15 Day Trip Ideas from Winnipeg That Will Amaze You

15 Day Trip Ideas from Winnipeg That Will Amaze You

Having been born and raised in Winnipeg, traveling outside the city with my family and friends has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

And we’re lucky to have many fantastic places nearby for day trips. From relaxing beaches to fun parks and exciting historical sites, there’s an option that caters to every member of our group.

And the best part about it is that they’re all just a short drive away! 

So, buckle up as I guide you through the best day trip ideas around Winnipeg. These destinations will surely add fun, adventure, and relaxation to your day.

Get ready to discover the hidden gems of Manitoba. Your next adventure is just around the corner!

1. Grand Beach Provincial Park

AddressManitoba Sustainable Development Grand Beach Park Office, 79 1st St, Grand Marais, MB R0E 0T0, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-754-5040
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours
Driving Distance (From Downtown Winnipeg)1 hour 13 minutes

A mere one-hour drive northeast of Winnipeg, you’ll find the crown jewel of day trip destinations, Grand Beach Provincial Park. 

This beauty is renowned for its powdery white sands and crystal-clear waters that provide a Caribbean-like oasis in the heart of Manitoba. Whether you’re with your family, a water enthusiast, or a nature lover, there’s something for everyone here. 

You can start your day with a relaxing stroll along the boardwalk or in the stunning dune system. Then, pack your picnic basket for a tasteful lunch on the beach and soak up the sun.

When you’re ready to cool down, dive into the sparkling waters of Lake Winnipeg for a refreshing swim. In the afternoon, try your hand at beach volleyball or build the ultimate sandcastle with the kids. 

Keep your eyes peeled, too, birdwatchers! This place is a haven for a variety of bird species. 

And as the day winds down, take a leisurely hike along the scenic trails and spot local wildlife as the sun paints the sky with warm hues. 

Grand Beach Provincial Park truly offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, just a stone’s throw away from Winnipeg.

2. Hecla-Grindstone Provincial Park

Contact Number+1 204-378-2261
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours
Driving Distance (From Downtown Winnipeg)1 hour 35 minutes

Hecla-Grindstone Provincial Park is an outdoor paradise on Hecla Island that blends natural beauty and cultural history.

Your day could start on a fascinating note at the enchanting Hecla Village. As you meander through the historic structures, you’ll feel as though you’re stepping back in time as you gain insights into the lives of the Icelandic settlers.

The Grassy Narrows Marsh could be next up on the itinerary, this place is a treasure trove. Whether it’s the leap of a deer or the flight of a bird, you’re in for some splendid sights.

Once you’ve soaked in the beauty of Hecla Village and Grassy Narrows Marsh, Lake Winnipeg awaits with its plentiful fish species. It’s teeming with potential catches and family fun and it’s quite the destination for fishing enthusiasts.

For those with energy to spare, the park’s extensive network of trails is also to look for with each one unfolding its own unique scenic views. Even on a bike or on foot, it’s an experience that truly brings the park’s beauty into focus.

Lastly, the pristine sandy beach presents a serene finale to the day. The place is perfect for a swim or even to witness an idyllic sunset. Hecla-Grindstone Provincial Park offers a captivating mix of history and natural splendor that’ll keep you coming back for more. 

3. Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

Address5925 Provincial Trunk Hwy 9, Saint Andrews, MB R1A 4A8, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-785-6050
Operating HoursWeekdays: 10 AM–4 PM

Weekends: Closed

Driving Distance (From Downtown Winnipeg)29 minutes

You’ll definitely travel centuries back in time as you enter the Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site. A journey here feels like a living history lesson that reveals fascinating chapters of our local heritage.

Your adventure begins at the stone fortress walls that have stood the test of time.

A guided tour helps you delve into the details of the fur trade era and the signing of Treaty 1. The friendly interpreters dressed in period attire are a real treat, and they offer fascinating stories of life in the fort.

Post-history immersion, there’s a chance to engage in several activities. These include blacksmithing and baking bread the way it was done in the 19th century.

