s households use solar panels, and why Winnipeggers know just exactly how to mix and match summer activities with the chilly season.

Winnipeggers love to winterize summer activities.

No matter how cold or warm the weather is, Winnipeggers will surely make the best time out of it.

It’s not just about the extreme cold — Winnipeg is given the nickname Winterpeg because of the locals’ ability to winterize summer activities. 

Every year, the city conducts the most anticipated canoe and bike races in the snow. The longest skating trail also opens as the Red and Assiniboine rivers freeze throughout the season, and locals set it up with art installations and warming huts. 

Western Canada’s largest winter festival, the Festival du Voyageur, is also held in Winnipeg annually to celebrate the country’s fur-trading past and French heritage and culture. 

The beauty of winter is greatly showcased in this festivity through giant snow sculptures, historical costumes, and stunning displays.

Now, you know the interesting facts behind this city’s nickname, Winterpeg! 

And if you’re one to enjoy the snow and winter activities, you might want to start exploring the city and visit some of the most unique places in Winnipeg.