A Quick Guide to Fixing Broken Pipes

A Quick Guide to Fixing Broken Pipes

Broken pipes, when not fixed immediately, can be disastrous, as they may damage your property and belongings. A broken pipe accident can ruin your furniture, appliances, carpets, and rugs, which can be inconvenient.

Of course, professional plumbers can do the work for you. However, you can minimize the damage with some do-it-yourself steps at home while waiting for professional plumbers to fix the situation.

Here is an easy step-by-step guide to fixing broken pipes.

Identify the location of the leak.

Identify the location of the leak

The first step to fixing broken pipes is identifying where the leaks are located. If you notice water leaks in a particular area on your floor, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the broken pipe is located beneath the wet patch.

Hence, it is essential to check other areas to find where the water is coming from. If the leaking pipes are situated beneath a house slab, it’s better to contact professional plumbers to check the situation.

Decide on the best strategy applicable for the situation. 

Decide on the best strategy applicable for the situation

Before deciding whether to fix the broken pipes yourself for the meantime or contact a professional right away, you should do your research first. If you plan to avail of plumbing services, you must check each company’s specialization.

Some plumbers specialize in water supply systems, while others are experts in gas fitting and roofing. If you need an all-around plumber, you can look for experts specializing in pipe relining, drainage, and pipe clearing under slabs.

If the situation is more complex, homeowners should never fix broken pipes. However, these are several steps that you can take while waiting for professionals to arrive.

Shut off the water.

After locating the leak by following the pooling water to the source, you should shut off the water to every faucet and appliance at home.

Shut off the power.

After shutting off the water, you should shut off the power to the area that needs repair. In this way, you can avoid possible electrical hazards in the area.

Contact a plumber right away.

After shutting off the water and power, you should reach out to a reliable plumber who can immediately address the situation. It’s more convenient to contact plumbing companies that offer 24/7 service to address the problem right away.

Remove the water.

After contacting a plumber, you can start cleaning and removing the water to minimize moisture damage. You can use a mop or a towel to dry bug puddles, and you can dry the area by turning on fans.

You can turn up the heat or contract janitorial services nearby if there are more significant leaks.

And that concludes our quick guide to fixing broken pipes at home. If you have more tips and suggestions, you can share them with us!