Then, a relaxing picnic can be enjoyed on the well-maintained grounds surrounded by majestic old oak trees. And before you wrap up your day, a trip to the gift shop for a unique souvenir will remind you of this memorable journey into the past. 

Lower Fort Garry offers an enriching day trip that combines education and fun, just a short venture away from Winnipeg.

4. Oak Hammock Marsh

Address1 Snow Goose Bay, Stonewall, MB R0C 2Z0, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-467-3300
Operating HoursEveryday: 10 AM–4:30 PM
Driving Distance (From Downtown Winnipeg)1 hour

Only 40 kilometers north of Winnipeg lies a wonder of nature, Oak Hammock Marsh. This world-class wetland is an adventurer’s dream and a paradise for bird lovers, with over 300 species calling it home.

Starting at the Interpretive Centre, there’s a wealth of information about the marsh’s dynamic ecosystem to be discovered. And let’s not forget the rooftop observation deck, where a stunning panoramic view awaits.

Hands-on activities like critter dipping or plant identification invite participation. These activities leave an entertaining and educational look at the marsh’s diverse inhabitants.

If you fancy a peaceful outing, enjoy a serene canoe ride navigating through the reeds. You’ll get up close and personal with the marsh wildlife — a real treat for photographers. 

If you’re into walking or hiking, the marsh’s 30 km of trails will not disappoint. They offer different perspectives on this amazing ecosystem.

A fitting conclusion to the day is witnessing the sunset from the viewing mound. The spectacle of the sun descending against the backdrop of the marsh is a sight to behold. 

Oak Hammock Marsh presents an unforgettable immersion in nature, so close to Winnipeg, making it a must-visit day trip destination.

5. Gimli

AddressGimli, Manitoba
Contact Number+1 204-642-6650
Driving Distance (From Downtown Winnipeg)1 hour

Head an hour north of Winnipeg, and you’ll land in the charming lakefront town of Gimli. It’s a beautiful mix of cultural heritage, recreational activities, and unique attractions, perfect for a day trip.

The exploration of Gimli could start at the New Iceland Heritage Museum. It is a gateway into the town’s Viking roots and the pivotal events of the Great Emigration.

There are also many locally-owned restaurants, where you can taste fresh, local catches.

Following this, the picturesque Gimli Harbour comes into view. The place is a hub for everything, from fishing and boating to simply observing the serene movement of sailboats.

Along the way, the eye-catching murals spread across town. They offer intriguing visual narratives of Gimli’s layered history.

And as the journey continues, the beautiful sandy beaches of Gimli present themselves. Here, the cool waters of Lake Winnipeg beckon for a quick toe-dip or even a full swim.

As the curtain of daylight slowly descends, the Gimli Seawall is an ideal perch to witness the captivating play of sunset hues.

There’s just no shortage of things to do in Gimli, making it a captivating getaway just a short drive from Winnipeg.

6. Steinbach

AddressSteinbach, Manitoba, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-642-6650
Driving Distance (From Downtown Winnipeg)1 hour

A little over an hour’s drive southeast of Winnipeg will take you to the bustling city of Steinbach, where a blend of culture, history, and fun awaits.

The exploration could commence into the area’s Mennonite heritage at the Mennonite Heritage Village. You’ll see preserved historic buildings, antique farm equipment, and even an old windmill. 

Also located here is the Livery Barn Restaurant, where you can sample traditional Mennonite cuisine.

Next on the journey is for the car enthusiasts among us. The Automobile City exhibit in Steinbach presents an impressive collection of vintage cars, shining a light on the evolution of automobiles.

If you’re visiting during summer, the Steinbach Aquatic Centre is the perfect spot to cool down with its slides and lazy river. If you love shopping, Steinbach’s Main Street offers a variety of local shops where you can find everything from fashion to handcrafted goods. 

Finally, if you’re a nature lover, A.D. Penner Park is a fitting finale to the visit. The place is a green oasis in the city’s heart.

