How to Unclog a Shower Drain with a Drain Snake

How to Unclog a Shower Drain with a Drain Snake

Clogged drains are inconvenient and might cause costly plumbing repairs in your home or property

If you have a clogged shower drain, you can use a drain snake to push the clog down. Simply uncoil the snake into the drain slowly until you reach the obstruction. Then, rotate the handle and push to break up the clog. 

If it’s your first time using a drain snake to unclog your shower drains, we’re here to help! Here’s a list of the things you should know when using a drain snake for the first time. 

When should I use a drain snake?

When should I use a drain snake

A clogged shower drain is a hassle, especially if you need to use your bathroom immediately. It can also affect your home’s water system, including water-using appliances such as your toilet, faucet, dishwasher, and washing machine

A drain snake is made of a long, flexible metal cable with a cone-shaped bit at the end, which works as a rubber shield. The rubber shield prevents drains and toilets from getting scratched. 

It is an excellent tool for bathroom drains when cleaning the tap or using a plunger doesn’t work anymore. A drain snake is more flexible and allows you to move through the pipe and remove the blockage quickly.

How should I use a drain snake properly?

How should I use a drain snake properly

Before using a drain snake, lay some old clothes or towels beneath the pipes. The whole process can be messy, so ensure that the area you’re working on is easy to clean afterward. 

The following step is to remove the p-trap, a curved piece of pipe within the sink. 

This process is not mandatory, but it’s recommended. If you find the blockage in the p-trap right away, you don’t need to use the drain snake. 

You can also remove the trap arm so you can access the drainpipe. However, don’t try to remove it when it’s glued in place. 

The next step is to manually thread the head of the drain snake into the pipe. 

If you can’t remove the trap, run cold water while you reel the snake into the pipe. Avoid using too much force when spinning the snake as it could damage the drain entrance or the pipe itself. 

After this, begin uncoiling the snake by feeding the line at a slow, consistent pace. If you reach the obstruction, rotate the handle while continuing to push. 

This way, you can break up the obstruction without damaging the pipes. Scraping noises signal you to readjust or stop for a while, so make sure to listen carefully. 

Finally, pull out the snake and reassemble the sink. If you successfully remove the obstruction, test your sink to find out if you need to repeat the process.



While home remedies can work for simple clogging, you should call a professional plumber for complex problems. 

It’s also important to remember that prevention is always better than cure. So, regularly maintaining your plumbing system is crucial. 

It is equally important to follow simple steps like disposing of your trash correctly instead of flushing them into your toilets or sinks. 

And that concludes our list of steps to unclog your shower drain with a drain snake. If you have other tips or suggestions, feel free to share them with us!