4 Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

4 Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture

Whether you’re moving away or just rearranging the space in your home, moving heavy furniture can be a challenge. But at the same time, moving them is essential if you want to create more storage or change the interior of your house. 

While you can hire moving services to help you, you can move your furniture on your own by preparing them properly. If you’re wondering how you can move heavy furniture, we’ve rounded up a list for you!

Here are tips for moving heavy furniture that you should know. 

Plan where to put your furniture. 

Plan where to put your furniture

Planning will save you the hassle and give you the most efficient plan to move stuff around. Depending on their sizes and types, you can create an inventory of the furniture you need to move, then create a floor plan later on.

This will allow you to avoid the tendency of moving things around too much and risking damage to both the furniture and its surroundings. 

It’s also important to decide how to clean your space before and after moving your furniture around to avoid unnecessary clutter. If you’re moving out, it’s better to hire cleaning services to help you remove junk and declutter your home afterward. 

Use specific tools and techniques to move different furniture. 

Use specific tools and techniques to move different furniture

You can use specific tools and techniques to move different types of furniture. For instance, you can move couches through doorways by carrying them vertically on their side. 

For mattresses, take note that you can use its handles for carrying. Although the handles aren’t specifically made for moving, you can tie a rope through these handles and slip PVC pipes in to create a sling. 

Protect your furniture. 

Protect your furniture

It’s also essential to protect your furniture, especially if you’re moving fragile or unique items. You can use moving pads or large bands to protect your wood furniture and use a grade shrink wrap to protect upholstered ones. 

It’s also essential to protect your floors by using thick cardboard to cover your pathways when moving heavy furniture or home appliances

You should also ensure that your walls are not damaged when moving stuff, especially if you’re renting your apartment or unit. 

Take precautions to avoid injury. 

Take precautions to avoid injury

Lastly, it’s essential to avoid injury while moving your furniture. To prevent slips and falls, clear your pathways of any obstacle, debris, water, or mud. 

Keep it mind that lifting heavy items can also cause strains on your body. You can avoid this by ensuring you don’t make any sudden movements in order not to put heavy pressure on your muscles, bones, and joints. 

Moreover, see that you have a firm grip on your furniture before lifting it. Otherwise, you might accidentally drop them and hurt yourself. 

We advise you to wear work gloves or use any protective gear for your hands and fingers. 

And that concludes our list of tips for moving heavy furniture. If you have more information and suggestions, you can share them with us!