With a rich blend of cultural heritage and modern entertainment, Steinbach makes for a great day trip packed with adventures and discoveries.

7. Spruce Woods Provincial Park

AddressMB-5, Glenboro, MB R0K 0X0, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-827-8850
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours
Driving Distance (From Downtown Winnipeg)1 hour 46 minutes

The Spruce Woods Provincial Park is a natural wonder. The park is a unique blend of forest and desert, offering a unique experience for day-trippers.

You can kickstart your day by exploring the shifting dunes of the mystical Spirit Sands. It’s a sight to behold and a stark contrast to the usual Manitoba landscapes. 

And as you wander, keep an eye out for the northern prairie skink, Manitoba’s only true lizard. The species is endangered, so be careful when you see them!

Now if you’re in for some adrenaline rush, try your hand at sandboarding. But if you prefer a peaceful adventure, rent a canoe and enjoy a leisurely paddle on the  Assiniboine River. 

The park’s diverse trails are also perfect for hiking or horseback riding. They offer stunning views of the unique landscape.

You may also take a break at the Kiche Manitou campground for a picnic amidst nature. And, before you head back to Winnipeg, make sure to visit the park’s interpretive center to learn about the area’s rich natural history.

Spruce Woods Provincial Park offers a fun-filled journey into Manitoba’s diverse landscapes. It is another amazing day trip destination from Winnipeg.

8. Whiteshell Provincial Park

AddressHwy 1, Eastern Manitoba, MB R0E 0N0, Canada
Contact Number+1 866-626-4862
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours
Driving Distance (From Downtown Winnipeg)1 hour 28 minutes

About a 90-minute drive east of Winnipeg, Whiteshell Provincial Park sprawls out with all its wild beauty. This nature-rich haven boasts a vibrant mix of clear lakes, rugged shield country, and verdant forests.

To begin the day, the Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary and Visitor Centre is where you can learn about the local wildlife. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the resident geese. 

Following that, an adventurous detour awaits in the form of the park’s many lakes, ready for exploration by canoe or kayak.

But, if you’re the hiking type, the park has an extensive network of trails, like the Whiteshell River Bridge Trail. The paths lead to breathtaking views and intriguing historical sites.

You can also try fishing in the well-stocked water or simply lounge on the beach and bask in the warm sun.

Eventually, the day could draw to a peaceful close beside a crackling campfire at one of the park’s picnic spots. As darkness descends, the starlit sky away from the city lights becomes a spectacle to behold.

Whiteshell Provincial Park is a must-do day trip from Winnipeg with its rich wilderness and numerous activities.

9. The Forks National Historic Site

AddressForks Market Rd, Winnipeg, MB R3C 4S8, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-927-7874
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours
Driving Distance (From Downtown Winnipeg)4 minutes

If you’re not feeling like driving for long, then located right in the heart of Winnipeg is The Forks National Historic Site. It is a local gem that’s not just for tourists. 

With its rich 6,000-year history, diverse attractions, and stunning river views, The Forks has something for everyone. The Interpretive Centre could be the day’s starting point, it is where you can learn about the site’s historical significance. 

You’ll discover how this area served as a meeting place for Indigenous peoples, European fur traders, Métis buffalo hunters, Scottish settlers, riverboat workers, railway pioneers, and tens of thousands of immigrants.

Following that, the scenic river trails beckon for a skate or bike ride, while the beautiful parks and gardens offer tranquil paths for a leisure stroll.

The market is another worthwhile stop at The Forks. Housed in horse stables from the late 19th century, it offers an array of shops, restaurants, and local produce.

As your day draws to a close, consider stopping by the Oodena Celebration Circle. This unique outdoor amphitheater celebrates the 6,000-year history of The Forks and offers an excellent spot to watch the sunset. 

And, to round off your day, unwind with a locally brewed beer at The Common.

Even as a local, there’s always something new to discover at The Forks, making it a perfect day trip right in the city.

10. St. Malo Provincial Park

St. Malo Provincial Park
Image from: Friends of St. Malo Park (Facebook)
AddressDe La Grotte Ave, Saint Malo, MB R0A 1T0, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-347-5283
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours
Driving Distance (From Downtown Winnipeg)52 minutes

Just an hour’s drive south of Winnipeg is the serene St. Malo Provincial Park. It is another fantastic day trip destination for families and nature lovers alike.

An active day could begin on the park’s nature trails, meandering through lush woods and offering potential encounters with local wildlife such as deer or waterfowl.

Following such activities, one of the well-maintained picnic sites would be an ideal location to satisfy a built-up appetite.

During the summer months, the park’s artificial lake is a hotspot for fun activities. Here, designated swimming areas, beach sandcastle building, and shore fishing are among the many engaging possibilities.

For those inclined towards a paddling adventure, the rental of a canoe or a paddle boat offers a relaxing journey across the lake.

And if you’re into bird-watching, you’re in luck. The park is a popular spot for various bird species, so don’t forget your binoculars!

As the sun begins to set, the campfire pits provide the perfect spot for roasting marshmallows and sharing stories. St. Malo Provincial Park makes for a fulfilling day trip from Winnipeg with its wide variety of activities and peaceful nature.

11. St. Pierre-Jolys

St. Pierre-Jolys
Image from: Travel Manitoba
Address701 Avenue Jolys East St. Pierre-Jolys, MB R0A 1V0
Contact Number+1 204-433-7832
Driving Distance (From Downtown Winnipeg)43 minutes

Forty-five minutes south of Winnipeg lies the charming Francophone village of St. Pierre-Jolys, a great day trip option for a taste of Quebecois culture right in Manitoba.

Initiating the day at the St. Pierre Museum offers an opportunity to delve into local history and examine pioneer artifacts. Subsequent to this, a leisurely walk around the village unveils its picturesque houses and beautiful churches.

You can head over to the Cabane à Sucre, or Sugar Shack, to learn how maple syrup is made. Of course, you’ll get to taste some, too! 

Following the stroll, a local restaurant presents an inviting option for a scrumptious meal, serving dishes inspired by hearty Quebecois cuisine.

If you’re visiting in winter, the annual Festival du Voyageur is an event not to miss. This lively event showcases Manitoba’s fur-trading history and vibrant Francophone community, replete with traditional music, food, and entertainment.

Prior to heading back to Winnipeg, the local artisanal shops could be the ideal stopover for procuring a unique souvenir or two. St. Pierre-Jolys offers an inviting mix of history, culture, and charm, making it a day trip well worth taking.

12. Assiniboine Park Zoo

Address2595 Roblin Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3R 2N7, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-927-6000
Operating HoursEveryday: 9 AM–5 PM
Driving Distance (From Downtown Winnipeg)14 minutes

Another within-the-city trip is the Assiniboine Park Zoo. It is a day trip that will delight both young and old. 

Home to over 200 species, this 80-acre zoo promises a fun-filled day of animal exploration and learning.

Starting off the experience, the Journey to Churchill exhibit holds prominence as one of the most comprehensive northern species exhibits worldwide. 

Here, encounters with polar bears, seals, Arctic foxes, and snowy owls blend with lessons about the importance of conservation.

Transitioning from the icy landscapes, the Grasslands and Boreal Forest exhibits welcome visitors to a different ecosystem. Creatures from across the globe, from the tiniest insects to towering bison, find their home in these habitats.

For those with children, Aunt Sally’s Farm is an essential stop. This revamped classic sparks joy in young hearts and conveniently situated on-site cafes cater to little appetites.

As the day progresses, the beautiful English Garden nearby offers a serene space for reflection. Finally, the Nature Playground presents the perfect place to unwind and conclude the day’s adventures.

The world-class exhibits and beautiful surroundings make Assiniboine Park Zoo an easy and rewarding day trip right in the city of Winnipeg.

13. Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre

Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre
Image from: Travel Manitoba
Address111 Gilmour St B, Morden, MB R6M 1N9, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-822-3406
Operating HoursWeekdays: 10 AM–6 PM

Weekends: 12–6 PM

Driving Distance (From Downtown Winnipeg)1 hour 28 minutes

About a one-and-a-half-hour drive southwest of Winnipeg, in the town of Morden, lies the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. It is a gem of a destination for anyone fascinated by prehistoric life.

As soon as you enter, you’ll be greeted by the colossal skeleton of Bruce, the largest publicly displayed Mosasaur in the world.

But that’s just the start of the journey back in time. You’ll also see fossils of ancient sharks, plesiosaurs, and a host of other marine reptiles who once ruled Manitoba’s ancient seas.

You can also try the guided tour for a deeper dive into the stories behind these incredible fossils. And for an extra thrill, sign up for a Fossil Dig Adventure where you can unearth your very own fossil! 

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that budding paleontologists will love. Because if you didn’t know, the center has the most extensive collection of marine reptile fossils in Canada.

Now, when it’s time for a break, you can grab a snack at the on-site cafe and pick up a souvenir from the gift shop. There’s also a playground nearby for the little ones to burn off some energy.

The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre offers a unique day trip that combines fun and learning in a way that captivates both kids and adults. And it’s well worth the drive from Winnipeg.

14. Lockport Heritage Park

Lockport Heritage Park
Image from: Interlake Tourism
Address23022 Provincial Trunk Hwy 44, Lockport, MB R1B 1A1, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-757-2902
Operating HoursEveryday: 8 AM–11 PM
Driving Distance (From Downtown Winnipeg)30 minutes

Lockport Heritage Park is a slice of history nestled in the natural beauty that makes it a superb choice for a quick day trip.

A day in this area might open with a peek into history at the Lockport Dam, an early 20th-century landmark. 

Then, the St. Andrews Caméré Curtain Bridge Dam, acclaimed for its rare design on a global scale, offers another intriguing stop in your exploration. These sites offer a glimpse into Manitoba’s dynamic past.

You can also enjoy a relaxing picnic amidst lush greenery, with plenty of spots for you to spread out your blanket and enjoy a meal with family or friends. As the day unfolds, the Red River invites a relaxing stroll, you might even spot some local wildlife here, too!

If fishing is your thing, Lockport is renowned for its exceptional catfishing, so cast a line and see what you can catch. For the kids, there’s a playground to enjoy and ample open space to run around.

And before heading home, there’s a place famous for its vast and tasty burgers known as Skinner’s. Its food is well worth trying!

Lockport Heritage Park truly has something for everyone and is a pleasant getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

15. Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain National Park
Image from: Roadtrip Manitoba
Address135 Wasagaming Dr, Onanole, MB R0J 1N0, Canada
Contact Number+1 204-848-7275
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours
Driving Distance (From Downtown Winnipeg)2 hours 57 minutes

The Riding Mountain National Park is the last and the longest drive on our list. 

The park is a nature lover’s paradise that genuinely offers an unforgettable day trip experience. It is teeming with a wide array of wildlife. 

Having binoculars at hand is a great option, the place provides opportunities to spot creatures such as moose, elk, or even the occasional black bear. But don’t worry, there are plenty of safe viewing distances.

You can kick off your day by hiking on one of the park’s many trails. From gentle strolls to more challenging treks, there’s something for every fitness level. 

The views are rewarding, offering scenic vistas of forests, grasslands, and clear blue lakes.

Speaking of lakes, don’t forget your swimsuit! On a warm day, there’s nothing like a refreshing dip in Clear Lake. 

You can also rent a canoe or kayak to explore the lake from a different perspective.

And if you’re into history, visit the charming town of Wasagaming, which is located right in the park. Check out the heritage buildings, local shops, and eateries for a nice midday break.

Riding Mountain National Park is a place of natural beauty and adventure that captivates all who visit. It’s well worth the drive from Winnipeg.